Bruce sits down on his couch, watching tv while having a cold one in his hands. He takes a sip from the can, "Ahhh... so good..." He murmurs after he finishes the last of the can, tossing it aside. He'll get it later. It's dark out, a moonless night, the stars in full view. As he's about to nod off to sleep, he hears a knock on the door. "Whozzat?!" He shouts, startled. Grumbily he gets up and heads over the door. "Better not be a prank, damn kids," he mumbles, thinking it's another ding-dong-ditch scheme. As he opens it up he sees a dark figure, dressed in a trench coat, wearing a slouch hat, standing outside. It's too dark to see who it is. "What do you wa-," he says before he's interrupted, thrown to the floor.

The dark figure stands over him, and pulls out an axe he was hiding in his trench coat. "You... no... we thought you were dead! You can't be alive! You can't be!" Bruce yells, his face pale with fear. The figure says nothing, and swiftly brings the axe down on Bruce, killing him in an instant. "You figured wrong, old friend," the dark figure says, before heading off into the night.

Edward is eating dinner with his family, his wife Emily having cooked them some burgers and fries for the night. "How is it, honey?" Emily asks, with sparkles in her eyes. "Oh, it's delicious, my sweet," he mumbles, with his mouth full of fries. His kid is there too. "Daddy, can we have some ice cream?" His daughter Emma asks. "After dinner, sweetie," Emily replies. "So how was school today, Emma?" Edward asks. "Oh it was great, we did finger-painting in class today," Emma answers. As she's about to explain what she drew, they all hear their house phone ringing. "You gonna get that, honey?" Emma asks. Edward sighs and gets up from the table, and stumbles over to the phone.

"Hello?" Edward asks, he hears a familiar voice on the other end... "I killed Bruce, Ed, and you're next. You will all pay," the voice says, before hanging up the phone. Edward's skin grows pale. "What's wrong, Eddie?" His wife asks, shooing their daughter Emma up the stairs.

"It's nothing, sweetie, just some business I gotta take care of with a friend," Edward replies. "Nonsense, what's wrong?" Emily asks, repeating herself with a firmer tone of voice. "It's Jim..." Edward finally lets out.

Emily's heart skips a beat. "Jim? I thought he was dead? He's alive? We should go find him, make sure he's okay," Emily says, but something about Edward's look makes her say that with a tiny bit of hesitation.

"I don't think we need to find him, he says he's coming," Edward says. "Take Emma and get out of here, now!" He suddenly barks. Emily knows not to question him, she hurries upstairs and grabs their daughter. "Where are we going, mommy?" Emma asks. "We're going to stay with your auntie for a bit, sweetie." Emily said. "Why?" Emma asks. "It's a surprise," Emily quickly replied, not knowing exactly what to say to her.

Emily and Edward exchange a longful glance, before she and Emma head out the door.

Edward moves quickly to grab his gun. He knows what is coming, he just doesn't know when.

Several hours pass and nothing but eerie stillness is heard. Edward has almost drifted off to sleep. A knock on the door startles him awake. Edward knows who it is. He silently walks to the door, but hesitates to open it for a brief second. He finally opens it, and there the dark figure is. Blood has stained his clothes, and he has a wild look in his eyes. He quickly shoves Edward to the ground.

"I've waited a long time for this, old friend," the dark figure says, before kicking Edward.

"Why are you doing this? We thought you were dead!" Edward manages to spit out, blood spewing from his mouth. "Don't you dare lie to me! You knew! My wife is dead because of you, and soon, yours will be too," Jim angrily shouts.

"That wasn't my fault!" Edward yelled back.

"Yeah, who's was it then?" Jim asks.

"Go to hell, Jim," Edward answers.

Jim grabs his axe, and as he prepares to deliver the killing blow a bullet rips through his chest. He keels over, no life left in his eyes.

Edward spits at Jim's corpse.

He drags himself to the phone, and calls 911. Then he drags himself to the couch, and falls asleep.

The end.