Commenced seriously watching DBZ Kai, a sort of re-release of Dragon Ball Z. Kai has its faults, but it vastly improves upon its predecessor in one respect (aside from the higher quality animation.) My only issue with the original series was the ridiculously overly dramatic and extended time period that combatants had to power up before they could do any real fighting. Often, the fighters would waste an entire episode grunting and groaning in a way that sounded not entirely unlike a person taking a shit, making the ground shake with their awesome power. And when they weren't making silly noises at each other, they would waste precious minutes staring each other down, or bragging about how easy they would each defeat each other. It tried to hard to manufacture tension, and as a consequence the plot advanced very slowly. In a program that only lasts 20 minutes, you need to capture your audiences interest fast, and the original Dragon Ball Z often failed to do this. DBZ Kai does not make the same mistake. In the remake, build-ups for fights that consumed an entire episode in the original now only take a few minutes. The show keeps the fights intact, but takes away all the overstated drama. The end result is a fast moving plot that actually keeps you engaged for the entire duration of every episode, with no "filler" episodes to disappoint you. In one day of watching , I managed to almost reach the end of the Frieza Saga. And I was not once tempted to skip anything. In my mind, nothing will ever compare to the original DBZ, (if only for nostalgic reasons) but the new version of the show is still very worth the watch, if you're interested but haven't yet seen the show. And if you've never seen any DBZ at all, your life simply just isn't complete.