Chapter Three

Jax woke the next morning to the annoying beeping of his alarm, relieved he hadn't died and checked his phone to see if what had happened the night before was a dream or not. He was surprised and disappointed when he couldn't find it. It had felt so real. He got up, and soon realized he felt more energetic and strong than he could ever remember, though he didn't look more energetic or strong. When he went to the bathroom, he didn't notice his reflection until he was done washing his hands. When he did, he stumbled back and yelped, his eyelids were black, his left eye had black, four zig-zagged lines coming off it, the first stopping just under his eyebrow, and tips of the rest of the zig-zags seemed to form a slightly crooked line, his right eye looked like someone had given him a cat eye. Jax frantically began scrubbing his eyelids, trying to get the black off, he scrubbed until his eyelides were raw and red, the black looked like he had been scrubbing a freckle, or a tattoo. Jax hoped his parents wouldn't punish him. He hoped no one at his school would notice. He got ready and went downstairs. The first person he saw was his little sister, May, she was only 6, she had short blond hair, blue-green eyes, her skin was slightly lighter than Jax's, and she had a lisp which made her sound immature despite her being mature and smart enough to skip kindergarten and first grade.

"Why are your eyeth red?" she asked, surprising Jax, who thought she would comment on the black marks on his eyes. "Jackthon? Are you okay?"

"Yes I'm okay." He responded

"Then why are your eyeth red?" May asked again.

"You can't see?" he asked, more confused.

"Thee what?"

"The black."

"Black? Where? Did you get ink in your eyelidth, and wath it off?"

Jax was baffled by this. Could May really not see the marks? Or was this some kind of prank. He continued, and made his breakfast. His Mom was trying to get one of the twins, Nathon, to eat his breakfast, which he only seemed interested in smearing on his twin sisters, Amanda's, face, despite the fact they were in different high chairs. Amanda and Nathon were chubby, 6 month olds, they looked so different, many people were shocked to find they were twins, other than the fact that they both had blue eyes, but Jax had heard somewhere that most babies are born with blue eyes. Nathon had red hair, and a face surprisingly covered in freckles for a baby Amanda had brown eyes, no freckles and blond (almost white) hair.

"Hey Jaxon, honey could you please help me feed Nathon his breakfast, he's being extra stubborn today. " his Mom said when she saw him, not noticing, or ignoring the markings on his eyes. She then set down Nathon's food and picked up Amanda's bowl, and began to feed Amanda, the infant made an excited squeal every time Jax's Mom lifted the spoon, and ate it easily, she was never fussy when it came to food. "See? Amanda likes it. Nathon, can you please just try it."

Jax walked over to him, suddenly, both infants stared at his eyes, seeming fascinated by something. Jax picked up Nathons bowl, and used the spoon to scoop up some of the baby food(which looked more like goo than food), Nathon seemed suddenly excited, while Amanda simply stopped staring at his eyes and continued eating the goop off the spoon as she had before, squealing with excitement for every spoonful, as if nothing had happened. Nathon seemed to eat as easily as Amanda, almost as if in a trance, but laughing while he ate. His Mom said nothing about the change, as if Nathon always ate eazer when Jax fed him. Then Jax's Dad came in, he said nothing, but smiled at Jax, then at his Mom, and then at the twins. He made himself a cup of coffee and left for work.

Neither his parents had said or done anything that even implied the strange black markings being there, May, who always told Jax if he was being pranked, (when she knew about it at least, she was awful at keeping secrets) hadn't implied she could see the markings. Jax wondered if he had just imagined the markings. But then his Mom seemed to notice something else before him.

"Jax, where are your glasses? Did you put in your contacts? You haven't worn those in weeks, do you think you can get used to them?" His Mom said

'My glasses! How did I forget my glasses!' Jax thought he hadn't worn contacts in weeks because they made his eyes itch, the optometrist had told him they itched more than normal because they were for astigmatism, which he had in both eyes. In the first few minutes they were in, he had rubbed his eyes so much, his eyelids didn't stop hurting until the third day, but he had hoped that he would get use to them so he would be able to have one less reason to be bullied, but he didn't get use to them after the first week, there was a dryness that seemed to set in his eyes every time he put them in, this was also explained by the optometrist as common especially in arid climates such as the one in Eagle Mountain, Utah, Jax had tried the eye drops, but they only really offered temporary relief and his eyes would feel dry moments later. Eventually, he had given up on his contacts.

He ran to his room, and put on his glasses, but they seemed to blur his vision? Had he put in contacts? He didn't feel like he had, but how could he explain his vision suddenly improving. Had his vision corrected himself overnight? Was that even possible?

He decided he would worry about it later, for now, he would bring his glasses, just in case. He walked down the stairs, ate his breakfast(for some reason he had a light craving for fish, beef, and pork instead of the cereal he always ait), packed his lunch, putting an unusually large amount of tuna on his tuna fish sandwich without realising, and then walked the three blocks to school. On the way, he realised the bruise Kaiden had given him when he had stuffed him in his locker the day before, had hurt a lot less, as if it had healed overnight. He then realised all his wounds he had gotten from the day before's locker stuffing, seemed to have vanished overnight.

He shrugged it off, and walked to class, but stopped in the middle of the hallway, looking at his classroom door. He noticed he felt more alert, but the center of his chest began to tingle, and sting with dryness slightly. Jax wasn't worried about the pain, the arid climate often made his skin dry, it was a little weird for the skin on his chest to dry out though. He looked up and made eye contact with a girl. Jax immediately noticed she had heterochromia, her right eye was green and her left eye was blue, her hair was the color of gold, and her skin was a light tan color, her face was round in a way that made her look a little like an owl, and she was a little shorter than Jax, by about two or three inches, she was wearing a dark blue shirt with a picture of what Jax recognised as a parrot with its beak open and the words "Are You Yelling?" above it, and the words "Because I'm Louder" below the picture, jeans, knitted gloves, and a necklace made of a golden chain with an uncut Amethyst gemstone hanging from the chain, partially covered in gold, leaving about three quorters of it exposed. Jax thought she looked pretty despite her heterochromia, and slight resemblance to an owl. His face felt warm.

"Hillo," she said, Jax immediately noticed her accent.

"H-hey… um… n-nice shirt." Jax said stuttering

"Tankz, I dezign myzelv." she said, seemingly not noticing Jax's red face. She looked in his eyes, and seemed to begin studying them. She then blinked a few times, and said "ve shoulde probobly get do cless." not breaking eye contact

"O-oh… yeah." Jax responded, blushing harder.

"Heu look like tomato." she said with a giggle, breaking eye contact by looking down. Her laugh sounded strange, somewhat ecoed, but her laugh and loss of eye contact seemed to have a strange affect on Jax, and he could have sworn her eyelids turned black, her necklace seemed to glow, along with her eyes, all for a split second. Jax felt like he was being lifted off the ground, he looked around and saw everything seeming to get lower, he blinked and everything returned to normal, but he felt like someone had yanked themself out of his mind when she had broken eye contact. Jax shook it off and walked into class.