AN: This is a story about my own greek Hero Leo. Leo & all oringal characters belong to me I hope you enjoy & chapter two will be up soon.

This is the Story of Leo One of the heroes of Greece. He lived in a City of Eldipolis. Eldipolis favored all the gods equally. Leo was the son of Zeus & the mortal woman Alysid. Zeus took the form of her Husband Krion a Dock worker. When Leo was born he was like any normal child. One day Leo played around the Statue of Hera when it reached for him. He took off running & his body Shifted & changed into that of a brown Lion Cub. He tore through the doorway of his house past his mother & hid under the table. When Alysid looked she saw a little cub cowering under the table. The poor thing looked at her it slowly shifted back to her son Clothes & all. Leo jumped into his moms Arms & hugged her.

In Eldipolis At the age of ten all males learn to fight. They were to learn military combat weather they were going to join the military or not. Classes always started after the Academy let out. As with the other Males Leo went & learned at night he taught his younger sister Aquaria what he learned that day. She wanted to learn battle as well but being a girl she wasn't allowed so he taught her himself. Leo Grew up into a nice young man & started a Romance with a woman named Lilyana. He had also gained Favor of all the gods except for Hera herself.

One night as Leo walked home a man stopped him. "Please sir you got to hide me from my wife I've been unfaithful to her & she is Angry"

Leo turned to the man "I don't help men that aren't faithful to their wives I wouldn't hide Zeus himself from Hera, she has a right to be mad."

The man changes form he was Zeus king of the Gods. "Oh so my son you wouldn't hide me your own father?"

In anger at his son's words he points at Leo. Leo's right arm & leg started have bad pain go through them & they started to change morph into those of an anthropomorphic lion. The two middle fingers on his right hand fused together & the nails became claws. His Right leg bent & twisted & his foot became a paw both became covered in Brown fur. Hera watched she had been mean to him since finding out he was another of Zeus' children yet he still defended her even though he was punished for it. Her heart softened toward him & he gained her favor.

On Leo & Lilyana's wedding Hera sent her secrete bird to walk through the ceremony. People gasp commenting on that the Goddess of Marriage Blessed them. The Two were very happy together. One night Leo went hunting with his sister Artemis like he has done many times before. Lilyana was at home reading one of the stories she gotten from the city's Library when she heard someone walk in the front door. At first she thought it was Leo then she saw some of his Skin was Green & his right limbs were Crab not Lion. The Monsters Claw latched on her throat Squeezing until she quit fighting & went limp. Sometime later Leo Returned home with a few Rabbits only to find his wife lying on the floor. He ran to her Kneeling by her body. He noticed a weird mark on her neck. All he could do is hold her lifeless body in his arms. Athena Appeared behind him.

"I'm not in the mood for Company right now Athena" He didn't even look up from Lilyana.

"Brother I've come to help you. We know who has done this." She spoke calmly to him.

He looked to her as she continued to speak "a Monster from Tartarus a Demigod born in its depts. How he got out we don't know but we fear his Father is Volt"

Leo Laid Lilyana's body on their bed then turned back the Goddess of Wisdom

"I will Find him & send him back"

Athena nodded "We know you want to. I'm here to tell you not to let anger get to you otherwise you will lose. Make your way to the Underworld talk to Hades of how anyone could escape his prison or even if he knows if it happened."

Leo Nodded "I'll leave in the morning after I perform her Funeral"

The Goddess put her hand on his Shoulder "Thanatos told us as soon as he found who it was. Our Sorrow is with you"

She disappeared in a flash of light. He turned back to his wife & caressed her cheek. "I do not blame Atropos for clipping your thread & know I cannot bring you back. But I vow to avenge your death."

That night he didn't sleep he just set by her his eyes never blinking. When the sun rose he bathed her body & dressed her in her favorite dress & carried her to the grave yard just north of the city. With his whole family looking on he dug her grave alone letting neither man nor God help him. He then took an Obolus from his coin bag & placed it under her tongue. He touched his forehead to hers & whispered a Prayer to her then looked up. "Thanatos she is ready. Lead her to Charon". Slowly he lowered her in to the grave & covered her over then placed a Marker where she laid. He would have to carve her stone later.

After her Funeral he Packed a few belonging, cleaned the rabbits, grabbed a Satchel of water & left on his journey. He Passed Through the Taygetus Mountains it was made easier in Lion form. After the Mountains the first city he made it to was Sparta. He had already eaten the Rabbits & finished the water. He needed to restock. As he walked through the city he looked around. It was a nice place. He then heard someone yelling. It was a coach driver something spooked his horse & he couldn't stop. When Leo looked he saw a little girl in the path. Without thinking he Shifted to his lion form & ran full speed toward her. He leapt at her shifting back in midair grabbing her & rolling out of the way just in time.

He then Ran to stop the Cart but two men lept on to it & were able to slow the horse enough to stop it. The two men were Identical twins Clad in Red & Blue.

They ran to the little girl after the Horse & Cart were stopped the one in red calling her name "Helen are you ok"

Helen walked up & put her arms around Leo's human Left Leg she was 6 years old "I'm ok Castor this nice man saved me."

Castor shakes Leo's hand. "Thank you for saving our Little sister. I'm Castor My Brother Pollux & this little one is Helen."

Pollux also shook his hand. They invited him to stay for Dinner which hunger won out & had him agree to. He Ate well with the three & their mother Leda. As they ate he talked with Castor & Pollux (the Gemini Twins). Helen sat beside him he was her hero.

After Dinner they gave him a place to sleep for the night. He hasn't slept in a bed since the night before Lilyana's death. Sleep didn't come well to him it was pledged with nightmares of that night. There was the joy of that night's hunt only to return home to find his wife's lifeless body. When mourning came Castor, Pollux, & Helen accompanied him to the Market where he bought everything he needed then they went with him to the City Gates.

"I hope you find the man you're looking for" Pollux told him & castor nodded in Agreement.

Helen gave him a hug "Be good Helen of Sparta" he said with a smile

"I will. Bye Leo". Leo left & continued on with his Journey.

As he walked a light flashed & Eris the Goddess of Strife & discord appeared next to him. "Eris I'm not in the mood I got things to do"

the Goddess gave a little smile "Oh Come on I'm not a Bad girl".

His eyes Shift to her "No but you are a trouble maker."

She does a little fake little pout "I just like to have fun that's all"

He stops walking "Is there any reason you're here or am I just blessed with your company"

She shined one of her Apples of Discord on one of her wings then tucked it back in a bag "Oh I seen the guy that Killed your wife he has been roaming around some towns & he looks a lot like you".

"Like me?"

"Yeah except parts of his skin were green & he is part crab where your furry"

A voice comes from behind them "Not causing trouble are we Eris?" The two turned to see Hermes.

Eris sighed. "No Hermes just telling him I caught site of the monster he is after. Bye Leo"

in a flash of light she disappeared. "Well anyway I got a message for you" Hermes told him "Hephaestus made you something to help you with this quest you're on. It is in a Cave just up the river there are torches at the caves mouth"

Leo Nodded "Ok I'll be sure to stop there." With a nod from Hermes he Sped off & disappeared into a flash of light.

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