"NO! SQUIRREL TAIL!" The tiny creature briefly glimpsed her mother's furry face. The horrified expression matching her three siblings' and father's, before the tall, large tree they called their home rushed past her as she plummeted toward the ground.

'This is the end.' She thought, tiny heart pounding against her ribs as wind roared in her ears. This was one of the few times she wished she was cat. She'd witnessed the mysterious, magical creatures fall from great heights but, astonishingly, turn mid-air to land on their paws, unharmed.

But she wasn't a cat, and she mentally sighed in dismay, closing her large, blue-gray eyes as she accepted her fate.

It seemed like a windy, dark, voidless eternity that Squirrel Tail fell. Eventually her back hit something hard and solid, jarring every bone in her body as her teeth rattled in her tiny skull. Amazingly, she didn't feel dead and, with a painful, agonizing effort, she managed to open her eyes.

'I…I'm not dead?' She thought in perplexed awe, looking back up at the impossible, dizzying height she'd fallen.

'Huh, that should have killed me,' A split second later, her eyes widened as a realization dawned on her, 'maybe I am dead and my spirit just needs to rise out of my body.' Moving to do just that, the young creature winced in pain as her small body protested loudly.

She heard a soft gasp somewhere around her, and a tall shadow loomed over her, growing bigger as the creature approached.

"Shh, shh. You're not dead. It's ok, I'm here to help." The thing kneeled beside her and the small creature turned her head to see a pale, slender being. Its face was large and smooth, eyes sparkling like dark twin moons, "Now, you'll have to forgive me, I haven't used these powers in a while." The pale, gentle eyed being explained, voice low and soothing. Whether it was for her own sake or for the creature itself, she didn't know but didn't question the low, soothing tone.

She relaxed as something large, sturdy and warm enclosed her small body, a strange orange-sliver mist emitting from it.

'It's a human and she's healing you.' A voice, that sounded like her mother, explained. The powerful beings, elusive and rarely seen, were whispered about in awed, hushed, sometimes fearful tones and were rumored to have a variety of strong, magical powers.

After a while, she felt warm and cozy, answering the human's questions cheerfully, eyes bright and a little starry with gratitude.

"Do you remember what type of Woodland Folk you are?"

"A squirrel."

The human smiled happily, "Good. Do you remember what your name is?"

"Squirrel Tail."

"Your parents' names?"

"Swift Streak, my mom, and Quick Dash, my dad."

Another smile, "Any siblings?"

"Uh-huh. My brothers, Dark Blur and Gray Flash and my sister Soft Gaze."

"Is that," The human girl pointed above them, "where you live?"

Squirrel Tail glanced up before nodding.

"Need help getting back up? You certainly got yourself down pretty quick." The girl joked, making Squirrel Tail roll her eyes.

"No, I can manage." She said, shaking her head and body to clear it before starting up. The girl waited patiently at the bottom of the tree for the young squirrel to reach the top, smiling brightly and flashing her a thumbs up before disappearing in a cloud of smoke and glitter.