i want to memorize your hands

the way they flex when they hold a pen

i want to draw the lines

with the tips of my fingers

I recognize your presence

the sound of your laugh



I want to sit by you

For hours on end

You talk

I will always listen

i need to know you

Come, Tell me your thoughts

Tell me dreams, your hurts,

your droughts

I don't write

for everyone I want to know

my mind wanders

what do you do when I don't know you

I love your smile

Aim it at me

I'll capture each one in my memory

They'll reappear when you're not around

this is fickle

what am I doing

How foolish

But I can't

I am scared I will be forgotten

Have I put in too much

How far should I go

Those memories stolen from us

I want to know you until I die

Tomorrow, or yesterday, or at eighty-five

Above all else

I'll keep that in mind

spill yourself like ink scribbled

I'll be the empty pages


Fill me up

I don't know when this ends

or where I'll be going

but this is solid

this feeling like it's beginning

have I made a mistake

Maybe I've done this before

Did I ever learn

it doesn't matter anymore

all I've said

is whatever I've wanted

But tell me, dear

what it is that I can do for you