I felt the weight of my body carry me downwards, and as the blue beneath me grew ever so close, I shut my eyes in anticipation of the refreshing release of being submerged in the cool water. Yet when I felt as though I had stopped falling but still hadn't made impact, I curiously opened my eyes.

What? I was not greeted by water, and I certainly wasn't greeted with anything familiar. I stood in the middle of what seemed to be nowhere, my feet upon a cobblestone path that lead into a small forest. I looked around only to see a small, rustic looking village a little ways ahead. Um. Confusedly, I took in the scenery one more time. Okay. Where the hell was I?! I didn't recognize anything in particular, and my confusion at the situation overpowered any feeling of anxiety that could have taken hold. Trying to retrace my steps, I thought back to what I had last remembered. I remember diving, falling, and then… nothing else after that. Did I black out mid-dive? It was a pretty high jump after all… Wait. Am I… dead? I blankly stared off into space. Just then, a voice from behind snapped me out of the trance that I seemed to be in.

"Excuse me, please! If we cut though this forest, would we be able to cross over into the bordering town? This is a very urgent matter, we're being followed and must leave immediately!" My eyes widened at the strangely familiar voice. Turning around, I was flabbergasted to find none other than him. The man I had so desperately fallen in love with, the reason that I enjoyed coming home every day, and the greatest joy of my life: Prince Jeremy. One of the options, the best if I may add, of the potential suitors offered by my favorite dating simulator, Prince Jeremy was my one solace in the tough reality that was life. And as happy as I was to see him, there was only one problem. He doesn't really exist.

My confusion grew by tenfold before I realized something. Ah, this whole thing must be a dream. I'm dreaming right now. Diving, being here, everything is all a lie. I smiled to myself warmly and directed my attention back to the dashing Prince Jeremy, who was on horseback. He looked so hot on horseback. Finally, I wouldn't be restricted to the overly wimpy and irrational dialogue options that the dating simulator offered. Finally, I had the complete freedom to live as I wished, as Prince Jeremy's princess, happily ever after! If only I could have dreams like this more often.

"Prince Jeremy! Have you come to take me to-" my words were cut off when I noticed a tuff of baby blue fabric peeking out from behind Prince Jeremy's broad, and beautiful and amazing- ahem. His shoulders. Was that… a dress?

"Your highness, what is the matter?" A delicate sounding voice perked out of nowhere, and a beautiful, delicate girl peeked her head out from behind Prince Jeremy's frame. It was none other that the character design of the main character in the dating simulator. What. My mind blanked out and I stood there, mouth agape like a fish.

"Villager, what is the matter? I said that this is urgent!" Prince Jeremy's voice once again shook me awake. I blinked. Did he just say… villager? Villager? I looked down. I was not wearing the beautiful dresses and shoes that I would usually be wearing in the game (even though my character was supposedly of a poor upbringing, but let's not talk about that). No, I was wearing a disgustingly brown and tattered rag, with what seemed to be a dust apron laid over it. I looked down at myself, back up at the Prince and his princess, and back down again.

Why the hell am I a villager in my own dream? This wasn't right. This was supposed to be MY love story, MY escape from reality. Oh! I get it now, I thought to myself. This was one of those scenarios where the girl seducing the prince is actually really evil and I, the peasant, will climb in ranks and win the prince's hear-

"Why are you wasting my time like this!? Are you as deaf as you are illiterate?! You peasant villagers are good for nothing after all!" Prince Jeremy's angry voice, directed at me, scared me a little.
"Um, I'm sorry I-" I couldn't find the words to say whatever I was trying to say. Just then, the girl accompanying Prince Jeremy stepped down off the horse and rushed to my side.

"Your highness! Please, have some tact! Oh my, are you okay? I'm so sorry about this." Her worried eyes glanced at me as she pulled out a handkerchief, beginning to wipe my forehead which had begun to glisten from sweat. "My name is Amelia. What is yours?" Amelia's gentle voice softly echoed for who knows what reason, and she smiled warmly at me. Yeah, no. Definitely not evil. I sighed a little bit on the inside.


...What? Let me try that again.

"No, my name is- VILLAGER NUMBER THREE!"

I cleared my throat.


My name, was in fact, NOT villager number three. Yet whenever I tried to say my real name, which was J-VILLAGER NUMBER THREE (really, even in text?) a robotic, monotone voice that boomed from nowhere overpowered me. Amelia patted me on the shoulder.
"My, what a beautiful name you have." I looked at her in bewilderment. "Now, please, could you tell us if this is the path we can take to the neighboring town? We must leave immediately."

I wanted to say that I had absolutely no idea where we were or where they were trying to go or what the hell was even happening, but the second I opened my mouth, the same robotic voice burst out. "YES".

"Thank you so much! I will remember you, VILLAGER NUMBER THREE!" Amelia hopped back on the horse. Without so much as a nod from Prince Jeremy, the two began to hurriedly go off into the forest, the sound of the horse's galloping footsteps growing fainter as they faded away into the foliage. I was speechless. I had absolutely no words.

I was in a dream, let's say that. But if this was my dream, then:

Why am I not the main character?

Why am I a villager?


I sighed out loud, my brows furrowing. I looked back at the forest that the two had disappeared two. Taking a second to calm down, trying to think back to the storyline that I knew from the original game. Based off of what I knew, if those two were fleeing, they were probably in the point of the story where the female main character is being framed for embezzlement of government funds. If there was any good thing about this situation, it was at least that now I didn't have to worry about people after my head.

Just then, a small troop of what seemed to be soldiers on horseback galloped directly at me. The man who lead the group, who had just the most weirdly shaped mustache I've ever seen, immediately drew his sword and placed it against my neck.

"Tell me, peasant. Have you seen Prince Jeremy and the wench, Amelia? If you lie here, I'll have your head!" The man shouted at me angrily. I stared back him blankly. Confusion slowly began to turn to annoyance. Please, let me at least have my head.

"Yeah, they went into the forest over there." I pointed into the forest behind me, not even caring what was going to happen anymore. What did it matter to me? This was all a dream and I was just a peasant villager.

The man glared angrily at me. "Do you take me for a fool!? Of course they wouldn't have fled in such an obvious manner! Nevermind! Men, search the other nearby villages within this border!" He shouted at the rest of the soldiers.

? If you're not going to believe me, why bother asking?! I blew out an annoyed breath, not even knowing what to think anymore. I didn't recognize this man from the game, so he must've been a SUPREMELY insignificant character. Who was he to look down on me?
Well, truth be told, if I was him, I wouldn't really listen to what VILLAGER NUMBER THREE had to say, either.