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Chapter 1: Found

Snowflake huffed, snorting ice out of her nostrils. She couldn't believe it, she was fifteen, the age of an adult dragon and she still wasn't allowed outside of the palace. The Ice - Wind knew every nook and cranny of it. There was absolutely no way to escape without getting caught. Now, Snowflake flew over the basement, going to the old, forgotten library. It was said to contain texts from ancient times, not that she believed any of the stories, but she was curious.

The guard looked surprised to see her but he regained his composure and bowed to her. There are even guards in the forgotten library?! Jeez, my parents are thorough, Snowflake thought with an annoyed sigh as she entered the library. Ice bats were everywhere. Snowflake growled to warn them of her presence. In a loud fluttering noise, thousands upon thousands of bats appeared, flying out a broken window.

Snowflake surveyed her surroundings, surprised at how beautiful the place was. Ice chandeliers hung from the roof, thousands upon thousands of book shelves stood, towering over her like a fox would do to it's prey. Snowflake grabbed one of the old texts in her talons and opened it. She was surprised. It had information on The Great Dragon War. She had never known that the war went back that far.

Snowflake was amazed. Suddenly, she heard the sound of something scraping on the walls. Snowflake flinched and put down the scroll. She wouldn't ask for help. She had done that too many times as a kid. But Snowflake had a bad feeling about this. She looked outside the window amd and saw three tiny creatures. They looked up at her and one of them are something at her. It cut right through one of her wings, causing her to screech in agony.

Snowflake knew that she should've called for help, but she didn't want to burden any more dragons. So she did what she never thought she would have to do, she fled the palace and didn't look back. She looked around at the snowfields, looking for cover. She felt her wings give out on her and she let out a low groan and fell to the ground. She couldn't believe this, the group of humans that the dragons had nicknamed Nightmares had attacked her home.

Sharp pain rolled up her shoulder, causing her to look at it. She flinched, it was bad. Blue blood stained the Earth where she had fled the palace. But Snowflake knew she had to hurry. Shehurry knew she had to escape, even if she had to walk to do it. The frosty air bit at the wound. Snowflake was pretty sure it was infected by now. She heard a roar and saw a polar bear. Polar bears were her favorite prey, but she had never seen one up close.

Growling from the effort, Snowflake lifted herself off the ground and tried her best to do the swift dive she had seen the hunters practice. But her dive was lopsided and the wind easily drove her off course. Snowflake knew she had lost her prey. Snarling, Snowflake dug a small hole in the ground and curled up into a ball. If she couldn't eat, she could at least try to sleep. She scolded herself for being so weak, she had seen soldiers come back from war with worse wounds than this.

A few seconds later, she fell asleep.

(Lillian's POV)

Lillian followed her team of four people. They were searching for an Ice - Wind. A low growl sounded, causing the team to flinch and look around. But the growl was followed by a harsh snore. The team looked at each other and slowly walked forward. They peaked into a hole and saw an injured dragon fast asleep. She was beautiful with large silver wings and a crown made of diamonds.

"Wow, look at that dragon. She's beautiful," one of the team members said, Joey, he had red hair and green eyes.

"Looks like some form of dragon royalty to me," another said, Josie, she had green hair and aqua colored eyes.

The dragon looked up at the sound of their voices and snarled. The dragon then seemed to realize the team and she let out a fearful noise. She's terrified, Lillian thought. Lillian slowly walked forward and touched the injured dragon's nose. The dragon let out a fearful noise and tried to back away. Lillian rested her head on the dragon's muzzle, shocked that she didn't snap at her. Not that she wanted to get hurt.

But she felt some strange connection. Like they had a greater destiny together. She just couldn't put her finger on it. But, she had a feeling that she has to learn more about this dragon.

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