If I ever saw you again

I Would say hi

Hoping we can be friends again

Since you still cross my mind.

Maybe you wouldn't care anymore

Maybe I won't even like who

You grew up to be

As times and struggles change us.

But you are the only one

I wish I held onto the friendship

Since I felt so comfortable

Back with you.

In our last year of middle school

We would basically be together a lot

Even if you kept bouncing off questions

That mildly annoy me

That I would nickname you annoying

But in way of endearment.

I just want to see you once more

As I keep playing out

The memories we had

So they don't fade to nothingness.

I'll keep moving forward though

Since if we are meant to cross paths

Then destiny will make it happen

As I sit here

Reflecting on my heart

Of the people I care truly about now.