The sun rises over the port. As the dockworkers return to work, the local crime slithers back into the shadows...which get smaller by the hour.

Flies get into the warehouses. They fly around the sacks of fertilizer/weed. Needless to say, they like what they smell. They land on some bags, and get a huge whiff.

A swarm of them have landed on the bag that Eva ripped open. It's a fest...and they're not even eating anything.

One strays away, and orbits the abandoned beer can, below. He's male. He's like a satellite...with wings...and speed.

He finds his way through the sip-hole of the can. He descends into it, spiraling as he goes along. He lands on the surface of the remaining beer, as if it were the ground. He makes ripples while landing...but none that would capsize him.

Alas, Eva's still lying on the surface of the beer. She's asleep. The wind from the fly's wings, and the ripples (which are now like huge waves to her, at her new size) arouse her, a bit. Soon, it'll be impossible for her to stay asleep.

This time, though, it's easier than usual. She got quite drunk, last night...

Unaware of Eva, the fly reaches into the beer...with its proboscis. It, too, has a few drinks...if there is such a thing.

As he drinks, he makes a current. Little Eva drifts right into it. She's headed right towards the intake valve at the end of the fly's proboscis...

She's saved by one of the fly's back legs. She washes up against it, and gets stuck. Around her, the currents still flow. Alas, if she moves too quickly, she could be right back into the same tightening spot she was before.

Here, she rolls over. She moans, and caresses the fly's leg...because she thinks its a man's leg.

It is... Just not the kind of man she'd imagine.

She wakes, and looks around...with drunk eyes. This man seems strange. Even so, she's growing to like him.

She climbs his calf, and rubs up against it. It's spiky, in some places. No man she's ever slept with has had calves this firm. This feels like man heaven...

Outside, a warehouse door opens. It sends a ray of sunlight through the sip-hole of the beer can.

Eva curses, as she has to shield her eyes. Not only is she still drunk, but she's having a hangover...

Eyes shielded, she looks around...and gawks. This man, whoever he is, has one of the biggest butts she's ever seen. It's so marvelous. It's so round. It's so magnificent. Eva just wants to...

She leaps from the fly's calf, and digs into the side of the fly's abdomen with her nails. Surprisingly, the streak marks she leaves don't bleed out. Her host doesn't even seem to be aware that he's being violated.

She struggles, as she climbs the fly's ass. Her bare legs are spread out, her belly is flexed, and her boobs are inflated. She's never climbed a man's ass before. But then, a man's ass has never been this much bigger than her.

Outside, a man takes up the beer can, and takes it outside. Eva barely gets a chance to scream, as the beer makes waves with the man's arm swings.

The fly flaps its wings, and takes off. The tidal waves of beer surround him. Eva screams, and clings on tight, as her host flies right through the sip hole, and into the wild.

Behind them, the man turns the can upside-down, and dumps the remains into a culvert. Eva's host wouldn't have stood a chance, if he'd waited that long to find a way out.

Free, the fly takes to the skies, and flies high. His path is never straight.

Eva's getting sick. She hurls a few times. Alas, she doesn't dare dismount. If she did, that drop would surely kill her.

So, she mounts her host's ass. Even while airborne, he's got a mighty ass; bulbous, if she dares say so. She's got no idea where her host is taking her...or how sanitized it is. But one thing's for certain: she hopes there are more men like him where that is.