The Genocidal War: Blood of the Damned

"The Forge World of Sectarius Ion Prime is under threat by the forces of the New Republic. The Emperor himself has sent out an order calling for the Planet to be held to the Last Man. Now 8 years later this once great world is now destroyed, trenches make up the environment and craters filled with bodies, ash, and blood make up the landscape..."

The Planet of Ion Sectarius Prme has been classified by both the New Republic and Empire as a static planet meaning that both sides have entered into a stalemate and have entrenched. With this classification both sides saw fit to send triple the resources to Sectarius in an attempt to outdo each other. Now the stalemate has only cemented.

In the Trenches sits a Sgt by the name of Imera, she is in a trench coat as it rains, fairly heavily. She is writing in her journal:

4th of May, in the year Three Thousand and Four Hundred and eighty-five: I lost John today. Killed by a Republican Artillery shell, we went through boot camp together and were from the same sector. His death hit me hard...but like all the other times there is no time to grieve. This world is hell incarnate. I have seen men go mad from the constant screaming of shells from above. One night we had to hit one of our own with a shovel..killing him to keep him quiet. Better him then all of us...or so that's what we told ourselves when morning hit.

She had put the book up in her pack and looked over the trench. The field is full of craters full with water and grey with ash, barbed wire make up the environment of no man's land. The occasional buzzard is seen eating on the corpses of the dead. Nothing changes it seems for 8 years the static line has held unmoved. She sits back down and thinks for only a year has she been here and in that year more so-called "young breeds' ' have hit the dirt and died on this god forsaken planet.

Imera looked towards Private Isaiah, a man of the same rank as herself, offering him a cigarette. "Rumor is we're going to be making a big push soon against the Republicans," she stated as Isaiah took the cigarette, putting it in his mouth and lighting it.

"Yeah, I heard. No idea when it's to take place." He replied, letting out a slight puff of smoke from his mouth. Imera gave him a solemn nod.

"You hear the crown prince has been put in command of the Sectarius campaign? Supposedly, General Remal was thrown against a wall and got the Kelar River treatment," Isaiah continued, slightly chuckling.

She sits there as the captain walks down the line

"Get ready! We are going over the top in 30 minutes!"

hearing these words she began to shake and prayed silently. She stood up as the captain yelled

"Fix bayonets!"

fixing her bayonets she pushed it down till a click could be heard. She made sure to strap her helmet. Men were running up and down the line to their positions, then the whistle came. Imera climbed out and began crossing no man's land as bullets flew past her head.

Isaiah runs up next to her and jumps into a crater with Imera and says "Whoever's idea this is, they need to be strung up and hung!" Imera nodded in agreement as a mortar shell exploded and they both were covered in falling dirt. Imera and Isaiah begin to run when an explosion goes off, sending her and Isaiah in two different directions.

The explosion throws her in the air and she screams as she falls into a crater full of water and crawls out coughing. Her hand plunged into a dead man's chest as she screamed and pulled it out and looked over as a bullet flies over her head. The Captain runs up and yells "Forward coward! Onward for the Emperor!" as she covers her head as a mortar shell explodes near by as she stands up and runs to the next crater. A walker stomps by and fires its gun hitting a section of the New Republican Trench causing the Imperial to begin another charge. As she gets near the trench she jumps in and stabs a NR Soldier and looks and shoots another one yelling "Forward! For the Emperor!".

As Imera is catching her breath a New Republican Soldier jumps into the trench and hits her in the head. As she falls back the Republican soldier aims his gun and says "Imperial Scum." right before he pulls the trigger his head explodes as the Captain walks up and helps her up "I have not given you permission to die yet. get up and keep fighting!" he raises his fist and begins walking down the now occupied Imperial Trench "Take heart from me soldiers! We will hold!" they cheer as Imera sits against the trench reloading her weapon quickly and looking around.

Hours pass and the sun goes down. The Imperials relax and get ready to settle in for the night, however a flare shoots up into the sky followed by another and what follows is a New Republican Charge across no mans land. Gun fire erupts throughout the line. The New Republicans manage to reach the trench, upon which Imera stabs a boy of no more than 14 in the stomach as he falls down she grits her teeth and pulls out another knife and screams like a banshee as she grabs another soldier and stabs him in the neck spewing blood all over her face, her face drenched in blood as she looks around and crouches down like a cornered animal staring at the next New Republican soldier and tries to punch him but is blocked by his hand. She starts pushing against him and staring at him and then she manages to bite into his cheek and tear flesh out as the soldier screams and falls back clenching his face as Imera stabs the knife brutally into the man's chest over and over spewing blood everywhere and on herself.

The New Republic falls back as she falls against the back of the trench panting and wipes her knife off as she stands up and reloads her gun quickly.

Suddenly an explosion is heard down the line and then the dreaded word "GAS! GAS! GAS!" everyone scrambles to put their gas mask on as more gas hits. Imera gets her mask on quickly as a soldier collapses near her frothing at the mouth. Imera looked around with the gas mask on and sat down looking around. The gas began to slowly dissipate as the soldiers began to relax a little as the New Republicans were falling back.

The Generals of the New Republican Army had elected that a counter offensive was not advisable and settled in for the next few months. In the following days the 345th Imperial Army was switched out and sent behind lines for R and R after the fierce fighting in the Kelar Valley. The 8 months of fighting they had seen had left the army with a 60% casualty loss. The 345th Army was transferred to the Sol Sector and were to take time to rest and replenish on Earth.

The journey back felt long, the wounded were tended to and soldiers rested. Imera and Isaiah sat at a table together. Imera had been staring silently at the table not being able to get the image of her stabbing the 14 year old to death with a knife.

As she stared Isaiah spoke "Cigarette?"

she began to shake her head as she looked up "Yeah...thanks."

She took the cigarette and let it begin to smoke some.

Isaiah leans back "Some time away from the front will do good. Its been months since I've had something other then a cheaply made MRE filled with bits of sawdust."

Imera gave a slight smile and nodded "Hated the spaghetti stuff tasted horrible, and the sauce was just water colored red."

Isaiah nodded and sat back closing his eyes as the ship continued with hyper space with the rest of the fleet. The Admiral of the Fleet was around the age of 71 at the time. He was sitting in the seat observing the data be thrown across the screen, losses in battle, financial losses of ships lost, men needed to replenish lost crews. Then he received an interesting message: The Emperor had summoned him to the Imperial Palace with all possible haste.

When the fleet landed and had unloaded the Admiral took a transport to the Imperial Palace in Old New York. The City was busy with traffic, it was one of the most populated cities on Earth having a population of 4.5 Billion covering the area of the Old State of New York in its entirety. The City was a fortress with gun emplacements and guard towers everywhere. The Palace was the biggest building on the planet having once been the great senate and presidential palace of the old URN Presidents it was transformed into the Imperial Palace under the first Empress Eve Elliot.

The Imperial Capital was considered one of the most defended spots in the Entire Galaxy with it having a total of 8 fleets and 1 Sector Sized Armada defending it in the event of a Republican Attack upon Earth. Many of the planet's old landmarks were destroyed in the Early Days of the war with the ancient "Eiffel Tower of Old Paris" being destroyed in the first 4 years of the fights and the old beacon of Democracy "The Statue of Liberty" having been destroyed on the orders of the 2nd Emperor, Emperor Meeria. New York under the United Republic of Nations and later the Empire became one of the largest cities only being topped by Olympus on Mars.

Upon arrival to the Palace the Admiral walked up to the great gates to the royal chamber itself and 2 guards turned in unison and opened the door as the Admiral walked in looking around the royal room. Paintings and Pictures of past Emperors and Empresses hand on the walls. The Old United Nations building was rebuilt into the Imperial Palace following the coup in 2981 and was only added onto since that point. Now one of the biggest and largest buildings in New York

As the Admiral approaches he kneels down as the Emperor sitting in his throne being of a fairly old age having evidently graying hair and a wrinkling face raises his hand slightly up saying in a soft voice "Rise Admiral Geestle."

The Admiral rises and bows his head "Your Imperial Majesty why have you summoned me?"

The Emperor speaks "You are being promoted to the Rank of Grand Admiral and are to join the War Council from now on."

The Admiral was taken back, shocked "m-m'lord I accept this with the greatest joy and honor in the Galaxy."

The Emperor raises his hand and says "Captain Spire will take over your fleet and you will be put in charge of the Hosin Sector Armada."

Geestle bows his head and walks out slowly as the Emperor sits down looking at the Grand Admiral as he leaves the Palace. The Guards escort him out to the Palace Steps. The steps are made of solid gold, shining in the Sun Light of Earth. He looked at the guards. Their armor is that of Gold and Mask covering their face as they stand guard over the Imperial Palace. Only the most experienced soldiers become guards of the Emperor himself. These men are genetically modified, being altered to live for at least 2 centuries and have the concept of fear erased from their minds. The Grand Admiral nods at one and gets into the taxi observing the palace as he rides down the streets of New York itself to the Military Headquarters of the Empire.

Meanwhile Imera was with her squad, watching new recruits be trained that were to replace those lost on Sectaria. The Empire and New Republic both began throwing everything they could into the war, both sides going as far as to drop the draft age limit to 14. She watched in amazement as 40% of these new recruits were no older than 15. Has the Empire become this desperate she thought watching them.

She closed her eyes and sighed seeing the dead face of the Child she killed on Sectarius. The kid had to have been 13 or 14 and was brutally killed in the Trenches of Sectarius. This war that had gone on for 400 years finally had come to its zenith. Both sides were using Child Soldiers... and Imperial Propaganda would show them as Heroes of the Emperor! Imera scoffed at this. A waste of life is all it is.

She shook her head as Isaiah walked up and leaned over the edge looking "Damn Children…"

She looked down and sighed "They won't last 5 seconds in the trenches. Their guts will be blown all over the trench…"

As they were talking the Captain walked in and they all saluted. The Captain fought with them on Sectarius. His name is Oloran, born in the star system of Beetlejuice, a red giant system where men go to prove their worth in the radiation blasted surfaces of the solar system. The Captain is a strong man being around the age of 39 old for his time as most soldiers don't make it past the age of 16 before violently ending in a hospital from a weaponized disease, gas, or their gut being thrown 2 miles from an artillery shell that blew their position to hell.

Oloran nods "We have orders. Were being shipped out in a few hours back to Sectarius. Elements of the 325th Republican Army have broken through Imperial Lines in a Global Scale Offensive. So be ready to leave."

The 23rd Imperial Army loaded later that night and were on their way back to Sectarius to join the fighting. Imera specifically being aboard the HIMS Indominus. The Drop Ships were prepared for a quick landing to reinforce the 54th Imperial Army in the Helfon Sector along the Listun River. As the ship exits hyperspace they enter into a large space battle.

Alarms began to go off as the announcer said "Battle Stations. This is not a Drill."
As the 23rd rushed to transports waiting to land the Indominus shakes as the lights flicker. Alarms began to go off as Pilots rished for their fighters and bombers. Transports began to take off as they began to make-planet fall quickly. Imera held on as the transport entered the atmosphere, AA fire was going everywhere in the night sky. As they landed they quickly unloaded their gear and moved into their new positions.

The New Republic High Command had launched Operation Breaking Back. The Operation intended to end the 8 year siege once and for all by launching a mass assault planet wide which had succeeded and saw the Imperial Army in a hasty retreat back to better positions upon which they entrenched. With the 23rd Arriving on planet they arrived just in time to meet the Republican Army.

Imera, and Isaiah sit in a fox hole together as they both check their ammunition and get ready to face the oncoming storm. Isaiah holds his cross necklace as he silently prays. Imera looked at him then the darkness ahead as she slowly prayed.

The sound of tanks could be heard as the Republicans drew closer. When all the sudden a shell exploded as flares flew into the air. Republican Troops with Armor support began to charge their positions. Machine Gun Fire, Rifle Fire, and AT Fire erupted.

Imera aimed her gun firing on Semi Auto hitting 3 Republicans. Isaiah began firing as well. As they kept firing a Mortar Shell Exploded nearby causing them both to duck their heads. They both stood back up and began firing more as bullets flew everywhere. As they held the Republicans began gaining ground. They managed to reach the line and hand to hand fighting began. Imera shot one Republican and then stabbed another. Isaiah slashed one throat spewing blood on both of them. Imera grabbed Isaiah and pulled him down as a grenade exploded nearby.

She looked at him and nodded "To close…"

Isaiah nodded and grabbed his rifle standing up and both began to fire once more at the on coming Republicans. Expending his magazine he took it out threw it on the ground and threw a new magazine in and began firing once more.

The fighting lasted for hours with it becoming so fierce that the Imperials held off over 9 other Waves before finally the Republicans began to pull and the Officer blew the whistle and the Imperials began their own counter charge with Armor Support. The ground rumbled as Infantry and Armor move across the ground towards the New Republican lines. The fighting became very brutal and bloody as both sides fought viciously eventually ending in the Empire winning the fight and throwing off the New Republicans forcing them to fall back.

The following days saw the biggest offensive on the world as the Empire threw everything into Operation Sunduli. The Armies of the Empire pushed through and broke the back of the invading New Republican forces causing them to retreat off world.

In the following weeks the Imperial Army was shipped off Sectarius in preperation for the greatly anticipated Operation Three, the Operation could very well break the back of the New Republic and finally end the horrible 400 year long war.

Imera wrote in her journal prior to hyperspace "The Empire must win this war, everything the imperials have ever known depends on our victory in this war. May God be with us for I fear that this next Operation will be equally as brutal...if not worse. Long Live the Empire, the Emperor, and my Siblings in Arms."

The fleet jumped into Hyper Space...

Coming up: The Genocidal War II: Operation Three