The rain was drying up and Christopher Northern could see a rainbow on the horizon. He had always loved rainbows. He smiled contently as his wife, Rebecca came outside.

"Look," she said, "a rainbow. That's a sign of good luck."

"Or it's a sign that the rain stopped," he said laughing.

"No," she said, "This means we're going to find Faith soon."

There daughter, Faith had been kidnapped three years ago. It was four days before their son had been born. Faith would be seven this year.

"Honey," Christopher said gently, "according to the officers the statistics and odds that she'll be found alive are not good."

"That may be true," Rebecca said, "But our child is not a statistic or an odd."

"I just don't want you to be hurt," he said, "Nor do I want to be hurt either."

"We aren't giving up," Rebecca said firmly, "It's not happening."

"I'm not saying we should give up," Christopher said, "But we need to be realistic and we need to focus on Tyler too."

Three year old Tyler Northern came outside dressed in his pajamas and slippers. Christopher and Rebecca looked at him and smiled.

"Hey buddy," Christopher said pulling him onto his lap.

"Hi daddy," Tyler grinned, "Mommy daddy can we have a fun day Sunday tomorrow?"

"Of course we can," Rebecca said.

"Yay! I wanna go to the park," Tyler replied.

Rebecca and Christopher smiled. Tyler loved the park so they weren't surprised he picked that.

"Okay," Christopher said, "Meanwhile dinner will be ready in about a half an hour. You can play video games until then."

Tyler scurried inside.

Both Christopher and Rebecca were actors who starred in Broadway shows but they always made their children their first priority. Right now for example they had given acting a break until next season so they could spend their time with Tyler.

The next day in the park Tyler ran from swing to trampoline to slide enjoying everything the park had to offer. Meanwhile, a girl of about 20 ran over to Christopher and Rebecca.

"Oh my GOD," she exclaimed, "You're the Northers. I am such a huge fan!"

Christopher smiled.

"Well," he said, "It's always nice to meet a fan."

"I'm Jennifer," the girl said, "and you guys are my heroes. What you said about making it a rule not to be negative and a goal to be positive inspired me so much!"

"Yes," Rebecca said, "We don't believe in being negative."

"Neither do I," Jennifer said, "In fact when I was 3 years old I said to my parents, "I don't a'ccept negativity and I'm not sorry about that!"

Christopher smiled.

"That's impressive," he said.

"Thanks," Jennifer replied smiling.

Tyler came over and sat on Jennifer's lap.

"Wow," Jennifer said, "Hey little man."

She paused.

"Is that Tyler," she asked.

"Yes it is," Christopher said, "I'm sorry. He doesn't know any strangers."

"It's okay," Jennifer said, "I love kids."

"Do you babysit," Rebecca asked after awhile seeing how good Jennifer was with Tyler.

Jennifer smiled widely.

"I do," she said, "Are you looking for a babysitter?"

"Well there are times we have to work," Christopher said, "and Tyler's so young he'd become board at the theater and then there are emergencies. If you can babysit that would be great. We'll pay you $50.00 per time you babysit."

"I'd be happy to," Jennifer said, "Let's exchange numbers so that I'll know when you're calling me and I can get the phone. I don't pick up my phone to unknown callers."

"Our number is easy," Christopher said, "It's 555-5557."

Jennifer programed the number into her phone.

"My number is 555-8882," Jennifer said.

They programed her number into their phone.

"Mommy," Tyler said, "I'm hungry."

Rebecca laughed.

"Okay," she said, "guess it's time to go to lunch. It was nice meeting you Jennifer."

Jennifer smiled.

"Nice meeting you too," she said.

Rebecca, Christopher and Tyler left the park.

"That girl is nice," Tyler said.

"She really is," Rebecca replied.

"Can we go to the toy store after lunch," Tyler asked, "I want to get something for Nicky's birthday."

Christopher smiled proudly. Most kids would want to go to the toy store for themselves. His son thought about his friend's birthday.

"Of course," he said, "You can get one thing for Nicky and something for yourself too."

They went to lunch and then went to the toy store. Tyler picked out a transformer toy for Nicky and slime for himself. Instead of asking his parents to pay for Nicky's gift he paid himself using his allowance.