I'd been doing my coursework, then suddenly I was struck with the image of an immortal being in caves glittering like diamonds, singing a lament for his beloved, passed away fighting for her people... and then this monstrosity of a poem was spawned.

My first-ever time publishing anything not fanfiction, so I am very nervous... D:

But anyhow I am rambling. Please, enjoy! :)

Lament of Stone

a poem

I wrapped you up in glittering jewels

Gems forged of starlight; from the bowels

Of the earth


And I set you free

Whorls of smoke which, in glee


Fluttering into the sky

Bluer than my



History does not remember

For nothing lasts for-ever

But I

Am older than these mines

And you've my heart wrapped up in binds

Oh, my Love

You deserve so much more

Than the riches I lave you



For what have you died?

To me it seems as if you abide

Still in these



Hewn of stone,

And of gems lit like starlight...


Those you have died for shall forget

And I am left

Wishing for some amnesia

And finding

That I-



So I shall sing your lament

I'll set these caves ablaze

Until the Earth does shudder

And belch out umber flames

Oh, I shall remember

And I will sing your tale


So worry not, my love

Of renown found then lost;

Find your way across these

Cloud-stroked glossy shores

We shall never meet again

For I may never fade-


But in these halls of fallen stars

I'll ever sing your name

So go, now,

And rest, dear one

Eternal be your fame.