What is going on? He asked me.

Nothing. I told him.

Really? Cause you don't talk like you used to.

Oh, I don't?

No. You don't answer my calls anymore, when I text you, you don't respond until hours later. I mean what has happened to you. He asked me.

What has happened is that I'm tired of having to be there. I'm tired of trying to do anything because your gone. And I get it, you're very busy, but you said that you would treat a girl better. You say a few words than your gone for hours.

I've tried to be patient, but I can't do it anymore. I would rather have someone in my life who treats me like crap cause at least they'll talk.

Really? You'd rather be treated like crap?

Yes, you made the same promises he did, but at least he kept his word. I told him, trying to keep myself from punching him.

Then why don't you go back to him? He asked me, not even trying to disguise his anger.

Because I'm above being treated like crap. I'm done feeling worthless because some guy can't have a conscious for one second. Because I believed you when you said that you were different. I guess I was wrong. I said as I looked him in the eyes.

You were wrong? How? He asked looking confused.

I was wrong because I knew he was lying when he said he cared. You had me thinking that you were gonna be different.