Chapter 8

Nancy knew she should leave Leo alone to process what Jonathan had just revealed but she wanted to be of comfort and support and to make sure he was okay so instead of heading up the porch to her house, she walked around the corner and entered through the doorway to Leo's space.

She heard the shower running and she realized he was cleaning up from his sweaty rainy long distance run. She glanced around the apartment, pondering what she should do next.

Leave him be was, of course, the most obvious answer. But she couldn't do that. Not after all this. No after fishing the license plate out of the lake that brought him here in the first place.

So she stepped into the bedroom and without thinking about it, undressed as if she was in her own bedroom, and climbed naked under the sheets.

Nancy was calm and at peace when she heard the shower turn off and a few minutes later Leo appeared in the doorway wearing nothing but a towel around his waist.

He was momentarily shocked to see Nancy in his bed.

"Are you okay?" Nancy wanted to know, staring at him from the bed.

"She didn't want to move to Baltimore," Leo said. "As much as she wanted me to make the team, she didn't want to go there."

"I guess she wouldn't take no for an answer from Jonathan," Nancy remarked. "She was coming here looking for a miracle."

"The ironic thing about all of this is that I ended up signing with Boston's Triple A affiliate Pawtucket," Leo said.

"I suppose the mystery is finally solved," Nancy said.

"Leaving my life in shambles," Leo sighed.

"Maybe it's time to start rebuilding," Nancy advised. "From scratch."

He stared at her. "There's nothing for me in San Antonio," he realized.

"Is there anything for you here?" Nancy asked.

He noticed her clothes lying in a clump on the floor. "You tell me."

There was a crash of thunder outside. "You must be exhausted," she guessed. "Both physically and emotionally."

"I am," Leo admitted.

"Get some sleep," she suggested.

Leo stepped to the bed and dropped his towel before pulling the covers back as Nancy marveled at his athletic form and he admired her nakedness with the covers pulled back. He slid into the bed beside her and let out a sigh.

"I've been calling Hannah The Lady of The Lake," Nancy revealed as she moved close to him in the bed and Leo felt her naked body press against him.

"That sounds almost poetic," Leo noted.

"I just like to think of her spirit floating above the lake surface like the morning fog," Nancy explained.

"A much better image than the one I keep thinking of," Leo sighed.

Her lips brushed against his, soft and warm. Leo gently nibbled at her mouth in response and Nancy wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him closer.

"Is this what you want?" Nancy whispered.

Leo kissed her lightly on her mouth. "Yes."

"Then everything will be okay," Nancy promised.

"I haven't believed that in a long time," Leo admitted with defeat.

"Close your eyes," Nancy instructed.

He did what she asked and Nancy rubbed the side of his face with the back of her hand as she listened to his breathing become more relaxed and peaceful.

It didn't take Leo long to fall asleep and who could blame him after all he had been through?

Nancy wasn't sure what provoked her to get naked and climb into his bed but now that he was here with her she was glad she had been so bold. She had the urge to call Meagan and tell the cop her evil plan had worked knowing Megan would fain innocence and claim she had no idea what her friend was talking about.

Nancy knew Meg planned that initial meeting in the diner as well as sending her to Smokey's to retrieve Leo earlier in the day when Meagan could have just as easily done the same.

Nancy smiled to herself and she closed her eyes, happy to take a late afternoon nap next to a man who had endured twenty-four years of painful loneliness. Hopefully he had finally found peace at the lake.

Nancy never expected to become attracted to and intrigued by a man like Leo Abrams. She knew it was foolish to fall for a broken man with a traumatic past but she couldn't help herself. She hoped he would be willing to give her a chance as he finally let Hannah go.

Nancy wasn't sure how long they slept. It was dark when she awoke and it was still raining outside. She was cuddled against Leo. She gently pushed him onto his back, pulled the covers back and climbed on top of him because she knew he was going to be okay.

"Let me," Nancy pleaded when she saw that Leo's eyes had opened and he was looking at her beautiful breasts in the dark.

The only light came from the bathroom which he had left on from his shower but it was enough to make her glow in the dark.

"You don't have to wait any longer," she told him.

"I didn't think I'd survive," Leo confessed.

Nancy heard the thunder outside as they made love and the lightning lit up the room periodically as she rode him until her passionate screams echoed across the room and when she was spent she collapsed on top of him.

Leo rubbed his hands long her spine and her backside while he smelled her hair that was covering his face.

"I'm lucky to have found you," he whispered.

"I'm luckier," Nancy insisted as she lifted her head up and looked into his eyes.

His return gaze was everything she hoped it could be.

"Will you stay?" Nancy asked.

"You are my Lady of the Lake," Leo told her and she began to cry.