Full Summary:

The kidnapping of an American woman leads the police to Australia where the young woman was left to fend for herself. Pregnant after rape and with no resources, the young woman must depend on total strangers to help her get back home, though that takes longer than anticipated. What happens when she begins to fall in love with a young man she's called her best friend? Will she ever go home? Or is Australia her new home?

Chapt.1: Kidnapped:

They say it's a blessing in disguise when life doesn't work out the way you planned. I say that's a load of crap and then some. You see, my life was going pretty good up until a week after Christmas 2014. I was walking home from work when I lost my freedom. Guess he'd been watching me for some time but I hadn't been paying attention. I always took the same route to work and the same route on my way home from work. And anyone who knew me knew that I always walked up a hill from the nearest bus stop, which was about thirty minutes up hill and twenty minutes downhill. He waited for the right moment, sitting in the drive-out of a neighborhood two down from my neighborhood. I thought he was waiting on traffic which was going by and he waved me by so I continued to walk by him. A second before I got to the sidewalk on the other side of the street, his hand was over my mouth and he was pulling me into his van. I tried to scream but an injection with something ended my struggles and he got out of the area as fast as he could.

He was quick with his getaway. He seemed to have had it all planned out because the next thing I remembered is waking up on a small passenger plane headed out of state. It wasn't till we landed that I learned where we were. He had grabbed my belongings before moving me towards an old cabin that looked like it hadn't been used in years. He shoved me forwards and into one of the bedrooms and left me. I don't know how long I stayed in that room, only that when he came back, he was ready to leave again. He had some paperwork with him and he made me sign some papers under a false name. I later learned that it was for a passport. He already had a photo of me but where he got it was beyond me.

We headed back to the airport where he had me board a private plane. While he was still outside the plane, I pulled my wallet out and hid my ID and anything with my name on it in my CD pack behind any CD's I could. I knew that was the first thing he would look for. I shoved my wallet back into my backpack and also moved my phone, CD player and headphones into one of the pockets as well as anything else from my coat pockets.

When the man boarded the plane, he searched my bag and finding the wallet, took it out. When he couldn't find anything with my name on it, I told him that it was all in my purse at home because I had used it over Christmas instead of my backpack. He was so stupid that he actually believed what I told him. He didn't even check the rest of my belongings. All he did was take my lunch cooler and removed my belongings and put them into a plain cooler that didn't have my last name on it. He took the green cooler and threw it in the dumpster in the hanger before re-boarding the plane and letting the pilot know that we were ready to take off.

The plane took off within the next thirty minutes and he told me to get comfortable, that it was going to a long flight. I pulled out a notebook and started to write because it's all I could do at the moment. And because he really wasn't paying attention and had fallen asleep, I went to the back of my notebook and wrote a plea for help. I wrote my name and what he had done to me. I ripped the piece of paper out, folded it up and hid it under the cushion so he would not find it. He was acting like this was his first time at a crime and I felt like he wasn't going to look to see if I had tried anything. I had several notes in the back of my notebook ready to leave a note wherever we went.

When the plane landed to refuel, he woke briefly but I had already put my notebook and pens away and was playing on my DSi. He asked if I could get on my social media page but I told him no, that I didn't have a way of getting on the internet because the plane had no Wi-Fi on it. He seemed please and went to check in with the pilots about something. I knew we were still in the states by looking out the window. I guessed we were in Florida but couldn't be sure. When he came back he seemed pleased, though I got the feeling that he was about to get away with something far bigger than my kidnapping.

By now, by this day, sitting in the airport as the plane was refueling, I knew that I had been missing for a little over two months and I knew that my family was probably frantic about where I might be. I had turned twenty-seven while in his custody and I knew that it would be some time before I was able to make it home. My captor smiled as the plane left the airport once again and we left the states far behind. I hooked my backpack straps with my feet and made sure that I woke up every now and then to be safe, but on the long flight, I did end up falling asleep. He woke me when we reached our destination. I pulled on my coat, then my backpack and he moved me out of the plane and down the steps towards Customs. We made it through airport security and then through Customs. Nobody blinked an eye at the passports that claimed me as the man's wife, ugh. They just thought he had fallen in love with a younger woman. They had no idea how far from the truth they really were.

He rented a car and told me to get in the back. I did as I was told but also took off my trench coat as the weather was sweltering. It wasn't until we left the airport and hit the highway did I realize that we were in Sydney, Australia. I had always wanted to travel to Australia, just not this way. He was talking to me, saying he had a friend with property that we would be staying at. He said we could live like a real couple. I rolled my eyes and told him there was no way I was going to let him touch me and that the first chance I got, I was going home and he was going to prison for International kidnapping, federal prison that was. I could tell that he was pissed but he did nothing as he was driving. I wasn't to know till much later how I would come to regret my words.

We drove for about two hours or so before he finally pulled in a long road which looked like it led to a Ranch house. When the car came to a stop, I grabbed my coat and backpack and he pulled me from the car and towards the house. A couple came out of the house to greet us. The wife seemed pleased that there was another woman in the house and showed us to our room. I was told we would go clothes shopping over the weekend. For now, I could share the clothes of our 'generous' hosts. The couple left us to get settled and I put my belongings on the floor. I went to sit on the chair when he grabbed my arm, pushed me over the bed, pulled my pants off and raped me right there. I screamed into the comforters as he had his way with me and when he was done, I felt what was left dribbling down my leg. I prayed I wouldn't get pregnant.

He raped me every night and morning. We slept in the same bed and he made me sleep naked the entire time. I would cry while in the shower. I knew I was never going home. And when I realized that I had spent my 27th birthday as his captive, I turned myself to trying to find a way to escape. My only thanks was that the entire time he had me; he never went through my belongings or tried to take them from me. I guess he figured since he'd done this to me, I should have some comfort in keeping what I'd had with me when he'd stolen me.

He kept me for nearly seven months before he realized that I was pregnant. When he found out what I was trying to hide, he freaked out. By this time, we were living on the streets because his friend had figured out that I had been kidnapped from the states and had gone to the police. The police had shown up, but we were already gone. All they found of me was a note hidden in the wife's chair telling them who I was and what had happened since being taken. He knew the cops were after him and knowing that I was five months pregnant, he did the only smart thing since taking me. He left me on the beach to fend for myself. The cops found me sitting on a bench with my belongings under my trench coat so they wouldn't get soaking wet. I was shivering because I was soaking wet.

I was given a blanket and helped into a police car before being driven to the local hospital where I was admitted for observation. It was the first real sleep I'd had since being kidnapped nearly eight months earlier. They gave me thermal blankets to keep myself warm and hooked me up to a fetal monitor to keep an eye on my pregnancy before going out to talk to the cops. They wouldn't be allowed to talk to me for three or four days so that I could get my strength back up.

Chapt.2: Missing:

When I didn't show up that night, my mom and step-dad called the police who filed a missing person's report. Friends and family rallied around each other, organizing search parties. An 'Amber Alert' had gone out, missing posters went up, news reports were broadcasting country wide, newspapers had published my picture and story. My job had stopped scheduling me but kept me on the schedule just in case I was found.

Small signs pointed investigators to look outside the state as evidence showed up. The first sign was my green cooler. It had been found in an airport dumpster. The only reason they knew it was mine was because it had my last name written in permanent marker on the top. The cooler had been found at a small Californian airport that was known to charter small passenger planes to all over the world, depending on the refueling state.

When investigators talked to the officials at the airport, they were told that a man with a young woman matching my description had first flown in and then flown out within a two month period. Investigators were told that it looked like the man was trying to get rid of any evidence that I was with him. No ID had yet to be found. The plane had been chartered for a long trip to Sydney, Australia with a refueling stop in Miami, Florida.

Before leaving the airport to head to Miami to ask questions, the administrator handed over the note that had been found under the cushions of one of the chairs. They wanted to help in any way they could because they had unknowingly let the man take me out of the country, unwillingly. They headed out and when they got to Miami, they were met by the local police who gave them all the information they had on the man that had taken me. He was a Miami native and he had a record. His parole officer had been told that he had been going to Washington State to visit a relative. The Parole Officer had checked out the name and confronted the man about the relative being deceased. He had an answer for that as well. He's said since he wasn't able to go to the funeral; he'd wanted to place flowers on the grave personally. The Parole Officer had let him go, but told him he needed to be back within the month. That was the last time he'd heard from his parolee. He'd had a warrant out for his arrest since.

Flying back to Washington State, Investigators had to first call Australian Authorities to let them know that an American had been kidnapped and taken to the country. Then they went to my family to tell them what they had found out and where the Investigation had led them. My family was forced to wait to hear from the Australian Authorities. My work officially took me off the schedule but told my family that if I ever was found, that I'd have a job waiting for me.

It would be another six months before the Australian Authorities were able to call and tell Washington State Authorities that they had found the young woman that had been kidnapped while walking home from work. Unfortunately, since my passport was fake, I would have to get a new one before I would be able to leave the country. Fortunately, an officer and his family had been kind enough to take me in until I was able to return home.

Chapt.3: A Safe Place:

By the time I got out of the hospital, my family had been told that I had been found in Australia. They had no way of coming to get me and I had no way of leaving the country until I got a real passport instead of the fake one I had come into the country with. It seemed I was meant to stay in Australia for a while. But the cop that had found me had offered me a room in his house and his family didn't seem to mind. I became fast friends with his son Jax, who it turned out was actually my age at twenty seven. His younger sister Jordan had a place of her own next door and since they lived on the beach, they went surfing most days, even if they had to work.

Jax and Jordan did their best to make me feel comfortable but both understood why I might be weary of people. I'd only been living with them for a month when I went into premature labor and had to have an emergency C-section to save not only my life but the of my unborn child, which turned into children during the surgery. Unbeknownst to me, I'd been carrying twins. When I woke up from the surgery, Jax and Jordan were sitting in the room. When Jax saw me awake, he left to get the doctor and when he returned, also had his mother with him. His father had to work.

I learned from the doctor that a Hysterectomy had to be performed in order to save my life and that I could no longer have kids. I opted to keep my kids and asked to see them. I was told that they were in the P.I.C.U. and that I could see them when I had rested more. Jax had to go to work but Jordan stayed with me as she didn't have to work. We talked about what we liked to do and our hobbies. When she learned I liked photography, she asked if I wanted a way to make some money without filling out paperwork I wasn't legally allowed to fill out. I asked what kind of work and she told me that it would just be taking photos of surfers and any lessons. Normally she would hire a kid for a day but since I now lived with the family, she wondered if I might want the job. I told her that I would have to think about it.

Jordan let me get some sleep for a while. She was on her laptop surfing the web the next time I woke up. Curiously, there was a laptop on the table not being used. When she saw me staring at it, she laughed and said it was mine. Jax had told his boss about me and seeing as Jax worked at a computer shop, his boss had picked out a laptop with Dual hard drive capability, put a second hard drive into the computer, installed and paid for a year of computer security, installed Microsoft Office and all the components like Word, Excel, Power Point, etc., made sure it was Wi-Fi capable and then handed it and the power cord to Jax in a laptop bag. He told Jax that since I had gone through so much, that it was a gift and that nothing had to be paid back.

Jax chose that moment to walk in. I smiled at him and asked him to thank his boss. He told me he would the next time he worked. He handed me the laptop and the first thing I did was set up a password and a guest account. I got on the internet and got on BigFishGames. Come, downloaded the Game Manager, and then downloaded my games. I used my credits to buy some games and downloaded those as well. Jax and Jordan were intrigued as to the type of games I was downloading. I would have to put my stories on later. I also downloaded Spotify and we listened to music for a while as I downloaded movies and TV showed from . We were laughing when the doctor came in with a woman.

The woman was from accounting and she wanted to know how I was planning on paying for my hospital bills. I paled because I knew that I had no money to pay for the bills. Jax must have seen my face because he took the woman out of the room and talked to her. I don't know what he said to her but she didn't come back in. the doctor examined me and said that I would be ready to leave the hospital in the morning, but that the babies had to stay in the P.I.C.U. a little longer to gain strength. When I asked how much longer, I was told about two weeks. I accepted the information, but told the doctor that I wanted to see them before the night was up. He said that I would be allowed.

What he said next frightened me and Jax was on the phone to his father. The doctor told us that the father of the babies was up holding them at the moment. When the doctor saw the look of terror on all of our faces, he asked what was wrong. When Jordan told him that the father was a wanted Federal kidnapper, the doctor reached into his pocket and pulled his phone out. He told the nurses to keep any eye on the twins and their 'father' because the man was a wanted fugitive and the cops were on the way to arrest him. As well as the fact that he and the mother were coming up but to no alert the 'father'. The nurse said she understood the doctor's orders, which meant the man was standing nearby and she could say nothing else at the moment.