An explosion spread throughout the streets of London at night. Officers and Doctors are busy with these incidents, and it mostly happened at night, so they've been running nonstop without a proper break. Whoever these culprits are, they mean business. No one knows if they're from a different county or organize to seek war, or planning to eliminate the Queen. For those who believe it's a terrorist attack, those are on the roof and the shadows, watching the scenery before they leave.

Within this night incident, a party was still going strong at a mansion. The so-called terrorists entered that mansion but weren't interested in blowing it up. What they came for was sending a message to their master, lord, leader, or whatever they believe the title be. They headed to a much darker room. A person was sitting on a chair, seeming to be the figure of a woman, waiting for them to return from their chaotic mission.

"What's the result? Anything worth listening other than old news?"

"Nothing, ma'am."

"I see." The lady understood, then stood from her chair, and calmly approached them. Her face was expressionless then quietly said, "Are you guys telling me that none of those men have the case?" They all show no movement of agreement or disagreement, standing stiffly. She then lost her composure and yelled, "Is that all you guys could do for me?! Bringing me nothing but failure?! I have enough of this!" She sighed and ordered, "Send the news to the Supreme Council that London had gone cold."

"Yes, ma'am!"

They left, leaving the lady to grumble in disappointment at the case's whereabouts. Mission had failed, for her and others that's in London. It's tough for them to seek the man who carries that case, which somehow leads them to a dummy. Those creations were completely a waste of their time. Wherever he is, they need that information because it contains every monster's weaknesses and powers.