So many years had passed without Faith that Rebecca had lost all hope. She would never give up and at the same time deep inside her there was a doubt lingering like a shadow. So often she would dream of Faith and then be heart broken when she woke up. Night and drams were the only place where she got to see Faith.

But now here they were. Faith was back. With Faith came the completion of their family. It had been three years, seven months two weeks and five days since the last time Rebecca got to hug Faith. Oh, she loved Tyler but without Faith her family wasn't complete. It would be the same if Tyler had been the one missing, she supposed. Watching Faith and Tyler chatting away with each other Rebecca felt as though she didn't need sleep, food or shelter as her family was all of that.

Christopher put his arm around her. In that moment tears filled her eyes for what she had missed. She had missed almost 4 years of birthdays. She had missed Faith's first communion. She had missed every day with her family. With Faith missing they weren't a family. They were 3 people who lived together. Rebecca had been the odd one out for three years and now she wasn't. This was all thanks to Jennifer. This was all thanks to the kind and generous GOD that she KNEW existed. How else could such a wonderful thing happen? She didn't believe in coincidence. This had to be be GOD'S plan.

Her late friend Ria would have asked her if it would continue to be GOD's plan even if Faith had not been found. Ria was an atheist and she converted on her deathbed. At this point though the only thing that mattered to Rebecca was that GOD did see fit to restore her daughter to their family.

GOD was always good. GOD IS always good and nothing that anyone could say would change that! The proof of that was sitting less then a half an foot away from Rebecca and Christopher. They were a complete family again. Who cares about anything else? Rebecca was complete.