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I was determined to have a drama-free year. All I wanted was to focus on my studies and get my bachelor's degree in law.

"This will be easy," I told myself.

Oh, how wrong I was.

Chapter one:

"Remember to look out for cute guys," my sister says with a conspirator's grin.

I just roll my eyes fondly in response. Dani is just about the most boy-crazy fifteen-year-old that I know. She's always pointing out 'cute guys' and embarrassing me to no end. I don't remember being that obsessed with the opposite gender when I was her age.

Dani and I are two years apart, but we're so close that many people mistake us for best friends. Dani and I don't really look alike. Rather, Dani is a more refined version of me. Where my hair is a boring black colour, hers is a reflective blue-black colour which flows like liquid midnight. Where my eyes are a dull brown, Dani's are a kaleidoscope of different brown tones, from coffee to chocolate to burnt umber. Where I have small Asian eyes, Dani has expressive almond shaped eyes. I know I'm not particularly ugly, but in comparison to my sister, I'm plain beyond measure.

"You know I just want to focus on my studies this year," I say with a long-suffering sigh. I've told her this only about a hundred times, as a reply every time she asks me to look out for cute guys.

I walk across my new dorm room to hug Dani. "I'll miss you, little sis."

No matter how boy crazy Dani is, I really will miss her. The two of us are an inseparable pair. Since Dani was born, we've been each other's best friend. We've been there for each other through thick and thin. To think that from now on, we'll only be seeing each other once every three months, excluding video calls, is unbearable.

Dani rests her head on my right shoulder and wraps her arms around me.

"I'll miss you too, Hales," she replies.

My parents walk over too, and we have a group hug.

"Remember, Hayley, if you have any problems or you're feeling sad, don't hesitate to call us," Mom says.

"We'll always be a phone call away," Dad adds.

I look at the three most important people in my life fondly. "I'll miss all of you, Mom, Dad, Dani."

I give my family one last hug, and watch them walk out of my dorm room, still waving goodbye. When I decided to choose a college two hours away from home, I didn't think saying goodbye would be so hard. I was mistaken. Mom, Dad and Dani haven't been gone for five minutes, and I already feel a longing tug in my gut, as if it's trying to pull me closer to them. I sigh, and start to unpack my belongings.

My dreams of a teary family reunion are abruptly interrupted by a loud, unending beep. I crack open my sleep-heavy eyes, reach out my hand and press snooze. Then I unceremoniously slump back into bed, pulling my blanket up to my chin and falling back into the clutches of sleep.

I hear the shrill screech of the alarm yet again. I sit up in annoyance, slapping my hand onto the stop-button of my iPhone's alarm. I freeze when I see the time on the screen flash 7.45. I am in so. much. trouble. I had planned to wake up at 7, so I would have ample time to get ready, register at the clerk's office and find my way to my first class for the day. I should have known my lazy self would forget and snooze the alarm. I spring up and out of bed in a frenzy of frantic movement.

You'd be surprised how fast someone can move when they are in a rush. I speed around my room, pulling out clothes, cramming books into my Kanken and combing out my hair, which at the moment resembles a bird's nest. Quickly, I slip into the bathroom and brush my teeth. Then I slip my scuffed Converse low-tops on and rush out the door. In my haste, I don't watch where I'm going, and run right smack into the chest of someone emerging from the room opposite.

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