Verse 1

You criticized even my looks, my gait.

I was crumbling slowly under the weight

Of your expectations with each passing day.

I could feel myself drifting further away.

Verse 2

I made up excuses, you got that right.

They were my feeble weapons in my fight

To retain myself- I didn't want to change.

Better doesn't mean happier- just rearranged.


Well, now that you're gone,

I'm not stuck second-guessing myself every minute.

My moment of doubt,

It passes quickly now that you're no longer in it.

Verse 3

You never told anyone about me.

You kept your exit route clear, I see.

You always found my expectations absurd.

You never cared to learn why I was so hurt.


Well, now that you're gone,

I know I loved you enough to overlook your faults.

You're not perfect.

And I didn't care- I would have loved you through it all.


I won't claim I have now found myself.

Honey, I was never lost-

If I was, I know that you would have stayed.

No, I stood my ground, stubborn as hell.

I didn't give in because

Compromise should be both-sided, they say.


Well, now that you're gone,

Your disapproving voice in my head has gone silent.

So I wrote you this song,

I know I'll be alright, it's just a flesh wound- the end.