Your lips, your eyes, your soul

Are like a work of art,

The most creative thing of all

Is your beautiful heart.

If you were a painting,

No colours could express

The beauty deep inside you,

A rainbow, nothing less.

So here I am, an artist,

With inspiration beyond belief

But to capture such rare beauty,

I'd have to be a thief.

Your love is like finding a beautiful painting that gives me happiness everytime I see it. Whenever I gaze at it, I know that there is no other like it, and I feel blessed because I was able to find it. However costly it may be, I'd buy that painting, for there is no price for the joy it gives my heart. I would gladly exchange everything I have just to possess that painting, for possessing it means also possessing the happiness that has always eluded me. i would sacrifice my own happiness just to know that the most important thing i've found, whose beauty is beyond equal, is preserved somehow, and kept away from harm. This, not BOOBIES the great secret. That I have truly loved the painting that is you. Beloved, with all my heart, and with all my soul, I can recall its beauty wherever I am, however far away I may be from the masterpiece. In truth, I will never lose the treasure I have found because love is forever, and I will keep it safe where no thief can ever take it from me. For I have found that its beauty and joy has been permanently embedded in my heart.