AN: PArt two of my story Leo is heading to the cave & is on the hunt for a Monster that looks like himself. Leo & all oringal characters belong to me I hope you enjoy & chapter two will be up soon.

Leo Started heading up river & soon came to a grove with a Cave & Torches on either side of the mouth. He slowly went in. On a Stone Slab there was a Special set of armor. It was only shoulder pads that hooked across his chest two bracers each with its own look & a helmet. With them was a sword in a Leather sheath and a shield with a Lion head imprint. It all looked as if was made of Shiny bronze. Leo was drawn to it like it called out to him. As he picked up each piece he put them on except for the helmet which he tucked under his arm & walked out with. When he came out he saw Ares, Enyo, & Athena waiting for him.

"Athena I have yet to make it to the Underworld." Leo looked at them with confusion

"I know but you must also prepare yourself for the Enemy you are to face" She told him.

Ares stepped forward "You have been trained to face men in Battle. This new Foe is as fast as strong as you, has equal powers & Abilities & was trained to fight by the worst warmongering shades in Tartarus." Ares drew his war Spear "Put on your Helmet & Face me Brother"

Leo placed his helmet on & drew his sword. He looked at the war god who face was hidden by the shadows of his helmet so only his eyes were visible.

Leo charged ready to swipe. Ares swung his Spear witch Leo Dodged easily landing a Blow on the War Gods Shield. As Leo went for another Blow Ares used the blade of his Spear to scoop up dirt & throw it in Leo's Eyes. As Leo was Blinded Ares slammed his foot into his Opponent's Stomach causing him to double over then slammed the shaft of the Spear across his back dropping Leo like a sack of Potatoes.

"Disgraceful is this what you trained your whole life like"

Leo coughed & rubbed the dirt from his eyes "You didn't fight fare there was no honor."


"Strategy, Think on your feet, see an opening & use it" Athena chimed in

"You will be facing more than mere mortal humans" Ares Spoke again with more calm in his voice "you will fight things stronger more ruthless & you have to be just as ruthless or lay at their feet broken"

Ares then readied himself "now Attack".

Leo attacked again he planned to use every opportunity he saw. He lunged at Ares but the War god was ready & hooked Leo's foot with his Spear pulling it from under him causing him to fall on his back. Leo rolled away quickly avoiding a downward blow from his brother. He then saw Ares Cape. He grabbed the cape pulling it over the War gods head then used his shield to back of his knee forcing Ares to fall on his back.

Enyo was a bit surprised "that was a good move".

Ares got up throwing the cape off his head & back behind him growling as he stomped toward Leo. He then stopped an inch from his half Demigod brother & the growling turned to laughter "Good but don't forget to finish it" Ares said "Have courage & don't let fear disable you." With that he disappeared in normal flash of light.

Athena smiled "use sound Strategy & think on your feet" She too disappeared.

All that was Left was Leo & Enyo. She walked over to him "I never thought anyone would get Ares off his feet in battle. Don't get use to it he won't let it happen again" & with that she was gone as well.

Once he was alone Leo sheathed his sword & began his walk again. After a few hours of walking the sun was feeling hot & he was running low on water. He sat down to rest a bit & was lost in thought of his dearest Lilyana. He only came out of it when he sensed someone standing next to him. He looked up seeing a pretty young girl holding a cup.

"Hello Hebe what brings you from Olympus"

Hebe Smiled "You look Thirsty" she held out the cup that was filled with water.

He nodded & took it "thank you".

Hebe Sat next to her brother "Plus since you ran off on this quest without really being prepared we decided to help you out. Armor from Hephaestus, stronger training from Ares & Athena, & one last gift from our Father Zeus the greatest horse in all of Greece".

After drinking the water Leo handed the cup to the youthful cupbearer. After taking it Hebe disappeared into a Flash of light. Feeling a lot better he stood up. Then he noticed something flying in the sky coming closer. When it was close enough Leo recognized it was Pegasus the winged horse that helped the Famed Hero Bellerophon beat the Chimera.

When Pegasus landed he nuzzled his new Partner leaning his head hard enough to almost knock Leo off his feet. Leo Road horses before but this would be something new. He slowly climbed up on the winged horses back & held onto the rains. Pegasus then took off running & lifted into the air. Leo knew he could probably fly all the way to the Acheron River which led to the underworld but he wanted to find the monster. Leo knew he was going to head to the nearest town in which could also stalk up on more supplies since Pegasus could help him hold a bit more. The first city he came to was Mycenae.

Pegasus Landed just outside the gate letting him off. "Go somewhere people won't see you i'll whistle when I need you" The winged Horse gave a nod & took off back into the sky.

Leo watched as his new steed flew away & not watching where he was going, bumped into someone falling on his back.

"Sorry I wasn't watching where I was going". He looked up to see a man with a Lion skin tied over his shoulders like a cape. "Hercules?"

Leo had met this Brother of his only once When Hercules stopped in Eldipolis for supplies a few months before Marrying Megara. Hercules smirked & held out his hand "It's ok" Leo took his it & got up

"what are you doing here?"

The Strongest man in the world looked weak from the question as his eyes saddened. "My Labors of Forgiveness for killing my family."

Leo looked down a bit knowing his own pain of losing the one he loved & how much worse it would feel if it had been by his hand even if he was possessed by Rage at the time.

"You will finish them but you must also fight to forgive yourself as well" Leo said after a minute or two.

Hercules only nodded & the two half brothers Parted ways. Leo looked into the Sky seeing the Sun about to set. "Looks like Helios is almost finished his ride I should find place to stay the night".

Leo found a nice Tavern that rented out rooms for Patrons. When he walked in they looked at this man who had a furry right arm four fingers on his right hand & an animal right leg & hung his helmet on the handle of his sword instead of his head.

He walked right to the bar. "Do you have rooms?" The tender nodded.

"Well how much for the night?"

"Two Drachma & two Obolus"

Leo Paid & a waitress showed him where he would be staying for the night. Leo removed his armor, weapons, & Belt leaving his coin & Supply Bag attached to it along with the Leather Strips that hung around his lower half from the belt.

He then Lay in the bed & Closed his eyes. He couldn't get any sleep but the bed was comfortable so he stayed there laying in the dark with his eyes shut. He then herd the door open & the sound of sneaking footsteps making their way toward his stuff

"You better not take anything or you will be leaving threw the window"

he didn't even open his eyes. He heard the person jump then run to the door only to run into it & fall on the floor. He then sat up & saw a thin wiry guy he noticed sitting at a table when he first came in must be a thief now he is out cold on the floor.

Leo got up lifted the man over one shoulder opened the door wide, then quickly using his Demigod Strength he tossed the Unconscious man down the flight of steps & closed the door putting one of the chairs in the room against it. He then went back to bed & fell asleep.

Morning light shown into the window of the Tavern when a woman in Purple walked in She placed her Helmet & Shield on a Table & sat down. A Waitress asked her what she wanted & woman gave her order. As she waited she looked over a map studying it like she was hunting someone down. Three men walked over to her one stood behind her & the other two on either side.

"Hey Beautiful you know a girl like you shouldn't be here all by yourself" the man on her right told her.

She didn't even look at them "Leave me alone or you will regret it". They looked her over.

Her hair was done up like an Amazon's her Bangs cut above the eyes with two strands on either side of her face. A pony tail wrapped in a strand of twine & hooked up to the left side of her head. the only difference was for a second ponytail she let hang down usually over her right shoulder. Her body was still "womanly" instead of noticely Muscled like the Amazons & the wild Huntress Atalanta so they were feeling cocky for themselves three men one woman.

The man on her right put his hand on her arm. Before he knew what was happening she moved her arm grabbed a dagger from his belt & used it to pin his hand to the table. The man behind her grabbed her lifting her from her seat. She lifted her legs kicked the guy she stabbed full force making him to fall back his own weight causing the dagger that held him to the table to slice his hand in half. She then flipped the guy holding her over her head & into the wall on the other side of the table. The guy to her left went to draw his weapon but she drew hers first holding the point to his throat. Behind her she heard someone say her name.

"Aquaria I see you are putting those battle lesions I taught you to good use" She turned seeing her Brother Leo the very person she was looking for.

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