Chapter 1: Porter

It was late at night as Matt patrolled the city in search of anyone breaking the law. He had just recently became a cop in this place after meeting a punk named Porter who has gotten into trouble numerous times. Matt was wearing a blue shirt and black jeans with his badge clipped on his belt. He stretched his arms behind his head as he wandered around, his muscles buldging as he flexed. The night was quiet as he gazed up to the moon, lost in thought. It was full and Matt was filled with the temptation of the darkness. He reached down to scratch his balls just as some guy ran around the corner into an alley. Matt caught a glimpse of him and started running towards the alley. When he got there, he saw a cute blond guy trying to climb a fence. Matt ran up to him and pulled him off against a wall.

"Where do you think you're going?" Matt asked.

"Get off me!" The guy shouted.

"Porter?" Matt said as he let the guy go.

"Oh, hey Matt." Porter said.

"What did you do this time?" Matt asked as he shook his head.

"Nothing." Porter said as he shoved his hands in his back pocket jeans.

"Let me have a look here boy." Matt said as he drew his hand down Porter's chest.

Porter looked up at Matt with a cigarette in his mouth as he felt Matt's hands explore his body and around his ass. Matt slipped his hands up Porter's shirt to feel his shaking tight body. Porter tingled as the cigarette in his mouth dropped away onto the alley floor. They gazed at one another, the nights passion filling their hearts. Matt turned Porter around as he pinned him against the building. He groped the boys ass and ran his hands up his back.

"You've been a bad boy Porter." Matt said.

"What you gonna do about it?" Porter asked as his heart raced.

Matt slid his finger inside the wasits of Porter's jeans and slowly pulled them down. His tanned smooth butt looked Matt in the face like the moon above them. Matt squeezed the boys ass tight as he pulled himself against his crotch, grinding on him. Matt slid one finger inside to loosen him up a bit. Porter moaned and it echoed through the alley. His slid it further in and spread his cheeks apart.

"Daddy is going to teach you a lesson now." Matt said as he started to unzip his jeans.

Porter heard the zipper open and he became excited. His dick hardened and started to stroke himself. He felt Matt's hard cock head touch the rim of his ass. He was ready to take his punishment. He spread his legs apart and felt Matt slide his wet cock inside. Matt held on to Porter tight as he fucked the troublemaker's tight ass. His balls slapped against the boys ass at each thrust. Porter moaned as he felt Matt go deep inside, his hands grasping the brick wall firmly. Matt leaned over and wrapped his arms around Porter as he pounded hard, kissing Porter's neck.

"Fuck me Matt, oh yes..." Porter moaned.

"You like daddy's cock in you?" Matt whispered in Porter's ear.

"Oh fuck... don't stop..." Porter whimpered.

Matt held on tight as he drove inside the boy, in and out, in and out. The moonlight shone upon them, making their sweaty bodies glimmer in the night. Matt groaned as he felt his cock throb inside the boy. Porter moaned heavily as he felt Matt grab his cock and start to stroke him. Both of them were on the verge of exploding now. Matt rubbed Porter's hard cock until he shot all over the brick wall in front of him. Matt soon after, released his seed inside the boy, sending them both into a dual orgasm. A light rain started to fall upon them, washing away the liquids of love and cooling their steaming bodies. They relaxed together sitting on a crate in the alley as they talked all night. Matt thought Porter was kinda odd, but he didn't dislike him. This was the start of what was going to be the most emotional ride ever, for Matt and Jed...

Back at the warehouse, Jed was sitting alone on the bed thinking about Matt and how they haven't had much alone time lately. It's mostly been just dancing and working on the warehouse. Matt couldn't seem to find the time to be together properly. Perhaps Jed was just being impatient. He thought about the time years ago at the cottage in the Triad compound. The day he and Matt were sitting in the living room putting up a painting and building a granite wall together. He missed those times he spent at the compound. He would rather deal with Ciel again then lose Matt. He loved to listen to Matt's stories at the cottage, one in particular was when Matt told him about meeting Markarius at Viper and Mark wanting to have sex. But Matt was out of it, they didn't do anything. They have always been this way together, playing with others and just having fun. No feelings were hurt and nothing was exclusive. Even though Jed partly wanted to be exclusive with Matt, but that wouldn't make Matt very happy.

Jed heard Matt come up the stairs to the bedroom loft. He quickly wiped his tears and saw Matt with Porter. Jed sighed then smiled at them.

"Hey babe, what are you doing up?" Matt asked.

"Waiting for you. Who's this?" Jed asked.

"Jed, this is Porter. Porter, this is my best friend Jed." Matt said.

"Nice to meet you." Porter said.

Matt and Porter sat down on a cushion against the wall with three pictures of Jed. Jed was disappointed, in that he wanted to spend some time with Matt for once. He knew he was being taken for granted, or that Matt was just bored of him now. This is what started it all. But Jed just shrugged it off. He got up off the bed and over to the second cushion. No words were said as Jed cast a spell to summon his friend Luka to play. A whirlwind of light blue magic swirled around in the center of the loft and a thin elf with light blue highlighted hair and light blue tipped ears appeared. He was already naked and ready to play. He pale dick grew bigger as he approached Jed to give him a hug.

"Hi Jed." Luka said as they embraced.

"Hey Luka, nice to see you." Jed said.

"Hi Luka." Porter said.

Matt was silent as he started taking Porter's clothes off. Jed and Luka sat on the cushion beside them and started kissing. Jed laid on top of Luka as he kissed him. His hand ran across the elf's smooth pale body, down to his hard dick as they made out. Their lips locked tight as Jed stroked Luka's cock, making it bigger and wet. Matt was already sucking on Porter as Jed looked back at them, his expression empty yet lustful. He turned back to Luka and placed his lips on the head of the elf's cock. Slowly he went down and felt it in his throat. Luka moaned as he felt Jed's warm mouth suck the life out of him. Porter's moans in the background made Jed's heart race and a tear formed in his eye. Jed got up and sat on Luka's cock, riding him hard.

"Oh fuck, Jed!" Luka shouted.

"Fuck him Luka." Porter said.

Jed placed his hands on Luka's chest as he felt the elven appendage penetrate him deep inside his magic portal. Luka thrust up into Jed as their bodies became one in heated passion. Moans and groaning echoed through the warehouse as the boys played all night long in the loft. All Jed could think about was wishing he was doing this with Matt instead. He felt like Matt didn't think Jed was special to him anymore. Luka suddenly flipped Jed on his back and started fucking him harder now. Jed panted as his head tilted back to see Matt riding on Porter's cock now. For a moment everything was still. He could feel Luka's dick inside of him, but could only concentrate on how silent Matt was, not caring that Jed was near and just enjoying a lustful play. Jed wished more then anything they could make love again like they used to. Tears flowed through Jed's eyes as they stained the cushion, just watching Matt ride Porter hard. Jed could still feel Luka press on and eventually a magic filled him, his eyes lit up pink and his tears vanished. Once again, his magic filled him with joy for the moment. Luka pulled him close as they cuddled on the cushion. Matt and Porter did the same on the other as Matt shot his load on Porter's chest...

Jed leaned on Luka, lost in thought. Luka held him tight as they all chatted with one another. Jed was quiet and soon fell asleep on the cushion with Luka. This was the beginning of letting go...