Stacey Ribotsky is a compassionate individual who has volunteered for a number of organizations that support women's and animals' welfare. One such organization is the Onyx and Breezy foundation that works with the goal of helping each animal reach tomorrow. Stacey worked with this foundation as a fundraising volunteer when she was assured that 100% of all the contributions to the foundation are directed to fulfill this goal.

Stacey Ribotsky loves to talk about how the Onyx and Breezy Foundation to this date provides funding and support to spay & neuter programs, rescue of animals from kill shelters, cancer research, pets of individuals where medical hardship is present, and several other endeavors that benefit the welfare of animals.

Other than Onyx and Breezy Foundation, Stacey has volunteered for CMFNY, Sunrise Day Camp, and the soup kitchen in her past.

About Stacey Ribotsky

Stacey Ribotsky is a long-time philanthropist who used to volunteer for several organizations like the Children's Medical Fund of New York, Sunrise Day Camp, the Onyx and Breezy Foundation, and more. She is an exceptionally skilled professional who can work just fine in any field including party planning, retail, and real estate. She is passionate about art and sports and spends a lot of her time reading, writing, and working on getting her first book, a personal memoir, published soon. She enjoys spending time with her children as well.

Stacey had to take a break from the volunteering life for some time to focus on other aspects of her life but she is all set to make a comeback anytime soon.