Finally awake.

The nightmare's end.

Is it curious to ask

how long it's been?

We'll take

A walk around this mind.

Careful thoughts no one could ever find.

Facing the mirrors of shattered pages

Sent forth, never showing stages.


Take the loss, no need to worry.

Forever trapped in this story.


Now we're taking these regrets on High.

Bringing down the forever sky.

An existence wrapped in ink.

The creation on the brink.


Of reality that starts to sync.

Take notice, just don't blink.

Everything can

Come to a close.

Shut the blinds on those,

Who, never seen the soul.


So few.

So beautiful.


The ones who only blame.

The ones who only shame.

Filled with this self-doubt

Make excuses,

Easy outs.


Take the pen, don't worry.

Just write a different story.


Fire leaps from the pages.

Clocks spinning to other ages.

Just keep on moving forward,

Through the smoke and toward-.

Another time, another life.

Dishing out the lovely strife.

So accustomed to the words,

Life lines never heard.

So much ash blocks the lies

See the demons,

Embers fly.

Just another will to ignite.

Don't worry, the truth will bite.

Your masterpiece in ruins.

Yet you know what you're doing.

Here it comes, the end of the line.

Carving out what's on your mind.

The soul it tears from your hands

Hoping they'll just