Chapter 8: Ditched

It was a fine day as Matt and Jed went dancing at Viper. They didn't speak much to one another, as Matt was flirting with some guy next to them, Jimmie Starr. Jed just looked over at them as his heart sank in his chest. He knew what was about to go down and he wasn't ready for it. Jed stopped dancing as Matt approached him with Jimmie next to him.

"I'm going to give Jimmie here a tour of the warehouse, so stay away." Matt said, winking.

"What? But Matt..." Jed said.

Before he knew it, they left and Jed was there all alone with a broken heart. He looked around at the dancers as tears filled his eyes. This place was always fun, dancing with Matt and bringing others home together. But, that was over now. Jed fell to the floor as his vision became blurry. He looked up and saw Jim come over to him. Faintly he heard Jim shout out to him, but in a matter of seconds Jed disappeared in a puff of magic dust headed back to the warehouse. All that was left was a pile of pink dust on the dance floor.

Jed woke up outside the warehouse as faint moans could be heard from inside. Matt and Jimmie were up in the bedroom fucking. Jed sat at the fire pit as he peered up into the window and saw Matt's face as he was being pounded by Jimmie. His heart raced as he stared into the fire, just wishing he was with them having fun too. He felt left out, ditched by Matt and ignore by Liam. His life was falling apart and just felt unloved now. He started to cry as the moans and groans intensified. He never thought this would happen to them. He thought they would always be together, but Liam ruined things for them. He knew they would never play again. He would never hold Matt the same way or make love like they used to...

Matt came out of the warehouse and saw Jed sitting at the fire. He sat next to Jed and put an arm around him. They were silent for a moment as Jed's teared dried on his face from the heat of the flames. Jed's eyes darted towards Matt and slowly looked over at him.

"Matt, can we talk?" Jed asked.

"What's up?"

"I still feel the same about you. I want to continue playing and having fun with you. I just..."

"What's in your heart and mind? What's in Liam's heart and mind?" Matt asked.

"He wants to be exclusive with me, but I don't. You are my best friend and I never wanted anything to change between us." Jed stated.

"Dude, the dynamics have changed..." Matt said.

"Why? I still love you, you know." Jed stated.

Matt was silent as they both stared into the fire. Things have changed between them now. Jed's heart was broken and he didn't know what to do next. He just wanted Matt back and to make things work between him and Liam. This complicated web tore Jed apart and things would never be the same.