Full Summary:

A baby is found by a young woman behind her new job in a dumpster. She gets the baby to the hospital and tells her story to the cops, who only believe her after her manager corroborates her story. What happens when the young woman starts to bond with the baby? Who in her family knows about the baby? And how do they keep it a secret?

Chapt.1: Stumbled Upon:

When 'The Workshop' opened up in Everett, I was excited. It dealt with the Holidays of the year and that was it. I'd gotten a job at the 'Workshop' two weeks after they opened. I worked in the stock room and occasionally as a cashier when it was busy (Thanksgiving/Christmas Time). The owner of the 'Workshop' had this thing about starting new traditions and livening up family get-togethers. It was one thing to work there; it was another to live there. Turns out if you worked for the company, you automatically were able to live in one of the apartments over the Workshop.

The apartments ranged from two bedrooms to three bedrooms. There were a couple studios for single people, but if you had a lot of stuff or had a significant other, you could live in either the two or three bedroom apartments. And if you didn't have some furniture, you could opt for a furnished apartment. The thinking was that if you lived above your job, you wouldn't be late. And it was affordable housing for all employees, even if your partner didn't work for the company.

Once I had found out about the apartment, I had my parents help me move in. I had a two bedroom apartment that was furnished but still had my own bed. The bed that was in the apartment went into a storage unit on the floor below the apartments. After getting everything situated, I made sure to change my address with my bank and the post office.

Since most of the employees took advantage of the apartments, the owner of the Workshop took it one step forward. It was supposed to be low income housing. Instead he took $100 dollars out of each paycheck for rent. Insurance, like Medical, Dental and Eyes were deducted as well. Since we were paid at least four dollars over minimum wage, which had finally reached $11/hr, we were making at least fifteen to sixteen dollars an hour, depending on experience. I had never had a Boss this generous in the whole time I had been working since I graduated in 2006.

In September, after I'd been working for the company for six months, I was working late and had just taken the trash out when I heard a stifled cry. At first, I thought it was a cat. They liked to inhabit the alleyway looking for any kind of scraps. But when the crying got louder, I came to my senses; it wasn't a cat. I searched for the sound. Opening the dumpster, the crying got louder. I moved garbage around and found the source. Someone had dumped their baby in the dumpster thinking it wouldn't be found. I picked the baby up and went back inside.

Once back inside, I called out to my manager for some help. She came running only after she heard the crying. Asking what had happened, I told her where I had found the baby. We clocked out and headed for the hospital. He baby needed to be seen by a doctor as soon as possible. Now, if only the police would believe my story.

Chapt.2: The Hospital:

By the time we got to the hospital, the baby had begun to whimper. I was no doctor, but I could tell that she needed to see one immediately. There was a large cut on her left arm that made me think someone was making sure she didn't make it. I ran into the ER yelling for help. Doctors and nurses came running. People waiting to be seen were upset that I was getting priority until they saw the baby.

My manager walked in and gave me my coat and purse and said she'd be back as soon as she could. She had to get home to check on her kids. I thanked her for the ride and sat in the waiting room. Ten minutes after arriving, the police showed up. They looked at me before going in to see the doctors. Most of the people that had been in the waiting room had been seen and left by the time the cops came back out to talk to me, which was like an hour later. A doctor was also with them. Ignoring the cops for now, I stood up and looked directly at the doctor.

"How's the baby doing?"

"She'll live. She had a mild case of hypothermia and her arm was severely cut. She's in surgery now to deal with the laceration since it was so deep. These detectives have some questions for you. But other than that, your daughter will live."

"Oh, hang on. She's not my daughter, I just found her that's all. I was taking the trash out at work when I heard her crying. Someone had dumped her in the dumpster. I knew that I had to get her some help. I picked her up and ran into work yelling for my manager. She can attest to that when she gets back. She had to go home to check on her kids and see if the babysitter could stay the rest of the night. She should be back soon."

"So, she's not yours?" One of the detectives asked.

"No, but it would like to be told how she's doing. I want to stay in contact with her. She's got nobody."

"You'll have to give blood to prove she's not yours."

"Fine, but she can't be mine anyways. I don't have a boyfriend, don't have sex and have never given birth before. If you don't believe me, you can perform an exam on me. I've been a virgin again since eight years ago."

"Thought you said you don't have sex?"

"I don't; my friends pressured me into and I caved. Sucked and nothing since."

"But we still don't know if she is or isn't yours."

"No offense, but I'm not Asian. The baby obviously is. I'm not racist, but if I brought home an Asian guy, he'd have to go through my grandfather. Now, his generation was very racist. But I still love him."

"We all have family members like that. Now, was the baby's arm cut when you found her?"

"Yes, she was bawling when I found her, but by the time we got here, she was only whimpering. Ah, here comes my manager. She can tell you that I'm telling you the truth. Maddison, this is the doctor that worked on the baby and these are the detectives investigating the case."

"Nice to meet you all. Now what kind of questions can I answer?"

"We just need to know if the story your co-worker is telling us is the truth. Was she pregnant? Did she find or dump the baby?"

"This child is not hers. In the six months we've known each other, she never has any boyfriends over and she definitely wasn't pregnant. She was taking out the garbage when she found the baby. Now, I also would like to know how the baby is doing."

"She should be getting out of surgery soon. If you give me your contact information, I'll let the doctors and nurses know that you're on the approved visitor's list."

"Thank you; now if that is all, we really must get back to our apartments. We both work in the morning."

Maddison and I gave our information to the Nurse as well as the cops and told them where we lived and worked. One of the cops said his wife wanted to check out the store but hadn't yet. We nodded and left. Maddison put an arm around my shoulders and squeezed.

"You did good today Jami. That baby would have died if you hadn't found her. I hope she finds a good family. I would like to keep up with how she's doing. When you see her, like I know you will, please tell me how she is doing. You will, won't you?"

"Of course, you were a big part of the rescue. I wouldn't have been able to hole her and drive at the same time."

"I know. Are you going to tell your family? The news will get ahold of the story sooner or later."

"Maybe, when the time is right. Besides, the cops won't want the story leaked until they know who dumped her."

"Yeah, I guess not. Okay, I guess I will see you tomorrow for your shift. You're off at noon right? It's a half day for you?"

"Yeah, I had a family thing at my aunt's house. But if you need me to stay longer, I can. I don't mind the hours."

"No, after tonight you need the day off. If anyone tries to call in sick, they won't work there anymore. The owner put me in charge of hiring and firing while he's out of town. And there are a few people who are about on their last straw with everyone."

"I know what you mean. Good night Maddison."


We parted ways at the apartments and nodded at each other as we went into our separate apartments.

Chapt.3: Halloween:

Within the month, I had been by to see the baby every weekend. Because I didn't work weekends, it was easy to see her. The news had run a story two days after Baby Jane Doe was found, saying she had been found dead in a dumpster, hoping the person who had dumped her would come forward. The police were directed to an illegal immigrant whose family had died the month before. She was arrested and then subsequently deported. Baby Jane Doe was now an official 'Ward of the State'. The nurses had yet to come up with a name for her, so I'd put a piece of paper on the Bulletin Board in the break room asking for good baby names.

There were a lot of good names but none stood out. So I started looking up Japanese names even though the baby was actually Chinese. I was initially looking for a new character name, like I always did. When I'd seen the name 'Mika' which meant 'The Old New Moon', I was hooked. I'd gone to the hospital that night after work and found the Head Nurse. When I told her about the name, adding a middle name of 'Lynn' she was ecstatic. Another nurse had suggested the name 'Pamela' but no one wanted to name her that. So with the new name in mind, we removed the name card and wrote a new name card. She was now 'Mika Lynn'. Since she had no last name yet, Lynn became a last name instead of a middle name, for now anyways.