Full Summary:

Dimension traveling had yet to be discovered but do to some misunderstood way, two young adults are thrust into the world of discovering new dimensions. Having the power and knowledge to travel between their own dimension and the numerous dimensions out there, they take it upon themselves to traverse the unknown and sometimes dangerous worlds, seeking a planet that is exactly like Earth itself, hoping they can find a planet that can sustain human life. What happens when the people around these two start noticing them being gone so many times as they are? Will the military get involved? And how do the girl's own peers (in the military & out) feel about how she came to have the knowledge to move between dimensions? Will a new team be assembled to traverse the planets of the dimensions with the young couple? And how many dimensions are really out there?

Chapt.1: A Normal Day:

Best Friends No Matter What:

We made a pact, one that said that we would be best friends no matter what the circumstances were. That we would stick together, no matter what the other was doing. Jack wasn't too keen on me going into the military but he figured it would be a good idea to follow just in case something happened. Jack and I had been best friends since nearly high school, and it wasn't till I went into the military did things start to change. First of all, our lives felt out of kilter my first months in 'A' School as the military called it (or job training as we called it). It wasn't like we were meaning on anything happening or anything, it just so happened that they did.

I was still Phase I, so I was still in uniform when I went off base. Jack and I were going off base every weekend I didn't have duty and he was bringing me back for nightly musters. We were working on something I had thought of and thought it would be fun to make. We went and scoured the local computer repair stores and then headed for the local antiques stores. We ended up finding an old hand-held phone that still had some power to it. When we got back to Jack's apartment, we started building the contraption. It wasn't like we were trying to scare anyone; I just thought it would be fun to make. With my imagination and Jack's skill in electronics, we did manage to build the device and then as soon as we powered it on, well life fell out kilter.

We turned it off almost immediately and I put it in my purse to take with me back onto base. I was supposed to be getting phased up to Phase II on Monday and we would deal with it then. Until Monday, it was better to keep it in a safe and locked in a place that no one could get to. I kept my bottom drawer of my dresser locked at all times just to be on the safe side. Now when I say our lives went off kilter, because that's what I mean. They went from normal to way the fuck off normal. I got back to base and I locked the device up in the bottom drawer, because I knew that not even during Room Inspections would I have to open the drawer.

The following weekend I had duty so we were going to wait till the next weekend to try the device out once again. When the two weeks was over, I grabbed my side bag, put the device, my wallet, some snacks, MP3 player with headphones and a jacket and headed downstairs to get my phase card. Jack was going to meet me on the Quarterdeck to sign me out for the night, but I didn't have to be back till ten pm so there was no muster for me. As soon as I was signed out, Jack and I left the building. Most people thought it odd that two people who liked each other so much as friends didn't think past being friends, but our friendship was too important to destroy with dating each other. We were too different to ever work anyways.

Using The Device:

Jack and I drove to a secure location where we knew we wouldn't be followed after stocking up on some well needed non-perishable snacks. He had a small backpack for the both of us and I had worn pants and my military boots along with a t-shirt. My jacket was my military jacket with my last name on it. Jack's uncle owned a warehouse for his importing company so we used that site as a way to see what our little device could really do.

We put what we needed into the backpacks and made sure that Jack's car was locked up and the keys in the backpack before turning to the device. I turned it on and Jack came over to me, looking over my shoulder. We chose a specific dimension before turning the device to full power. When the portal opened, we could see people on the other side, moving about as if nothing was happening at all. We smiled. Then hand in hand we stepped through the portal and to the different dimension on the other side. Once through, we locked the coordinates of the location we came through so we could get back and made sure we still had enough time to get me back to base before moving out.

What we saw took our breath away. Not only were we in another dimension, but we were also on what looked like an exact replica of Earth. We smiled. I put the device in my backpack and pulled my cell phone out. I didn't get any reception (but who would anyways), the time had stopped at five o'clock, which meant we had only three and a half hours to explore all we wanted to. I had brought my camera with me so I could take photos and enough batteries to keep it working. I had three memory cards with me and I only needed to change them out when one was full.

It was amazing. The civilization we had stepped into was none other than that of the Mayan civilization, one that had died out on Earth thousands of years ago. I got to taking pictures almost immediately. It was the most beautiful culture we had ever thought to encounter. Jack couldn't stop watching me smile. I had a smile plastered on my face the whole time. When it came time for us to leave, the people let us go. It was like they didn't know what to do with us. The warriors seemed to think the only reason we were there was because of whatever we had come through. There had been warriors in the field we had come out on and they had stayed next to the portal as we went about exploring. When we came back, unlocked the portal and went back to our time period, we nodded our thanks and stepped through.

Once back in the warehouse, I used the device to close the portal and then we recorded in a composition notebook where the coordinates of the dimension took us. It was going to be amazing if we could keep this up. But we also knew that if we used the device too many times it would draw unwanted attention to what we were doing. Unbeknownst to us, it already had. That one time we had used it to go to another dimension had caused military scientists around the world to wonder what kind of energy on our planet could be made like that. We put the device back in my purse and Jack drove me back to the barracks and signed me back in, saying he would see me tomorrow. It was only nine thirty, but we had all day tomorrow to explore yet another dimension and another planet. We would definitely have to be careful with how much we used the device, that was for sure.

Chapt.2: Discoveries Are Meant To Be Made:

History In The Making:

Jack left the recording of our history making up to me. He knew that I would be better at the recording then he would. Using the device late at night while my roommates were asleep, I documented the exact location we had been to and the coordinates we had used as our starting point. The next thing I did was go into my 'Pictures Folder' and upload all the pictures I had taken that day. I saved them in a folder marked story photos so no one who tried to get on would even think about going into it. Most people left my stories alone because they knew how creative I could get so they left well enough alone. I named the folder within and started the documentation from there. Not only would there be photos but also a list of what we did and how we did it. If we were going to let the military and world know what we had discovered, we needed a complete recording of what we were doing, just in case.

Trip #1: Mayan Civilization:

Using the warehouse as a stable, safe and secure location, we turned the device on and opened up a stable portal. Once we established our own timeline on the device so that we could get back, Jack and I stepped through the portal and headed to what we believed to be a village. It was amazing. I pulled out my camera and started taking pictures. I couldn't take the smile from my face even if I wanted to. We stayed to the edge of the village, not wanting to alert anyone of our presence but we could tell that they already knew that we were there. When we stepped through the portal for the very first time, there were people working in the fields and were warriors guarding the people, as if they expected something other than Jack and myself to walk through the portal.

We gave ourselves three hours to do whatever exploring we needed to do before we had to be back through the portal and shut the device off. It was amazing to know that we had somehow discovered different dimensions just on the off chance that I thought creating something like our little device would be cool. I didn't even realize that I had anything like that in me, except a very creative and active imagination. Jack told me that if it hadn't been for me and thinking about making the device, he would have had a very boring first month in the state. We made the device together, out of oddball electronics and an old cell phone from the 60's; you know the giant ones that were more like radios anyways.

Did I mention the place was beautiful? And here we thought the Mayan civilization was all but extinct. Who would have thought that two young adults could pull something like this off? It wasn't Jack and I that's for sure. Our small device could do all that and then some. I keep the device with me at all times knowing that the only way to keep it safe (and when it's not locked away) is that I have it with me as much as possible. God only know what would happen if it fell into the wrong hands. The military would most likely militarize it and we would never be able to go through another portal as long as the both of us should live, that's for sure.

Well, signing off for now.

Anna Jacobs

As much as I wanted to continue, I knew that I had better get to sleep. Jack and I still had two full days to go searching through two portals to two different dimensions. Safe or not, we were going to go through them. It's not like we would know if they were safe or not. And we weren't just doing this for fun. We were looking for an environmentally safe and habitable planet that could house human life, one where no humans were already living. If we could find one like that, then the human civilization had a way of surviving when our own planet decided to die on us. And sooner or later we knew that it would.

By morning I was fully dressed and ready to head out again. I grabbed the device and put it in my own backpack this time. I would take my laptop backpack with me, knowing that if I needed to, I could hide the device in the many pockets the bag held. I got downstairs around eight the next morning and Jack was waiting. He signed me out and we left together. We had just made it off base when the morning colors started. Thank god we didn't have to get stuck on base waiting for the colors to end. We made it to the warehouse in record time. Nobody was around and we made sure that we parked his truck inside the warehouse and locked the warehouse before we turned the device on once again.

This time, when we walked through the portal, we ended up in a time we would later call 'The Ocean City'. We walked onto what was the one and only strip of land on the whole of the planet. When we got to the end of the piece of land, we saw what we thought was a city and moved to what looked and felt like a stone bridge heading towards the city. We moved carefully, with me recording our progress on my camera. When we got to the city, I turned the camera off record mode and started taking pictures. It was unlike we had seen before. And a certain legend came to mind as we walked into the city.

We were surprised to see people wandering the city and moving about as if it was a normal day. Warriors suddenly appeared in front of us and we were stopped from progressing any further. Ocean City or not, it looked a lot like the lost city of Atlantis (and I'm talking about the sci-fi version of Atlantis too), though as the warriors moved us along one of the corridors, we came to know it not as Atlantis but as Dragintis (or otherwise known as Atlantis of the Dragons). It was amazing to see what was going on. We made sure our watches still showed enough time to get back to the portal and back home so I wouldn't be late getting back on base.

When we were moved into a large hall, the warriors stood on either side of the entrance and made sure we couldn't leave before bringing in what looked like food. We declined, saying that we had food of our own and pulled out the food that we had brought. The people were curious as to why we weren't eating their food and when they took our food that we had shown them and tasted it, we guessed they understood why. The door at the back of the hall opened and four people came through. Two of them were older and we assumed them to be what people would call a king and queen. The other two were younger and we assumed them to be their kids, which meant they were royal blood.

We bowed; I had put my camera back in my bag and zipped it up. We each had locks on our bags just in case someone tried to get into them without our permission. We pocketed the keys to the locks in our front pockets so no one could take them out of our back pockets without us knowing. It was a wonder to meet the people that actually lived on this Atlantis like city. The king and queen came up to us with their kids in tow and we figured we had done something wrong, wandering into their kingdom, so to speak.

We kept looking at our watches, keeping track of time, just in case we couldn't get back by ten. We knew that we had to be back in our own time by eight thirty in order for us to make it back to base by nine thirty. By the looks on the people's face, they were wondering who the heck we were. I started to speak when a hand was held up. Apparently they didn't speak English. We figured out right quick that English was not the common language here. So through a game of Charades, we told them how we came to be here and that we were just checking out the place and that we could go back the way we came and they would never have to see us again. Using Charades, they said that it was best that we leave right away so we did.

When we got back to our time period, we packed our belongings up right away and headed back to base. At nine thirty, we were still stuck near the mall. Some kind of accident at the intersection and we knew we weren't going anywhere. I pulled my cell phone out and called the Delta Quarterdeck to let them know that I was going to be late getting back on base due to a car accident near the mall and that we had been sitting in traffic for nearly thirty minutes. The AC1 in charge (and on the other end of the phone) said he understood and that I'd best get back as soon as possible. I told him I would be there when the traffic lightened up and the accident was clear. I hung up and told Jack to wake me up when the base gate came into view.

Jack woke me up around eleven as we pulled up to the gate. We showed them our ID's and they let us pass. When we got to Delta, Jack still had to sign me in so I grabbed my backpack and we headed into the Quarterdeck. The AC1 was waiting for us when we signed back in. He said he had checked the news reports to confirm why I was going to be late and was happy to hear that I had been telling the truth. I told Jack goodbye and that it was best if we got together again next weekend. That we could both due with a day's rest, after the day we'd had. I also told him to enjoy the fish that we had caught and to save me some. He said he'd bring some over for lunch then dinner the next evening. We both knew that we would have to lie if this ever happened again. We figured it would.

I went straight to bed. I could upload the pictures and video I had taken during the trip Sunday morning or afternoon, depending on when I got up. Sleep was calling my name and I knew that what we did from here on out would and possibly could change the way people looked at science for the millennia ahead.

Trip #2: Dragintis: Atlantis of Dragons:

It was a legend brought to life. One of my favorite extinct animals to ever exist on the planet Earth was among the revered on the Atlantis we had ventured to. Nothing like it that I'd ever dreamed. Jack and I had to play Charades with the king and queen of Dragintis, but in the end we were told that we could come back, if we were a little nicer and we brought something to trade with. The pictures and video as you can see show the magnificent city of Dragintis for what it is really worth. If our people ever do decide to live there, they will have to under the rules of the people of Dragintis; it just wouldn't be fair otherwise.

It's amazing how many more places like Dragintis could exist. Who knows, maybe we really will find the lost city of Atlantis, though it probably won't look anything like the Stargate Series, but you have to wonder if it really is out there. I mean, there could be tons of civilizations out in different dimensions that instead of dying out like they did here, actually thrived. I can't wait to find out more and go adventuring some more. But we've talked about it, and we're going to adventure on Friday's and Saturday's only, allotting Sunday's as a day of rest. Can't wait to see more and to see what else we find ahead of us.

Well, signing off for now.

Anna Jacobs

It was amazing that I could just sit there and type all of what we had been doing this past weekend and my roommates were also sitting on their beds. We were doing a movie day so we were all lounging watching odd ball movies that people brought over to watch with us. We had put up a projection screen so that everyone could watch. When it was about four thirty, I got a call from Jack saying he was on the quarterdeck with dinner and if I would come down and get it. I told him I'd be right there after making sure everything I was doing was saved and closed so no one could look at what I had been doing in the first place.

I headed downstairs and we sat in the Gee Dunk (or the snack area as; military lingo of course). It was funny to see everyone looking at us through the windows.

"I brought enough for anyone that wanted some. Started cooking it as soon as I got home. So what have you been up to today?"

"Nothing much, recording, watching movies with the roommates and all the other people that have crowded into our room to watch them. Sitting on my bed typing and they're all watching movies. So what's the plan for next weekend?"

"Was hoping we could go fishing again. If that's alright with you?"

"Don't see why not, hopefully I bring an appetite for whatever recipe you plan on drudging up to go with whatever fish we catch."

"That's my girl. Look I've got to go for now, but I'll call you later, set up the details for next weekend. Try and get an early Watch if you can, that way I can sign you out as soon as possible."

"Got'cha. Alright, I'll see you next weekend. And I'll take the left overs up to my roommates and see if they want any. By the way, don't remember you ever being such a good cook."

"My mum taught me when I went to visit her while you were in Boot Camp. Thought you would like some home cooked meals while you were here. Guess I was right. Okay, see you later then."

Jack left and I took the rest of the food back up to my room where I knew that the minute I walked in everyone would be asking for some of it since it not only tasted good but it also smelled good too.

Chapt.3: Recordings of Trips:

It didn't take us long to figure out how to work and control the portals and the device. In fact once we got the hang of it, we quite actually took a liking to it. We knew though, that with the frequency of our trips, someone or another would start to put the pieces together, but at the moment, we were just happy to have found something to occupy our time. When I was phased up to Phase III, Jack would sign me out on Friday and I wouldn't have to come back to base till Sunday, which was okay for us since that meant we could go from one dimension to the other without having to go back to base and drive back out to the warehouse again the next day. We found out that every dimension we traveled to, there were certain areas that seemed to be red-flagged as not safe and we found out why. We would step through and then step right back through to our time. We marked these dimensions as untravelable and made sure we locked them out of the device as well. And so the recordings began.

Trip #3: Dinotopia:

As soon as we stepped through the portal, we knew that we had stepped into something of a movie. This place had been recorded only once and I had the miniseries back in my room to prove it. Dinosaurs and people living together in harmony without having to worry about the carnivores from attacking. Though in the miniseries, the carnivores weren't liked, but here, they seemed to be thriving right along with the people, as if they were friends and they understood that in order to survive in this place, they needed to co-exist with the humans living on the planet.

At first the people thought we were there to stay, that was until we showed them that we had a device that could get us back to our own time period and then they told us that we were free to come and go as we pleased, as long as we brought things to trade with. These people had no electricity so we knew any electronics was out of the question. But it was still nice to see dinosaurs roaming free like they had once before on Earth millions of years ago.