Blurb: Ivory McKay and Viper Lehmann are two orphans who find themselves in trouble when they are kidnapped after running away from foster care by the most dangerous mafia in New York City. Here's the catch...the gang isn't a typical gang. The leader of the Blue Dragons has a reason why he is interested in these girls, and he has a lot of secrets that he doesn't want them to uncover. Ivory and Viper are given jobs in the gang against their will to separate them from one another. Ivory is so preoccupied that she doesn't realize Viper has a secret of her own.

When Ivory realizes Viper's true intentions, it is too late. The gang has to go into hiding and the leader forces everyone to prove their loyalty in gruesome ways. Viper reaches her lowest point as Ivory is stuck in between a vicious gang and her only friend. Will Viper and Ivory be able to save themselves or will their flaws lead to their downfall?



A young man who appeared to be in his late twenties to very early thirties exited his car and stared at the blue building in front of him, a baby girl about a month old in a carrier seat. His hazel gray eyes stared at the building through gloomy gray clouds and felt the draft of a light wind as he sighed nervously. He looked back at his car one last time before slowly walking up to the front door, the ground above the stairs creaking with every step; he checked to make sure his baby girl didn't wake up before his final toddle. He stopped himself for a second, a tightness in his throat; he stood dazed until he got the courage to knock on the door. There was a young woman who stared back at him.

"Are you Ms. Campbell?"

"Yes, and you're the man that called me last night, I assume?"

The tall, dark-haired man nodded. He looked down at the baby girl who was now awake.

"She's tiny. How old is she?"

"Only a month old," said the young man.

"Why are you giving her away so young?"

The man began to cry, and Ms. Campbell stood back, shocked. "I have too. My wife is saying things about me, lying about me to everybody. She stole all our money; I thought differently of her. I can't give her to family, there's too much dispute, and I don't want my daughter growing up in a household where she doesn't feel like her family loves her or is working with her, or where people will be out to get her. I want her to be safe, to be loved. I can't do anything now, but someday, I'll come back."

She nodded. "I can tell this is hard for you. No parent has ever been so guilty to leave their child here, and I've taken thousands of kids' into care. Don't worry; I will not let anyone adopt her, if that's what you want," The man nodded. "How long will you be?"

"I want her to be old enough to know why I did all of this."

Ms. Campbell nodded. "Are you ready to hand her over?"

The man took the baby girl out of the holder and held her close to him. "I'm sorry, but this is the only way to keep you safe. I hope that when you find out the truth about everything, later on, you'll understand and forgive me."

He handed the baby over to Ms. Campbell, and right away, she began to cry. The man wiped his tears and stopped at the door, looking at his baby girl one last time before walking out and leaving. After, it started to rain, and the man slowly walked back to his beaten-down car, where the heavy rain showered him.

Ms. Campbell looked at the baby and smiled, "You're safe here. I know your father, he's a very nice man," she gave a small smile but began to frown when the baby calmed down.


Later that day, when the rain shifted to a drizzle, the baby was fast asleep in a warm crib. Ms. Campbell smiled down at the sleeping baby; how well she slept, like an angel. She'd be easy to raise. The woman quietly closed the door and walked down the blue wall hallway, stickers of different characters over the walls. Ms. Campbell entered her office and saw that she had received an unread email. She sat down and looked at it, eyes widening at the content.

'Kendria,' the email read, the sender referring to Ms. Campbell by her first name. She knew who was contacting her, their email was long and confusing, 'it's been a while. I have contacted you for an inquiry about the child. You said that you'd have her by now and that my friend has put her in your care.'

Ms. Campbell's stomach turned. She answered back right away. 'Yes, she is here, asleep and well. I will try to take care of the best we can.'

She sent the email. Soon after, the sender replied before she could blink.

'Well, don't be too nice. You know Ivory's family's history; she will need to be prepared for her future.' She narrowed her eyes at the order, but said nothing about it; her heart racing at the demand. 'When she turns eighteen, you will hand her over by my friend's request. You will be paid to keep her information secure. No one but my other associates and me will know of her. You know the consequences. She is not to know anything about her parents or about me. She'll be informed the day after she is legal. If you tell her anything, you'll be punished, and you know how.'

Ms. Campbell gulped. 'Yes, I understand.'

She sent the last email and slowly walked down the hallway and peeked at the young baby, still asleep in her crib. Ms. Campbell lightly touched her head, and felt sorry for the child, but can only do what she was told. As long as the child was in her care, everything would be fine.