Full Summary:

What happens when every volcano in Washington State start to erupt without warning? Will Jami's family and friends be able to get out of the state before they are all killed? And how does some unexpected help from another Galaxy bring to light some things Jami has neglected to tell everyone around her? Will a trip through the portal bring hope to a world that is about to be consumed by every volcano in the world?

Chapt.1: Unauthorized Absence (UA):

Florida State:

The call came in at 1800 hours, while I was watching one of my movies. It was Friday night and I wasn't on duty so I had the weekend to myself. I knew that my siblings had been trying to get ahold of me almost the whole week but I had been unable to call them back. So while watching the movie, I got the call that shook my world. My younger sister, Mick, called to tell me that our father was missing and that he was presumed dead. I packed a bag and told her that I would see her soon.

I packed my laptop and camera, some clothes and necessities, my purse and headed down to the Quarterdeck to get my Phase III card. I didn't tell anyone where I was going only that my sister was in town and she needed some clothes because her luggage had gotten lost (a lie but they didn't know that). I got a cab to the airport and found Mick at the entrance. We turned right back around and got on a flight headed to Seattle. We looked at each other and I knew that I would get into trouble for what I was doing but that didn't stop me, I just went along with Mick, knowing I needed to get home.

Washington State:

The flight lasted four hours and by the time we got off the plane, my sister Jess was waiting for us. She asked if I would get into trouble for leaving without telling anyone where I was going. I told her yes, but that it didn't matter. I needed to be here and my family needed me. She nodded. We were about to go through something we never thought we would have to go through.

We drove the hour and half to the house where almost everyone was packing and heading out. Friends and family were getting ready to leave the state. Mick had called cause she knew of my friends in the Dakara Galaxy that were willing to help if anything ever happened to Earth. Mick had been there only once with me and I knew that we needed to get support as soon as possible. Brin and I had placed a satellite in orbit around Earth the first time I met her and her family. Her brother Tao was smitten with me and knowing that Earth couldn't go on forever and to make sure its people had a place to go if needed, the satellite was put in place. It was mostly monitoring the volcanoes because there was a possibility that they would eventually erupt taking the rest of the Earth with it.

Brin had told me that if anyone was on one of the mountains when they started to erupt, a beam would shoot down out of the satellite and beam up anyone on the mountain just in case, to keep them safe. I hadn't told my family this and was hoping that my father and his friend were alive for now. I would get a conformation from Brin and Tao later. For now, I sent the message through my necklace to my friends to meet me in Pensacola, Florida in five days. I knew that we would all be driving out of the state and out of harms way but I also knew that once the chain reaction had started, there was no stopping it.

My family packed everything up in the trucks and trailer that they had. My father had gone up on the mountain with his friend and put his snowmobile on his friend's trailer so his truck was still in the driveway. My step-mom, Lain, was looking at us as we packed everything we owned into the trailer, then called my mom and asked her to meet us at Safeway and the journey back to Florida would begin. Most of my friends and family would be coming back with me and I knew that everyone in Florida would wonder what the hell was going on but I ignored that at the moment.

My priority was to get my family to safety. Mick, Jess and I drove over to my grandma's house and packed all of my stuff along with all of her stuff into the trailer and then all of my mom's belongings into the trailer. Mom and Steve would follow us once they had locked the house knowing that they wouldn't be coming back. We took the animals and put them in the cars and trucks and then everyone in the neighborhood followed us out with there cars and trucks packed. This was going to be a long haul to safety.

The Journey:

My cell phone was on vibrate so I didn't feel it go off while we were packing everything up. By now it was Sunday and I was supposed to be back on base but I was still gone. I knew that the mass evacuation from Washington would be all over the news so I made sure that one of the reporters had talked to me before getting back into my dads truck and heading out of the state. Hopefully Pensacola would get the message I sent through the news and have everything ready for when we got back down there.

I looked over at Jess who was driving dad's truck and nodded that she was to head to Florida. Using my phone, I punched in the directions from home to Florida and we followed them to a T. Friends and family members were all following us as we made our way onto the freeway and out of the state. Because everyone was headed out, both sides of the highway were being used to go south. Nobody was heading into the state anyways so there was no need for the North side to be empty.

The military had boarded every one of their personnel onto its Carriers and ships and made sure that all branches of the military shared in a way to get out of the state. People that had cattle and horses that needed to get out had gone to the Navy bases and had been able to get there animals onto the ships before getting on themselves. The mass evacuation of the state was just the first step in what was about to become known as the 'Day the Volcanoes Erupted'. By Monday afternoon, half the country knew what had happened in Washington State and everyone was wondering if the rest of the Volcanoes in the US were going to explode as well.

That's also about the time I got a call from my Senior Chief asking where the hell I was. I told him that if he hadn't watched the news that it was his fault. I had gone UA to save my family from being killed in Washington State and that if he wanted to take me to Captains Mast then he would have to wait till I got back because nobody was going to believe what was happening anyways. My sister Mick had my camera and had been recording the Eruptions of every volcano we drove by. I told Senior Chief to be ready for an onslaught of refugees heading there way with my family in the front. He said he would watch the news and that he would get ready for everyone headed there way.

I got off the phone and looked at my sisters and Mick went back to recording the evacuation as well as the Eruptions. I knew that once we got through Washington, we would have to deal with other volcanoes erupting but figured I could deal with it with one of the force field bombs, that Brin and Tao had given me before I headed back home the second time I showed up in Dakara, went off. Every planet within the Dakara Galaxy would be ready to take anyone coming through the portals to safety and they would be ready. I touched my necklace and knew that they had gotten the message.


Four days later, we were driving through the gates at Pensacola Base and headed for the barracks. The long line of cars behind us had been accepted and people were following the truck as everyone knew that the only reason we were alive was because of me and my friends. My family members looked at us as I instructed Jess to drive up onto the sidewalk and park in the middle of the grass between the Mega Building, NEX and Galley. People were wondering what the hell was going on up until both me, Jess and Mick jumped out of the truck after parking where I had instructed her to park. The keys in hand, we headed around the trailer and directed people to park on the grass and anywhere they could find a place to park. As soon as people were parked, we gave them instructions on where to have people park and sent them out to tell everyone else.

I noticed that the Mega Building had all but emptied out to figure out what people were doing and noticed the AO's all standing around wondering what was going on. I saw Senior Chief standing next AO1 Hannon as well as AC1 Lynch and figured that Delta had been in the AO Hanger Bay when we showed up. I pointed to them and my sisters nodded. We made our way to them, my camera around my neck so that others would understand what we had escaped. Lain and the rest of my family had gotten out of their cars and followed us to where the AO's and Delta were standing. AC1 Lynch saw me first. Her face said it all.

When we got close, Mick was starting to ask where Brin and Toa were when they walked around Senior Chief and AC1 and towards us. My family nodded at the military members but it was Brin and Toa who started talking first.

"Tek'ma'te Jami, Mick. It has been a long time since our last meeting. An alert went out as soon as Mt. Baker started Erupting and everyone on the mountain was evacuated even before they knew what was happening. I knew that you would wonder if your father was dead or alive. The evacuation of this planet has already begun. Earth no longer has a safe environment for anyone to stay here. Portals are opening all around the world and we have a portal in the middle of the ocean escorting the Navy ships through as we speak. Your message was received, though you are a day late." Brin said.

"Tek'ma'te Brin, Toa. It is good to see you my friends. We ran into a little trouble getting out of the state. I have temporarily stopped the eruptions from happening using one of the force field bombs that you gave me on my second journey to Dakara. I am glad the evacuation is happening smoothly. Washington State at the moment is the only state in US that no longer exists. We have the footage of the eruptions for evidence for anyone that wishes to understand what we had to drive through. Everyone was fleeing as soon as the first reports of Mt. Baker's eruption hit the news. My sister Mick called me Friday and by Friday night, I was in Seattle, headed home to start evacuating my family. It has been a long six days and I am sorry for being late but I am glad that my message was received. How many portals are open on the planet?"

"Four in every country as well as six in every ocean. The people are not the only priority on this planet that we need to evacuate. We need to get the animals off as well. As much as I know that animals have a way of fighting for there survival and I know that all ocean creatures will survive somehow, it was our father's decision to get all the animals off this planet. Once the environment is stable again, we will allow people to come back slowly to Earth but that won't be for some time." Toa said.

"I am glad that we are bringing the animals of the planet with us. It would not be fair to leave them here when we ourselves have been able to survive Armageddon." Mick said.

"And how are we to get people settled in the Dakara Galaxy? Where will they all go?" Lain asked.

"You told her of Dakara?" Brin and Toa asked together.

"Oh, sorry, this is my step-mom, so yes, I did tell my family of Dakara. I did not think you would mind."

"She did not look like your family but I am glad that you had someone to talk to about what you have gone through."

"So am I. Shall we start the evacuation from here then?"

"Yes, we shall."

I turned towards Senior Chief and everyone else and told them that they had one day to pack everything they owned and get all money out of the banks because we would be leaving in less than three days. They were all stunned after hearing what they had just heard.