Full Summary:

After an Alien Invasion, a family is separated and must find their way back to each other. With the Alien's still on Earth, moving between towns is extremely difficult seeing as the Aliens are patrolling the streets of every major city and town. What they aren't patrolling are the tunnels that run under the city. The Aliens don't know anything about the tunnels, all they know is that they don't want to go into the sewer systems as the water down there could kill them. What happens when a young girl comes across an injured Alien? What happens when they become friends? Will the Alien reveal to the young girl the reason Earth was invaded in the first place? Can a Peace be brokered between the Aliens and the people of Earth? And how does this young girl become a major player for saving Earth?

Just Another Normal Day:

It started out just like any other day on Earth, only this day was about to get a lot more complicated. When the News reported strange sightings all over the globe, people immediately knew that we were no longer alone on this planet that we call home. But I'll get to that part later. The News didn't report that until much later in the day. When I woke up that morning, it was just another boring day with my family on a vacation I hadn't wanted to take. They thought it would be a good bonding trip, but I was just bored from sitting in the hotel room all the time. My older sister had lied and said that I had stolen something when it was she that had actually stolen it. I had the money to buy it. Well, suffice it to say that my parents believed her, so I was stuck inside while the rest of my family went outside and explored Rio de Janero, where we had been vacationing.

When they came back during lunch, I was working on some homework that needed to be done, and my older sister came over to where I was laying on the bed and sat down. She smiled at me as she slipped something under my arm. Leaving me be, I looked down to see a chocolate bar, the same kind of chocolate bar she had accused me of stealing the other day. Before I could say anything, she had wandered back over and looked down at me. I looked at her and knew what was coming. She put her hand around the chocolate bar and pulled it out, getting my parents attention by saying that I had left the hotel room and stolen another chocolate bar. The looks on their faces said it all, they were pissed at me. When I tried telling them that I hadn't left, they didn't believe me and said that I would not be joining them on the tour of the Jesus statue the next day, that I was still grounded. My older sister had a smug look on her face as she put the chocolate bar in the mini fridge and we all headed down to dinner.

I had a bad feeling the something was going on with my sister, but out of all the shenanigans she had pulled on the trip, accusing me of leaving the hotel to steal a chocolate bar that I was allergic to was the worst. My parents didn't even read the label to realize that I couldn't eat that kind of chocolate bar, but it was my sister's favorite kind. After dinner, we headed back to our hotel room where I continued my homework at the desk. My backpack was next to me on the floor. And as I was rummaging around for something that I needed, my sister flipped on the TV and the News was on. That's when I knew that my life was about to change. Ignoring my homework for now, I zeroed in on the reported and watched as the footage showed the strange objects in the sky. My sister and I both yelled for our parents at the same time.

Thinking we were getting into it, they came from their room and headed straight for us. My sister was pointing at the TV, but I had gone out on the balcony and was checking out the objects through the telescope. They didn't seem to be doing anything and when I looked back at my family, I could tell they didn't seem too interested in the objects or worried about them. My sister turned the TV off and had set back on her bed to read something. They would be gone all day tomorrow, so more time for me to pack a bag filled with things I needed that might let me survive. I decided that I would fill my backpack since it could fit just about anything. My laptop and charger was already inside since I had been banned from getting on it. My camera was sitting on the desk so I grabbed it and started taking pictures of the strange objects. It seemed as if everywhere I looked, people were doing the same thing. My sister had gone over to the mini fried and was now eating the chocolate bar she claimed I had stolen.

My insulin was in the fridge as well since it needed to stay safe and so were my Epi pens. I always brought enough Epi pens with me wherever I traveled to. There was no way to know if the country we were traveling to might have extra Epi pens or not. Now when I say insulin, that's because I found out that I had Diabetes when I was ten. My older sister was perfect, no health problems at all. But I was different. I had Diabetes, was allergic to almonds and perfume. My sister had to be careful when she applied her perfume since it was the exact kind I was allergic to. She always had to spray in on either in her own room or outside.

When it came time for bed, we put our things away and turned out the lights. That when we really got a show. It looked like Blue Lightning but neither of us could really tell what it was. All we knew was that it looked really cool. We headed to bed shortly after the Blue Lightning lit up the sky. When morning came, the objects seemed to have disappeared and nobody really seemed worried at all. My parents and sister got ready to go out for the day and told me not to leave the hotel at all and that they would know if I had. They said I could go to the gift shop and to the restaurant if I was hungry but nowhere else. I nodded that I understood and as soon as they were gone (I made sure by watching them get into their cab), I headed for the Gift Shop with my purse. I needed to buy some supplies.

Being the Science Fiction junky that I am, I knew that what was going on outside with the strange objects wasn't a good thing and it wasn't something to take lightly. I bought up all their bottled water, all the fruit I could get my hands on that wouldn't go bad, all the beef jerky packets (you can survive if you really know how), a couple bags of dry rice, all of the matched they had on hand, all the lighters they had on hand, a sleeping bag, an umbrella, pots to cook the rice in, and kindling. The man at the counter looked as if I had gone insane. I told him that my family and I were going camping in a couple days and would need the rations. He seemed to understand after that. He had someone help me to the room and when I was back at the room, I set to packing everything up. Not everything fit into my backpack, but it did fit into my duffel bag, which I had emptied out and packed with everything I had bought. Most of the water bottles went into my duffel bag, but some went into my backpack with the food. The rice and pots went into my duffel bag as did some clothes I knew that I would need. I packed the bug spray, lighters and matches into a small waterproof bag and put that into my backpack as well. Since I had bought the supplies with my debit card, I still had money so if my parents asked for any, I could give them some.

I kept the pens and notebooks in my backpack but removed the school books. I wouldn't be needing them if the strange objects in the sky turned out to be Aliens. There would be no need to take them anywhere. I grabbed my passport from my parent's room, and grabbed the other three passports as well. If we were separated, one of us needed to at least have them and since I was packed and ready it might as well be me. My dad had bought a gun while down here and was keeping it safe. He'd gotten permission to buy it and take it back home with us. There was no need no to be prepared. He had the ammo as well. If I was going to be by myself, I needed to be protected as much as possible. Mom was a doctor so she always came prepared. She was allowed to bring an EMT's medical bag into the country as she said she might do some volunteer work. If my family didn't come back to the hotel for some reason, I would take the medical bag and add my medicine to the bag. My Epi pens and insulin were already in my backpack, in a case that kept them cool at all times.

When It All Falls Down:

I had just grabbed my blanket that I had brought with me and the small pillow when everything happened at once. A bright green light filled the sky and I could hear cars slamming into each other on the street below. I packed the blanket and pillow into the sleeping bag, clipped it shut, tied it to my duffel bag and went to take a look through the windows. I had shut the balcony doors and closed the blinds in my room just to be on the safe side. I had seen the Alien moves way too many times to know that anything could happen. I peeked through the blinds and noticed something happen. Not being able to see the street below, I did not know what was going on. But our hotel had a good view of the Jesus statue, so I knew what was going on there. I held my breath, my family was supposed to be at the statue. I prayed for them to be safe but knew that the possibility of that happening was slim. Something struck the statue and it started to crumble. I could hear the screams from people in the hotel as they saw what was going on as well.

I stifled a scream, knowing that screaming would just draw attention to me. I knew I had to get out of the building and fast. I grabbed my coat and swung it on. It was one of those survival coats (mom always made us come prepared wherever we traveled to, just in case something really bad happened), slipped my backpack on, buckling in around my stomach, grabbed my duffel bag and slipped the strap over my head, then grabbed the medical bag. I still had my cell phone on me, but made sure to grab the charger as well as my camera and its charger. I placed those in the duffel bag as I headed out of the hotel room. I headed down the stairs and outside. People were trying to figure out what to do.

The ships appeared again and smaller ones zoomed overhead looking for people to kill and buildings to blow up. I headed out. I moved in and out of cars and then out of the city ten minutes later. It was a good thing our hotel was near the forest. I pushed my way through the undergrowth and headed as far inland as I could go. If I came upon any militia men, I knew that I might not be able to trust them, but they wouldn't know what was going on anyways. People had started to crash through the trees behind me, trying to get away from the city as fast as possible. I had heard about an old abandoned village within the woods and would head there. The map that I had would help me get there. I didn't know who else knew about the abandoned town but betting on it being locals fleeing for their lives, a lot might actually show up there.

Two hours later, and with thousands of screams filling the air, I finally found the abandoned village, right next to a temple that had been long forgotten about. I pushed my way through until I was standing just inside the temple. Not wanting to lose any of my stuff, I kept it near me and within my grasp. I sat down near the entrance and knew that I wasn't alone. There were mostly kids everywhere in the vicinity. Most were staying indoors. There was no need to get shot at and we were hoping that nobody had our position anyways. As far as I knew, the temple hadn't been traversed in a long time and the village looked like it hadn't been lived in in nearly ten years. We may have been safe for the night, but we could stay here for long.

A few of the kids got brave and wandered over to me but I just shook my head. I was as clueless to what was going on as they were. Through the kids though, I learned that the militia knew of this place and if they could get to us, they would. We settled in for a long night. I removed the blanket from the sleeping bag but that was it. I also moved farther into the temple. We all needed to be inside the same place, not out in the open where the village was. The kids that had been able to make it to the temple all had some sort of belongings on them, but not as much as I had on me. They were young kids though, the oldest about my age. She said her name was Ilena and that she and her family were visiting from Russia. She had her little sister with her and they had been separated from their parents when one of the ships had blown a hole through the street. They had seen kids fleeing into the woods and had followed. They had only what they'd had on them that morning when they left their hotel, which wasn't much. The good thing though was that Ilena had been carrying her passport as well as her sisters.

She had asked is she could join with me, just until they were able to find their family. I told them that it would be good to have some company. Even if we could find any of our families, we could still try to make it back to whatever normalcy we once had. She nodded and I handed over an apple. She pulled a small knife out and cut the apple up and handed half to her sister. The other kids immediately understood that food was being handed out. I pulled out two bags of jerky and handed pieces out. Then, with Ilena watching my stuff, grabbed the medical bag and started working on the kids that were hurt. They smiled at me and let me do my work. As I was working on the last kid, nearest the entrance, I heard the distinct sound of footprints. I made my way back to my stuff and grabbed the gun I had taken from my father's room. I loaded the clip and moved back to the entrance, telling everyone to keep quiet and put out any lights that they had on them.

I stayed in the shadows of the temple, knowing that if they could not see or hear us, they would not come inside. I was hoping it was the militia and not the invaders. When the man walked into my line of sight, I sighed. The man seemed to have realized that he was being watched and looked my way. He whistled and more men with weapons came into view. I lowered my weapon and moved into view. They spoke Spanish and when they realized that I didn't understand them, switched to English.

"Who are you to have a gun pointed at us?"

"Who are you to come with all you guns when you know what is going on out there? This is for protections. What are yours for?"

Protection; we are looking for children that said they were coming this way. This temple is not safe to stay in. Some of our comrades have been captured; they will tell the invaders about this place, we must get going."

"The kids are here, but we are all going with you."

"You were separated from your family then?"

"Yes, they were at the Jesus statue. I was ground for something my sister said I stole. She lied and I got in trouble for it. If my parents had looked at the chocolate bar that I was accused of stealing they would have seen that I couldn't eat the chocolate bar since it had almonds in it and I am allergic to almonds. I was able to pack some bags and my mother had a medical bag that I am using to treat the kids now. Wait a few minutes and we will all be out."

"Go on, bring the kids out. You might as well stay with us. There is no need to lose you to the invaders as well. Many people have been taken. The invaders hit the statue first so if your family was there, they won't be on Earth for long."

"Thank you for that information."

"You are welcome, we will wait."

I went back into the temple and got the children up. Ilena helped with the other kids while I got my belongings together. I put my backpack on, grabbed my duffel bag and put the strap over my shoulder and zipped the medical bag shut. With all my belongings I headed out of the temple with Ilena and the kids behind me. Ilena had her sister on her back and the small bag they had together was over her head and shoulder. As we moved out of the temple, we could see how truly lucky we really were. Many of the militia had children with them that they had grabbed on the way to the temple. It seemed that most of the adults in the city had sent their children into the forest to try and outlive the invasion. Everyone was working together to keep the children safe. We would had to work extra hard to keep what little medical supplies and rations we had safe. The man I had talked to came up next to me as the militia headed out.

"You and me are going to get along fine. My name is Ricardo. I used to be in a gang in Rio before I joined the militia. I was in the city when the invasion happened. I told many children to head for the forest. The adults said they would try to stop the invaders as much as possible. There is a possibility that your sister was able to get away from the statue. And if so, she'll be headed this way. Many adults are telling the children to head to the forest."

"Do you know what they want with Earth? Why attack no and not last night when they showed up?"

"I don't know why they want Earth, but to attack this afternoon and not last night must mean they wanted ta coordinated attack and one where people were vulnerable to them. I told you my name, now can I get your name? I will have my men keep a look out for your sister. She would be looking for you, no?"

"She will be, but she won't want to admit it. My name is Satori Quinn. My parents saw it on a song and decided to name me after the song. I've always liked it. My sister's name is Elizabeth. Please keep an eye out for her."

"We will; do you have a photo?"

"I can get you one soon, once we find a place that is safe to stay."

"There is an old bunker out here that the military used back in the seventies. We don't know what it was used for but it is completely overgrown with tree roots and vines. We should be safe there, make it our main camp. There are many living spaces. My thinking is that the military decided to put it all the way out here just in case war came to our country. They could stay safe while planning action. But we will use it to keep anyone safe that is running from the invaders."

"That will be a good idea. We can use one of the rooms as medical clinic. Hopefully, it is fully stocked so that we won't have to venture out to restock it."

"Trust me, this bunker is completely stocked. My men and I have been keeping it stocked with non-perishable foods since we came upon it nearly two years ago. We have been using it to some degree. We have a weapons room, a galley completely stocked with food and water and everything you need to cook and eat with, living quarters, a medical room, and an indoor greenhouse. We will be able to make our own food if it comes down to that. The water comes from a well underneath the bunker. So whatever water bottles we have in storage will stay there unless we go out on patrols to look for survivors. We also have camouflaged cabins throughout the forest that can hold two to four people depending on the group that goes out on patrol. Let's just say, we are very well prepared for what might happen."

"That sounds good. But what happens if the invaders find the bunker or any of your camouflaged cabins? Don't you think they will be able to track our movements?"

"They might be able to if we weren't going to be at the bunker tonight. It is already starting to sprinkle. We will have a downpour soon and that will wipe away any footprints that we are leaving behind. Come, we will be there soon and we must hurry. Best to keep going then stopping. My men will pick up those that are falling behind. We must keep the children as safe as possible."

"Thank you for taking us in."

"It is I who should be thanking you. You did not have to let the children into the temple when you did. You could have left them out to fend in the village by themselves and possibly get captured. You are not like most American's I have met."

"My parents say that I have a compassionate heart. By the end of this invasion, I better have a hardened heart because many will die and I won't be able to do anything about it. I will give you a picture once we get to the bunker so your men know what my sister looks like."

"Thank you."

Ricardo moved ahead of everyone as he led his men and the children towards the bunker that he and his men had been stocking for nearly two years. If anything, we would be safe for a while. Ilena came up next to me and kept a steady pace. She was speaking in Russian to her little sister, trying to keep her calm. I could hear the little girl sniffling. I knew how she felt but I didn't need anyone seeing me cry right now. I would cry when I was alone. But I would only need one cry and then I would make sure that I was as strong as the men and as capable at fighting the invaders as they were. I was going to find my family one way or another. I was snapped back out of my musing when everyone stopped. We had reached the bunker just in time.

Ricardo opened the bunker door and ushered everyone inside. Right as the rest of his men entered with the stragglers, it started to pour. But that wasn't all that happened. Ricardo was able to shut the door and lock it shut right as an alien ship moved over our location. We shushed everyone and watched through the porthole which had somehow been replaced with an interrogation mirror. We could see out but they couldn't see in. the ship looked around a few minutes before zooming off towards the temple we had just vacated an hour before. The sound of an explosion told us that they had found what had been left and blown up the temple thinking people were still inside. The ship zoomed away and Ricardo turned towards everyone.

Satori's Sanctuary:

We were led deeper into the bunker and down a few flights of stairs. The Brazilian Military must have really thought they were going to use the bunker at some point. The kids were led to the sleeping quarters where they settled down for the night. Ricardo showed me to my quarters, which was really big enough for four people. Ilena stepped inside with her little sister and said she'd watch my belongings till I got back. She needed to keep her sister safe. I set down my duffel bag and backpack with which Ilena took in her possession and then followed Ricardo sown another flight of stairs. He led me to what looked like a working Infirmary.

"I assume you know something about medicine or you wouldn't have been able to patch up the kids the way you did."

"My mother was a doctor. And I have some health problems myself."

"Any that my men and I should be worried about?"

"I am Diabetic, so the stash of apples I have in my backpack are just for me. And I am allergic to almonds and most perfumes, though I don't think I will have to worry about perfumes out here."

"That's good to know. Do you have your own stash of insulin or do we need to raid a hospital to find some?"

"I have some insulin, but not enough to last me an Alien Invasion. If we can get to a hospital or a small clinic, I know what to look for. Also it would be good to keep some on hand just in case we have others that might be Diabetic. Where did you get all this medical equipment, by the way?"

"Most people we pass in the forest know of some back alley clinics. In order to keep us off their backs, they would give us whatever medical supplies we asked for. Now, though they might be headed our way and that might be a good thing. If they bring their medical supplies with them, then we might not need to go into the city towards the hospital, if we get low on anything."

"We might have to. I see that you have some fridges down here, any reason why?"

"Just in case we needed to store some extra food, why?"

"We should raid a blood bank if we can. Store the blood inside so just in case someone needs a transfusion, we can give them one."

"And you know how to do that?"

"I've seen my mom do them enough times that I'm pretty sure I can do them. I was my mom's intern in her clinic back home. I hope home is still standing by the time I get back there though."

"We all hope our homes are still standing, but most know that that won't be so whenever this Invasion ends."

"We should probably get some sleep. I need to check on Ilena and her sister anyways. Thank you for showing me the Infirmary. I'll act as doctor for now until we get a real doctor out this way. Also, I would like to learn how to fight. If I am going to be of any use, I need to know how to fight. I will be joining your men on whatever patrols I am allowed to join. I don't aim on sitting around during this Invasion. I plan on doing my fair share."

"Well, you seemed like you could handle yourself with that gun or yours."

"I took it from my dad's hotel room. I also have the ammo. He's a big gun nut back home. He made sure me and my sister could shoot by the age of ten, though when she entered High School, she got bitchy."

"So, you don't want us to keep an eye out for her then? I just remembered your earlier story about getting grounded."

"Just cause she got me grounded doesn't mean that I don't want to know that she's okay."

"I'm just kidding; we will keep a look out for her. Do you have that picture? I can take a picture and sent it to all my guys on their phones."

"Do you think it's a good idea to use phones all the way out here? Won't the aliens be able to track our radio waves or something like that?"

"Maybe, but they won't be able to this far underground. Besides, we have a printer but no computer to hook it up to."

"You do now. Assuming this place has electricity, I can keep my laptop plugged in at all times to keep it charged and we can plug the printer into my laptop. I also have a digital camera that we can use as well. To keep an eye on our invaders, if that helps."

"That just boosted us to new heights, let's get the thing plugged in and set up. You will be the only one with access to it unless you want to make a guest account and then we can use it that way. Assuming, they won't have knocked out any satellites, we can keep up with what the rest of the world is having to deal with."

"If they haven't knocked the satellites down, they may have found a way to hack into them, so they could track us that way too. I say we don't get on the internet at all until we know it's safe to do so."

"Good idea. Alright, I'll let you get some sleep. Have everyone meet in the Galley tomorrow to go over everything. The children will stay here until we figure out what to do. They are safer here anyways."

"Good doing business with you Ricardo."

"It's more like a new partnership than a business."

"Good point. Here, for now, you can show your guys the picture. My sister is the tall one with red hair. The others are my parents."

"And who is the boy?"

"He was our brother but he died last year during a skiing trip. He ran into a tree going over fifty miles per hour and broke his neck. He never made it to the hospital, let alone off the mountain."

"Alright, I'll see you in the morning then."

I nodded and left the way I had come. I left the Medical Bag in the Infirmary. Once all the bags were unloaded of everything deemed useful, we would use any and all bags that we had to go into the city when we could and scavenge for whatever we could get our hands on. Our main priority would be food as well as hitting up the hospital, if it still stood. There were a lot of places that needed to be hit before we could actually survive in the bunker for as long as possible. It was always good to have a plan of action before going half-cocked into a situation that you knew nothing about other than the fact that you survived the first initial attack. But that would be for another day. I was just glad that this day was finally over. Now all I had to worry about was finding my family and wondering how they would react to the new me.

Devising A Plan:

The next morning saw everyone in the Galley area. Food had been made but it was mostly just oatmeal and passed around. We would need to ration our food stores until we could go out to gather supplies. For now, we would deal with what we had. Our main goal, was to collect any and all Intel as well as survivors. Ricardo passed out the picture of my sister to his guys and asked anyone else if they had photos of loved ones that still might be in the city. Others handed over pictures from photo albums that they were able to grab. With a permanent marker from my backpack, we shaded out the faces of the children in the bunker. If family members found their way into the forest, the picture would be used to identify any members of the family.

Once it was decided that the children would stay in the bunker while Ilena watched the, Ilena took them back to the rooms they were sleeping in. She said she'd see me in a few minutes with a list of stuff that the kids wanted to keep themselves entertained while hiding out. I nodded to her and she left with the kids. I turned back to Ricardo and his men. They seemed surprised to see me still there. When I was sure Ilena and the kids were gone and couldn't hear what was about to be said, I right down into it.

"Look, just cause I'm a girl doesn't mean that I can't help out at all. I want to help out as much as I can, no matter how hard it might be. This was my vacation, my family that was torn away from me. I want my life back just as much as you do. I'm not stupid. You guys used to be the Gorilla's in the country and you hate Americans. I know that, but we are all on the same side now. We are all fighting for our lives. Put a gun in my hand and I will show you that I can carry anything thrown at me. My father taught me and my sister how to shoot a gun by the time we were ten-years-old. I don't want to be stuck inside the entire time while you guys are out there fighting for our freedom. Ilena can't go out because of her sister but I will be going out. If you have a problem with that, with me going out and carrying the weigh as any of you, then you can stay here and help take care of the kids. If not, then I'll be happy to work alongside you."

"Wow, never heard that come out of the mouth of a sixteen-year-old before. But she does have a point. She's stuck in this country just as much as the others are. We need to devise some sort of plan to fight these things. For all we know, the military world-wide doesn't exist anymore. We need a name, one that will stick out. This is like that movie 'Red Dawn', only we ain't fighting invaders from another country, we're fighting invaders from another planet. We need to get our name out there. Also, as far as we know, they can't hear radio signals underground. So we set up a long range radio and try communication with anyone that can hear us. So any suggestions for some names?"

"What's more catching then this girl's name? I mean we us the name Satori and put something behind it. Like Gorilla's or Militia or whatever sounds good." Benny said. He was Ricardo's younger brother.

"Well speaking as someone that has seen both 'Red Dawn' movies, we can't use Wolverines and it'd be stupid to use something like the Vikings, but I think Satori's Army sounds good. Anyone agree?" I saw hands shoot into the air as I asked the last question. I knew that we now had a name but we would most likely be looked at as the Resistance in the eyes of the Invaders.

"Alright, Satori's Army it is then. We need to get the word out that there is a Resistance in place and that we are looking for people to join us. We also need to make a list of places to hit so that we can gather supplies. We have a working Infirmary but we need more supplies."

"Exactly, the medical bag I brought along is only going to last so long. I am Diabetic so we'll need to raid a hospital or a clinic for some Insulin. Also, it would be a good idea to move one of the refrigerators down to the Infirmary as we are going to need to hit up a blood bank. We will have to write on them what type they are and hopefully get a doctor here that can help. What we also need to do is keep the kitchen stocked of as much fruit as possible. Search the forest and gather as much fruit as you can. But we will have to do it when it is nice out as footprints left in mud will lead the Aliens straight to our door step and they will blow us to kingdom come and nobody wants that."

"Any other places we need to hit; any suggestions?" Ricardo asked. One of his men stepped forward.

Ricardo introduced him as Jacques, "We should hit up some clothing stores. Get the sizes of all the kids and adults here and hit up a clothing store, if they haven't been destroyed. Also a toy store, mostly puzzles, books, cards and board games. The kids will get bored pretty easy if they have nothing to do."

"Good idea, though a book store should have what we need in the way of books. It would also be a good idea to get a lot of diaries and notebooks, pens and pencils for the kids to write what they are feeling down. It's never a good idea to keep children uneducated. We'll keep them as educated as we can, so we should hit a small school if we can."

"Anyone that can help us out if they have not been killed can help as well. If they aren't here to kill the locals, then we can use them to keep supplies and Intel headed our way. We're going to need seeds and different plants to keep our greenhouse alive if we are going to be cultivating our own food. So any seeds we get from food we eat, we should keep. Any medicinal plants we can get our hands on would be good to. Certain plants can help in the healing of certain wounds and illnesses."

"And we can hit up a police station if necessary. We need the weapons and we need the ammo. The military base is too far inland for us to get to and we could get caught trying to collect our supplies."

"Alright, seems like our plan is set. We'll write everything down and which teams are going out at what times. For now, we'll collect food and plants from the forest until we can get into the city to see how bad things really are. And if we're lucky, this is an occupation and not an annihilation."

"Let's hope for occupation for now. If it becomes evident that it is an annihilation, we may want to rethink our Plan of Action. If we venture into the city, we could be killed just for showing our faces. And I think its best if everyone had a gun, keep it concealed and use a knife if they have one. Either a knife or a machete and I'm sure can find an abundance of machetes. People use them here more often than they use guns because they can cut through the undergrowth a whole lot faster."

"You must've been very smart in your school."

"And by the way, I'm only fourteen. My sister is the one that is sixteen. We're two years apart when it comes to schooling and she hated camping when we were younger. I was the one that always went camping and hiking with my father or uncle, whoever could get the time off work. That and we lived in Hawaii so it's not like there weren't a lot of places to go hiking or camping. Our forest back home is about as dense as this one is."

"Fourteen, smart and capable of anything a man can do, good to know. Now none of my guys can take advantage of you even if they wanted to. We don't believe in the raping of any woman or girl."

"Good to know. The media had you guys all wrong. Bunch of killers of anyone American, my ass. We should probably do something other than sit here and continue to talk. I'm going to go organize the Infirmary. And I'll keep some fruit in the fridge down there so if anyone needs some natural sugar they can come to me. It also helps that my mum was a pediatric doctor. See you guys later then."

I left the Galley then and made my way back to the room I shared with Ilena and her sister. I would need someone I could trust to help me in the Infirmary and if she was a fast learned, she would do just fine. Many of the children would be put to work helping in the bunker in any way that they could, no matter how young they were. There would be groups that would be tasked with helping the children get their jobs done, but that would be for another time. It was time to get as organized as possible without leaving the bunker for at least a week. And I had enough Insulin with me to last until we were able to make a supply run. We would also need a list of all the foods everyone in the bunker was allergic to, just in case we needed to use the Epinephrine pens that I had with me.

The Lion's Heart:

Day 3:

After the first two days and the fact that we had all once been strangers to each other, we were starting to get to know each other better. Ilena proved to be very valuable when it came to organizing things. She was extremely good at it and she told us that she had been organizing rooms since she was ten back home. Her parents always seemed to find the smallest apartments for them to live in and everything had to be organized or you would trip over everything. She helped organize the Infirmary, the Galley, the Hydroponics Lab, wouldn't touch the Armory, and helped get the Radio Room set up. Since we didn't want any of our transmissions heard, we had to figure out a way for our Radio's to hear what was going on outside of the bunker. To our surprise, there was already and antennas set up and it was hidden by the vines that had surrounded the bunker.

Once the Radios were turned on, we started to reach out to anyone that might be able to hear us. We frequenced one radio to pick up only military frequencies, one to pick up civilians asking for help and still within the city, one to pick up anything bouncing off satellites and one to pick up any frequencies the Aliens were putting out. We couldn't understand their language, but it was still good to have. We set up the computer in the room to pick up any phone calls, whether it was land-line or cell phone, to pick up those calls and we were able to answer back with a computer voice telling them that there was help on the way, that they needed to get to the forest with whatever belongings they could bring with them. It was an immediate relief to the people still in the city, who it turns out were hiding children that had been stuck in the city and weren't able to move out of the city due to the initial invasion.

We also learned through the different Radio Frequencies that most of the military had been compromised and that the Invasion was worldwide. We urged anyone that could, to take up weapons and try to fight back after establishing a good place to hide from the Invaders. It turns out, that many people were hiding underground because they were too scared to venture to the surface unless they needed supplies like food, water or clothes. The radio conversations were from people who genially wanted to live but they didn't know how to fight back. The American Militia was having a blast fighting back as best they could, having found refuge in the many caves and abandoned towns in the mountains. They had also taken in anyone that was fleeing the Invaders.

The American-Mexican border no longer existed. People who were fleeing from Mexico were welcomed without any questions, well at least those that lived close to the border were. Others were stuck behind enemy lines and were trying to survive as best as they could. Nobody had a name though. They didn't know what to call themselves. We would tell them our name unless it was heard about through word of mouth. The Aliens would talk amongst themselves when we finally ventured out of our bunker to do some serious damage.

Day 5:

Chatter on the Radios had halted because it was becoming dangerous worldwide to talk much on the Radio. So we were stuck trying to make it a good life in the bunker. Kids were also starting to get bored. We set up a classroom in one of the rooms that wasn't being used and started teaching them to read and write with whiteboards that had been moved in a year or so ago. The Gorilla's had obviously thought they were going to need to do some strategy building and had prepped just in case they needed something to write on that wasn't notepad and pen. They had also had a lot of dry erase markers. A Desk was moved in to keep the markers and anything else used for the kids to learn. We needed to get them set up, but for now, we were just waiting like everyone else.

Ilena and I were in the Infirmary when Ricardo walked in. He seemed to think it was a good idea to talk about the patrol that was going out next week and was wondering who was going and who was staying behind.

"Hello girls, how is everything going?"

"Really Ric? You know how things are going. We're bored out of our damn minds. Got something on your mind that you want to talk about?"

"Actually yes, we need to discuss next week's patrol. My men want to get out of this bunker and the two of you might also want to do that. I know we should probably start with collecting whatever fruit is around the bunker to keep the food supply up. And we need to head out of the forest to see if there is any way to collect the supplies we need in the city. We are also going to look for anyone that might be hiding in the forest. We haven't heard the alien ships anywhere near the forest for the last couple days or seen any out the front door so we should do that soon. What are your suggestions?"

"Tis hard to know that we will never be normal again. This Invasion will change the way we all think and how we all react. What happens when we have to go back to our own countries? We will never see each other again and nobody will ever know what we did or that we had a hand in helping the Resistance or that we were the main Resistance. I don't want to go back to Russia if I lose my new found family." Ilena said.

"But we will stay in touch, Ilena. And besides, if I have my way, you and your sister will be coming home with me to Hawaii, if my home still exists or is even standing. We have heard nothing from Hawaii at all and that's who I really want to hear from. But back to what Ricardo is asking. It would be good to get out of the bunker. I say before we head into the city, we collect whatever fruit we can from around the bunker and see if anyone has found refuge in the forest. We collect the refugees and bring them here and make sure they are comfortable. We get information from them before we venture into the city."

"That's what I thought you would say. I will let my men know the plan. I will let you back to what you were doing. See you at dinner."

Ricardo left the way he had come and Ilena got back to labeling the shelves in the fridge. The second fridge I requested be brought down was sitting next to the other one and was labeled in permanent marker that it was to be used to keep blood cold and nothing else.

Day 7:

It had now been a week since the Invasion began. We were hearing from nearly every country around the world on the Radios. We knew which frequencies were used by which countries, people genially wanted to communicate and learn how other were surviving the Invasion. We learned that the Aliens had set up a sort of Headquarters in nearly every country, walling up certain parts of a city, mostly near the military bases or overtaking the military bases all together. So if our Aliens had overtaken the military base, it would be semi-safe to venture into the city as long as we stayed away from any potential dangerous situations.

We also learned that the Aliens didn't mean to kill any humans that weren't fighting back. They were here to gather resources that they didn't have on their home planet and they needed our people to gather it for them because they didn't know how to gather the resources without harming said resources. So we knew that they were looking for slaves to harvest resources we just didn't know how deadly they were actually going to be. Not wanting to be slaves to the Aliens and not wanting to lose our own resources, Ricardo set up a Training Room in the very lower parts of the bunker (call it the basement) and moved all the practice bullets from the Armory to the Training Room. We would learn to fight here and learn to defend ourselves in any way possible.


After the first week was over, I grabbed my now empty backpack and made sure that there was at least on pack of jerky, two apples and my case of Epi pens and Insulin, grabbed my coat, put my dad's gun into the holster that I now wore on my belt, slipped my knife into the sheath on my belt and headed towards Ricardo and the others that were venturing out into the forest. I let Ilena know that I was going out with everyone on my way to meet Ricardo. She nodded and said she'd keep things in order. I reminded her that the living quarters might be getting bigger and she said that she would make sure that they were livable by the time everyone got back.

Ricardo, Benny, Jacques, Tanzio and I were going out as a group. Others had already left, saying that they were going ahead to make sure it was safe and to see who might be hiding in the forest. Ricardo had taken that as a good sign. When I reached my group, he handed me a machete and said that everyone was going out armed. I looked at him like he was serious and showed him my gun and knife on my belt. He seemed happy that I would be armed. We headed out into the forest and I got to see just how beautiful the Rio de Janero forest really was for the first time. Too bad I wasn't there to take pictures.

My cell phone was fully charged and I had it in my pocket so that I could take pictures if needed but I'd had No Service since going into the forest nearly a week earlier, no one had.