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2/16/? - Saturday

Dozens of people were gathered at the base camp, undergoing large preparations to undergo on another expedition or to just simply unwind and relax for the time being.

A silver haired lass let out a sigh as she held a peculiar device in her hands. A holographic message would appear and read:

"Congratulations A12! You are now enrolled in the Reclamation Program. We expect significant contributions in our plight against the ENIGMA. Do your best! - Management"

"I don't really know if this is the right decision.." *Alice pondered to herself. She approached a slightly taller girl with auburn hair who was holding a small checklist.

"Oh Liss, seems like you're all set and ready. Management has decided that all groups must have three members minimum, so I took another fella under my wing." The girl yawned slightly, putting her checklist down.

"Uhm, hey there. B15 or Bee~ here. Pleasure to meet ye both! I'm honestly very inexperienced about fighting, but I'll do my best to help out." The new girl cheerily introduced herself, her glasses slightly bouncing up and about.

"Thanks Naomi, I'll note that. And I'm A12/Alice. Nice to meet you too." Alice blinked idly.

"Well you two seem quite acquainted then. I'm N5 and I'll be your team leader for the rest of the Reclamation's duration. The threat that the ENIGMA poses continues to rise every day, but various expedition groups have been doing their best to fight back the threat. Right now we're lucky enough to have this one major base camp for our operations." Naomi explained.

"Now then, I'd like you two to have a spar. It would be best for us if we gained some experience in combat as it'll be a major part of our duties." She continued.

"Hmms, well let's do it then! You know how combat works right, A12?" B15 asked and hummed a tune.

"Ah about that, I've been practicing a bit but not much, can you explain more in-depth?" A12 had her doubts.

"Sure, I wouldn't mind. I was soo cramming info about this the other night, so let me give it a go~" Bee adjusted her glasses slightly and pulled up a small diagram from her shard, a similar looking device to the one that Alice had.

"Most if not all battles that Reclamation Members will be facing require the use of our Shards. Upon introduction, our shards only have a couple of ability slots that we've personally selected. Each skill has its own unique properties such as elemental affinity, intensity, cooldown and so on but we'll explore those stuff as we get to them." She took a deep breath and then continued to ramble.

"Our vitality is linked to our shards and well, it's very much imperative to not let that reach 0, up against ENIGMA entities at least. In terms of sport,friendly competitions, sparring and/or practice it's fine as the damage we'll be taking is not lethal at all. We can also use regular physical attacks such as punching or kicking and they can also shave off some percentages off our shard HP, but it'll depend on how you built your skillset. OH OH OH, and of course. The abilities we can use are directly tied to the letter of our first name with certain restrictions! As we level up, we can unlock more ability slots. Our shards get stronger with practice and defeating said wicked creatures. Anywayy, did you get the gist of it at least?" B15 shook her head a bit.

A12 nodded. "Yes, thank you. Looks like I'll have to make do with what I selected. Let's have a good match then."

"Lovely. Let me set up our simulation arena and we'll get started. I'm expecting great things from the both of you." N5 took out her own shard and pressed a button, creating a massive simulation arena that the three were teleported to.

"Ready?" Bee held her shard firmly and readied her stance.

"I'm good to go." ("Here we go. Let's remember what we practiced.")
Alice thought to herself.

A12: 100%
B15: 100%


B15 decided to go for the first move and pointed her device at A12. Several barnacles pelted at her directly which inflicted a decent chunk of damage and applied a slow.

"!" Alice was taken aback by the attack, unable to dodge.

Barbed Barnacles | Level: 1 | Damage: Light - Moderate | Range: Very Wide | Type / Affinity: Physical / Water | Cooldown: Moderate

The user sprays barnacles imbued with spikes at a targeted location, dealing damage and applying movement speed reduction for a few seconds on all enemies hit.

Alice's Shard HP was brought down to 89% as a result of the hit.

A12 shook her head and took a deep breath, selecting a move as well. Bee found an opportunity to land a few more hits to follow up by inching closer. Alice responded by blasting her adversary with multiple frost arrows, knocking and slowing her back.

Arctic Arrows | Level 1 | Damage: Light - Moderate | Range: Wide | Type/Affinity: Physical / Ice | Cooldown: Moderate

A volley of arrows strike the opponent, knocking them back slightly and causing them to be slowed for a few seconds. Slightly ignores a percentage of the target's defenses.

"Ah! G-good one." Bee winced, slowly repositioning herself.

Alice spun her shard twice and conjured two glowing axes on both of her hands. She lunged at her opponent and started slicing rapidly.

Bee groaned and replied back by summoning several flying books, which dealt heavy damage while launching her mid-air.

Augmented Axes | Level 1 | Damage: Moderate | Range: Melee / Moderate (toss) | Damage Type/Affinity: Physical / Metal / Summon | Cooldown: Moderately High

The user creates a pair of axes that deal bonus damage if the opponent has recently used a damaging move. Gains extra durability if opponent's last move was non-damaging instead. Lasts for 5 hits. Only goes on cooldown once all charges are used up. Tossing consumes exactly three charges.

Book Bash | Level 1 | Damage: High | Range: Medium | Damage Type/Affinity: Magical / Educational | Cooldown: High

The enemy is assaulted several times by enchanted literature, dealing damage and knocking them into the air. Leaves behind a small book that grants a small shield due to its protective information.

A12: 65%
B15: 60% + 10% Shield

"Uuf...you're quite the opponent, that's for sure." Bee panted slightly, stepping backwards to gain some distance."I-I could say the same, my back's rather sore." Alice replied, mimicking her gesture.

"Hmm, I think I've seen enough. Good work! Both of you seem quite capable, just a bit more refinement and you two will be quite the decent Reclaimers. And oh my, let me mend your damages. I've almost forgot~" N5 closed the simulation and the three re-appeared at the hub. She waved her shard and a healing aura surrounded the two, mending their injuries and returning their condition to normal.

"Wow. I never knew our instructor was a healer." Bee was surprised by the sudden burst of vitality. Alice also shared similar thoughts and nodded.

"I've got a few tricks up my sleeve, aha. Now then, our first assignment was just briefed to me by
D3. One of our outposts was recently ransacked by a horde of Enigma spawns. It appears that a certain someone forgot to keep watch." N5 explained.

"Well, before we head there how about you two explore the cafeteria a bit? Shard cuisine is simply marvelous, and having some food and water for the trip doesn't sound like a bad idea. Feel free to also check out your rooms before we embark, you two will share the room 107. I'll be waiting for you two in the meantime." She handed them the keys to their room and gave them a cafeteria pass. She sat down by a chair and yawned slightly.

"Wowiee thanks! And don't worry, we'll bee swift about it!" Bee giggled with the cafeteria pass in her hand.
"You can count on us." Alice chuckled at the bad pun and kept the keys for safekeeping.

Base Camp Alpha - Cool Cafeteria - 2:30 PM

The cafeteria was moderately packed with various reclaimers wanting their fill. Luckily, all services are free thanks to the breakthrough of the Research Team with Utility Shards.

The area had various stalls filled with several dozen shards, all having a different letter label to them. As the two went in line, they encountered a dapper gentleman who was right behind them.

"Ah, you two. Bee and Alice correct? I'm D3, the one who signed your approval forms. Nice to meet you." He offered a handshake.

"Oh yes I recall! Nice to meet you too." Bee shook his hand. Alice nodded and also accepted the handshake.

"I see, do your best to make Naomi proud. She can be quite stubborn sometimes but she means well. See you two." He generated a couple of Delightful Doughnuts from the open utility shard and headed off.

"Rather strange fellow. What would you like, Bee?" Alice picked up a few Savory Sandwiches off another nearby utility shard, all wrapped neatly in a handy container.

"Tofuuu. I miss it so much." Bee grabbed a couple of Terrific Tofu which was also stored in a convenient box. Alice smiled faintly and grabbed a few bottles of Wonderful Water, placing it in her bag.

"Well alright, how about we check out our rooms?" She asked.

"Seems like a nice idea. Let's give a quick look then report back to N5." Bee smiled at her.

Base Camp Alpha - Expedition Room 107 - 2:45 PM

Alice unlocked the door and discovered a neat and minimalistic living area. Two beds were available, as well as basic public utilities such as electricity and water all thanks to utility shards.

The two hastily placed their belongings in the room and exited. Alice locked the room once more. N5 had given them a voice message.

"Ah heyo, everything all good in there? I'll be waiting at the Deployment Area at the Expedition Department. Just wanted to check on how A2 was doing, he needed me to help finish a report." Naomi muttered.

" I guess that's not too relevant, ahaha...anyway see you there!" She abruptly ended the note.

"A2 huh? Well, let's just head on over there. Our shards do have a map of the place." Bee opened a virtual map.

"Yeah, let's make haste." Alice opened hers as well as the two traveled to the Deployment Area.

Base Camp Alpha - Expedition Hall - 3 PM

"Ah there you two are. So, let's head on out then." N5 seemed to be in a good mood.

"Hey uhm N5, who's A2?" Bee curiously asked, tilting her head.

"Ohh err well, he's a good friend of mine aha! We used to be in the same team, but since we're both Elites we tend to manage our own stuff now. He's currently working solo, while I'm leading you two." N5's face was slightly red.

"Elites huh..." Alice pondered for a bit.

"Right well, onward to Base Camp Beta." N5 quickly shifted the topic. She opened the Expedition Portal and the three hopped on in.

Objective: Secure Base Camp Beta

Base Camp Beta Entrance - 4 PM

As the three reach the unattended Base Camp, a packed of blackened multi-colored creatures had swarmed the area, attempting to destroy the various equipment within the camp.

"Ladies, this'll be good practice." N5 took out her shard and urged the two to stay close. The Enigma Spawns approached the trio, encircling them as they walked steadily.

"This is a bit imposing, but alright..." Alice focused and conjured a moderately sized aklys onto the field. The weapon floated on top of the trio and spun slowly.

"You can count on me!" Bee adjusted her glasses and activated her shard, causing a pair of purple balloons to appear rotating near their bodies.

Aerial Aklys | Level 1 | Damage: Moderate | Range: Wide (leash) / Moderate (attack) | Type/Affinity: Physical / Air / Summon | Cooldown: Moderate

The user spawns an ancient Roman weapon that is linked to them telepathically. The aklys hovers over the air responds to the user's thoughts. Lasts for a moderate amount of time.

Balloon Bombs | Level 1 | Damage: Moderate | Range: Small (placement) / Medium (explosion) | Type/Affinity: Special / Explosive | Cooldown: Moderate

A set of balloons guard all nearby allies for a moderate period. If attacked/popped via an opponent's attack, the balloons explode and deal moderate magical damage to nearby enemies. Cannot trigger friendly fire.

The enemies rushed towards N5 immediately. She responded with a peculiar defensive ability. A few of them disappeared from the counter-attack.

Negate Notion | Level 3 | Damage: Moderate | Range: User (guard radius) / Wide (effect) | Type/Affinity: Special / Logical | Cooldown: Moderately High

If an opponent(s) would attempt to damage or cast an ability against the user: Negate that instance and knock them back several feet. Deals damage upon impact.

"Quick, they're scattered now. Feel free to split and attack!" N5 suggested as she ran through the middle.

Okai! Lemme see if I can handle this.." Bee sprayed barnacles to the left, assaulting and heavily wounding the opposition within the area. One had hit her from behind with a phantom-like claw which prompted the explosion, knocking the spawn out.

"A-ah! Aha, gotcha..." She winced a bit. Shard HP is at 75%.

Alice started slicing through the several creatures with her shard, doing her best to avoid getting hit. The Aklys covered her back and sides by slamming down multiple spawns. A spawn emerged from underground and landed a brutal uppercut, which had also procced the explosion.

"Ack!..." Alice grabbed onto the Aklys as it landed her to safety. She shook her head in pain. Shard HP is at 70%.

"Hmm, they're still a bit frail to consistently keep up. If my hunch is right on who or what raided this place, we could be in trouble." Nao thought to herself. She pummeled down the remainder of the creatures with her empowered fists alongside her shard. A quick snap of her fingers mended the two's injuries.

Natural Normalization | Level 3 | Damage: - | Range: All nearby allies | Type/Affinity: Status / Grass | Cooldown: Moderately High

Heals and restores the state of all targets over a few seconds. Fully heals damage below 25%. Removes all negative stat changes and status effects.

"T-thanks." Alice smiled, the aklys disappearing moments after."P-phew, that's a relief. Are there more?" Bee asked.

"That should be the last of them. Let's get this place backed up and running." Naomi pressed a special command on her shard to restore the state of Reclamation Base Beta.

An eerie figure loomed behind the trio, blasting a small burst of electricity which cancelled out the restoration process. N5's hand was burned as a result.

"Ah, my my. What a dirty little trick. How about you show yourself?" She asked firmly.

"Oh who do we have here? Naomi Park is it? It's quite the lucky day for me then." A spectral entity appeared in front of them. The figure wore bloodstained robes alongside orbs and chains of electricity surrounding itself. Its head was comprised of a draconic skull which excreted blight.

"O-o-o-kay what the in the heck is that thing?!" Bee stepped back and kept her guard up. Alice was startled at the entity's reveal and did the same.

"Lightning Lich. I can't believe an Associate of your caliber would directly do the dirty work." Naomi scoffed.

"Now now, I did have my beautiful spawns help me with re-decorating what you took from us. Your pathetic comrades are out cold , seems like they couldn't handle a little lightning." The lich tossed two unconscious wielders off to the side out of thin air.

"Don't worry, I haven't killed them, yet." The Lich had a wicked grin on its face.

"Bee, Alice. Step back." Naomi whispered.

"Well, it's time for me to dispose of you three. I shall begin with a little display..." Electricity surged through the Associate's body.

"You two! Defend yourselves at all cost! Please!" Bee and Alice used their respective defensive abilities after hearing her plead. Naomi's shard and eyes glowed in a green aura and a sudden burst of energy circled the wielder and the device.

"Contract open. Lay waste to my designated target. Aeonic Crux Eternal: Nuclear Nightmare!"

A verdant phantom-like creature temporarily appeared behind Naomi, fueling the attack with its presence. It swiftly disappeared after the attack was fired. As the lich released its destructive lightning at the trio, he was met with a horrifically powerful stream of nuclear energy coming towards him at unfathomable speeds. The associate was unable to react to the viciously powerful assault.

Nuclear Nightmare | Level 3 | Damage: Extreme | Range: Wide | Type/Affinity: Mixed / Poison / ACE | Cooldown: Once per battle |

Launches a large stream of mass destruction at a targeted area. Inflicts unpreventable Chemical Poisoning which lasts for the duration of the battle. (Chemical Poisoning: deals damage every few seconds, health restoration effects are reduced by 75% while this is active.)

Armament Armor | Level 1 | Damage: - | Range: User | Type/Affinity: Status / Random | Cooldown: Moderate

Spawns a set of random weapons to equip itself to the user as armor, increasing the user's defenses while generating a small shield. The equipped weapons can be used but have very limited charges. The armor and weapons last for a moderate period of time.

Basaltic Barrier | Level 1 | Damage: Light | Range: User (Shield) / Moderate (Scatter) | Type / Affinity: Special / Rock | Cooldown: Moderate

Creates a shield of rock that encircles and places the user inside a bubble. All magical damage is reduced by a small percentage while this skill is active. Lasts for a moderate period of time. Can be re-activated to cause the rocks to scatter, dealing light damage and has a small chance to disorient the opponent.

Lightning Laceration | Level: 4 | Damage: Extreme | Range: Global | Type/Affinity: Special / Electric / ENIGMA | Cooldown: High
Roasts target(s) with a violently painful electric attack. Has an increased critical hit rate. Slows all enemies hit for a short period of time.

The entity melted and writhed in pain, disappearing off the map. Bee fell down to the ground, her rock barrier destroyed. Alice was also down with her armor completely shattered. N5 healed them as soon as possible.

"A-ahh holy shiii it hurts so bad. A-are you two okay?" Bee limped in pain.

"Almost died there..." Alice blinked idly in shock unable to stand up.

"T-thank heavens you gals have defensive abilities. That attack would've killed you both otherwise. This battle's far from over though, but let's get you back into shape." N5 used another healing ability.

Nurturing Nougat | Level 3 | Damage: - | Range: Wide | Type/Affinity: Status / Magical | Cooldown: Moderate

Spawns magical nougats that restores a large percentage of shard HP to the user and all friendly units. Cannot be countered.

"Whew, that feels a lot better." Bee stood up moments after consuming the delightful treat.

"You said it." Alice stood up after eating it as well.

The Entity re-appeared moments after somehow reforming its appearance. Chemical Poisoning was still under effect, however. This startled the trio and caused them to back up a bit.

"Grahh. I have to hand it to you, Park. You've quite a lot of power for someone who looks so unassuming. How about you get out of the picture for now. I want to test these two little rascals." The lich created a sudden hollow bubble which trapped Naomi inside. No matter what attack or attempt she did the sphere wouldn't break.

(A/N: Not all Enigma attacks are well documented due to their highly elusive nature. This means that there are only a handful of enigma attacks stored in the Reclamation's database)

"Uuf, son of a...Okay, okay don't panic you two. Just hold on long enough until the poison knocks it out. I'll still be able to provide healing in the meantime, so do your best!" Nao shouted.

"Allow me savor this moment." The Enigma Associate split itself into two distinct entities. The figures rushed at the two immediately. The right entity generated a lance that emanated dark energy, while the left entity approached Bee.

Alice held a wooden sword which was generated from her ability and parried the incoming assault from the right entity a few times before the weapon broke. It then relentlessly attempted a direct hit towards her gut.

"N-not this time!" She stepped sideways and spawned her Aklys which staved off the lance and forced a stalemate. The pressure from chemical poisoning slowly started to show from the associate's expression.

"Just have to buy ourselves some time. I'll have to make some risky decisions."

The entity snapped its fingers empowering the weapon it held with electricity. It launched a direct attack at her but the aklys interfered, causing it to break. It groaned once more as the poison intensified.

"I'm left with two tricks, let's make the most of it." She took a deep breath and spawned two of her axes. Her opponent responded by launching a brutal lightning attack aimed towards her. Alice activated her afterburners and decided to directly approach the lightning, barely stomaching the attack. She sliced at the figure as much as she could with her newly ignited weapons.

Access Afterburners | Level 1 | Damage: Light | Range: User | Type/Affinity: Special / Fire | Cooldown: Moderate

The user generates a set of twin engines behind their back, increasing their speed by a large amount for a few seconds before decaying to a slight boost. While active, the user takes reduced damage from all projectile and magical attacks. The ability gains (2*) more charges after for the boost. Lasts for a moderate period of time or until all boosts are consumed. Enemies struck by the flames take slight magic damage. Passively gives fire affinity to all weapons while active.

The enigma associate caught ablaze and grabbed her with its arms. It proceeded to build up electricity all over its body in an attempt to execute Alice. The static slowly chipped at her health.

"F-focus...just..." Alice desperately used her afterburners twice and the remainder of her axe charges to break free from the associate's grasp, knocking it back several feet. The poison continued to eat at the entity.

She bled and groaned in pain. Naomi casted her normalization immediately after, stopping the bleeding and restoring her teammate's shard HP to a decent amount. Her readings were at 35%

"How are you holding up?" She asked.

"I'm having a real hard time keeping up. I-I could die at any moment and it's scaring me." Alice tearfully panted.

"Impudent little..." The halved associate appeared behind her on the verge of collapse as well. It warped behind Alice and held her by the neck, ready to impale with another shadow lance.

"Hgg.." A12 equipped her armaments and slashed directly at the figure, gaining some distance.
The entity was able to land a brutal attack with its claws, causing half of her armor to break.

"I commend your bravery and skill, lass. Let's finish this bout." The entity picked up the lance and created another one to go alongside it. It awaited Alice's next actions.

"All bets on this plan..." Alice hid a knife behind her back and generated a volley of frozen arrows firing at the lich's direction. The entity rammed towards her. It was able to deflect a couple but got slowed in the process as a few passed through. The figure threw one of the lances directly at her out of desperation. At the very last moment, Alice disappeared and slashed the Lich behind its back directly with a the knife thrice. She leaped to safety afterwards, coughing as dust scattered. The last tick of Chemical Poisoning completely finished the associate off.

Abrupt Assault | Level 1 | Damage: Light | Range: Wide | Type/Affinity: Physical/ Unique (Copies whatever affinity the paired weapon had) | Cooldown: Moderate

The user disappears within sight briefly and re-appears either at the back or side of the opponent, striking them thrice with three light hits of a current weapon and immediately leaps after resolution to a targeted location.

"Well fought." The Enigma Associate's half disappeared completely, leaving behind half a corrupted shard.

"Show me what you can muster, sorceress." The other half approached forward and launched a brutal discharge of electricity scattering towards all directions.

"Gladly." Bee smiled summoning four balloons. She jumped to close the distance between them. The electricity hit the balloons as a result and caused several massive explosions. Both of them were sent flying due to the impact of their attacks.

"Ha! Nice attack nerd!" She followed it up by spraying barnacles downwards, leveraging her fall and inflicting additional damage to the Lich.

Bee landed safely while the Lich slowly moved backwards.

"Quite the annoying brat. Very well then..." The lich conjured a violent burst of lava below its opponent, heavily damaging Bee and inflicting a burn.

"Awawawaaa..." She fell to the ground and struggled to move.

"Where's your bravado now, kid? Couldn't handle a little heat..?" It coughed a bit as the poison began to intensify.

Bee kept silent and pressed her shard, spawning a moderately sized bear which lunged at the entity and ran towards its summoner, placing her on its back.

"Ahh. Thank you Wubby! Can always count on you." She muttered as the bear proceeded to dodge the elemental orbs the Lich had conjured.

Bountiful Bear | Damage: Moderate | Range: Medium | Type/Affinity: Mixed / Light / Summon | Cooldown: High

The user calls upon a magical bear that can attack enemies and / or defend the user. Takes 3 hits to disperse. If this summon is dispersed, it heals the user for a percentage of the damage it dealt to enemies.

"W-what on earth is up with this girl, quite a strange arsenal." The lich fired another burst of lava at the bear destroying it. It disappeared into dust and revitalized Bee, allowing her to stand up.

The entity disappeared and leaped upwards at Bee, startling her as it used a point blank Lightning Laceration. Bee rapidly responded with Book Bash.

The enchanted books pummeled the Lich at the same time the brutal electric attack shaved off the majority of Bee's health (breaking the shield). She had begun hemorrhaging from the intensity of the hit.

"I-I'm really screwed here.." Bee held her bloodstained shard and tried to think of a way out.

"T-that is way too close, hang on!" Naomi yelled and casted Natural Normalization, reversing the blood loss and keeping her alive. However, Bee was in a critical condition regardless.

The lich stood up once more after facing the brunt of the heavy hit. The poison continued to intensify and its time was ticking down considerably.

"G-gah. This would be so much easier without that cursed ACE." It charged electricity once more.

"L-last shot Summers, let's risk it!" Bee quickly placed up her rock barrier and activated her final attack.

"That won't be enough to save you, little lady." A smirk could be seen from the associate's melted face.

Ballistic Bloodshed | Level 1 | Damage: Moderately High / High (depends on amount of blood used) | Range: Wide | Type/Affinity: Special / Unique (stacks all affinities of materials used) | Cooldown: Very High

The user absorbs all nearby essences including a portion of their blood as well as remaining aspects of previous attacks still present on the battlefield into dangerous projectiles. Launches 3(*) explosive missiles at the opponent after gathering for a few seconds. If the user gathered a rather large amount of their blood for this attack: the damage is increased, the travel time is decreased, the attack becomes unblockable and each hit reduces a portion of the target's stats for a few seconds.

The lightning headed towards the barrier at breakneck speed. Bee forced her shield to scatter in order to disperse the assault.

Large amounts of blood, stone, static remnants, and other materials rapidly circled around her. Three giant projectiles emerged and fired at the associate.

"I-inconceivable! Such an attack..." Missiles struck directly inflicting devastating damage and finished off the lich in tandem with the very last tick of Chemical Poisoning. Bee held her broken glasses, smiling warmly at her opponent.

"Excellent work...you monstrosity." These were the final words of the Enigma Associate.

Another half of a corrupted shard fell onto the ground. Naomi's bubble was popped and she landed safely onto the ground. She safely kept both fragments in a container.

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