0. Prologue (skippable)

When I first thought about a possible opening piece for this symphony, my mind was blank but hopeful. And I thought, I should write to you...because this whole farce that purports to be called art is all for you. And then I remembered, that some parts are not about you. Because I had a life, a 'before'.

But this is a gift to you, I pried open my heart so you can satisfy your curiosity, or just take a look and run run run. No, this is first and foremost my way of communicating with you. And yet...It's also a way of talking, just talking to all. To the ones, this is about (just snippets of what's left of thoughts anyway; the rest is you, you, you) and to the ones that just strolled in here by accident or on impulse.

Hello and welcome! I hope you have a good time and find something. Anything. For your poor heart, sad soul or longing mind. Or food for thought. I hope so, I really do. This has meaning, but hopefully, it will gain purpose all well.

Enjoy, as much as possible