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Types of Dragons

Ice - Winds

Description: Icy blue or blue green scales, black eyes, a silver or black tongue and a mane of ice like shards.

Region: Antarctica

Strengths: Ice cold environment, extremely sharp talons, protectiveness of offspring and ice breath that freezes anything it touches.

Weaknesses: Fire and whenever they lose a talon/their tongue.

Royalty: Queen Frost, King Snow and Princess Snowflake

Alliances: Jewel - Wings and Flame Dragons

Mud - Claws

Description: White or orange scales, piercing blue eyes, a black and white tongue and a thick coating of mud all around their legs.

Region: Florida Everglades

Strengths: Can stay underwater for approximately ten hours and a thick coating of mud that acts as armor.

Weaknesses: Icicle ice breath and fire.

Royalty: Queen Alligator, King Opossum and Prince Mist

Alliances: Jewel - Wings and Desert - Criers

Moon - Walkers

Description: Black, silver or white scales, green eyes, a velvet colored tongue and a strong tail shaped like a whip.

Region: Unknown

Strengths: Unknown

Royalty: Unknown

Alliances: Too endangered to fight in the war.

Jewel - Wings

Description: Sparkling green scales, white eyes, silver tongues and long, sharp claws.

Region: Himalayan Mountains

Strengths: Can survive falls from approximately 79 feet. Wonderful survival instincts and protection for their young.

Royalty: Queen Sapphire, King Ruby and Princess Diamond

Alliances: Mud - Claws and Desert - Criers

Desert - Criers

Description: Sandy brown scales, black eyes, black tongue and sharp, pointed wings.

Region: Sahara Desert

Strengths: Can survive in high heat.

Royalty: Queen Summer, King Lizard, and Prince Lion

Alliances: Mud - Claws and Jewel - Wings

Flame Dragons

Description: Flame red with huge wings and a pointed tail.

Region: Ring of Fire

Strengths: Can survive heat as intense as the sun.

Royalty: Queen Hawaii, King Bahama and Princess Glory

Alliances: Ice - Winds and Jewel - Wings

Human Groups

Dragon Slayers

Goal: To exterminate all dragons that "plague" the world.

Founder: Winston Andrews

Co Founders: Andrea Winter and Mathew Davis

Region: Wherever there are dragons

Dragon Discoverers

Goal: Learn all about the different dragons in the world while not hurting them. Take down the Dragon Slayers group.

Founder: Kendra Davis

Co Founders: Lillian Moon and Felicia Drake

Region: Wherever there are dragons

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