Hello! I'm glad my summary and/or cover intrigued you enough that you decided to click on my story. There is a lot of stuff to get out of the way before chapter one. So let's get into them! Warning: Long rant at the end!

Extended summary:

The kingdoms of Fire and Water have been at war for centuries. When Water forms an alliance with Earth, Fire scrambles to regain the upper hand- by kidnapping the Water Princess, and bringing in the Air Princess for good measure. But each of the four kingdoms, Air, Earth, Fire, and Water, has an heir who wants the war to end. Together, the four of them run away, only to learn that dangers other than war exist in their world... and could easily kill them, especially when they go to stop it. Add in some forbidden love, and the stakes get exponentially higher. The war isn't going to stop while they deal with everything else, either- and will ending all of the fighting and bloodshed be possible?

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Aesthetics: shorturl. at/ ejvz0 (Adara doesn't have a POV, but I really like her character, so I made an aesthetic for her anyway.)

Map: shorturl . at / fkmDH

Remember that you are fire. Burn. Tame. Adapt. Ignite.

Remember that you are water. Cry. Cleanse. Flow. Let go.

Remember that you are air. Observe. Breath. Focus. Decide.

Remember that you are earth. Ground. Give. Build. Heal.


***I may add a glossary at some point, if necessary***

Okay! I am ready for the rant!

It has pretty much always been my dream to write a novel. I've had probably hundreds of discarded ideas, but this is the first one to make it all the way to an actual written story. 60,000 words of one- long enough to be an actual (albeit short) published novel. I'm incredibly proud that I've managed to do that, since I'm the type of person that starts things and doesn't finish them. (I've already finished this, though, so there's no chance of that happening! Don't worry.) That being said, I'd like to clarify one thing:

Don't come here expecting the next Harry Potter or The Fault In Our Stars or even that one book you really enjoyed, even though it doesn't have a fandom. My story sucks. I'm a kid, and this is the first novel I've ever written. It sucks. The plot isn't good, my characters definitely aren't developed enough, my setting is only half world-built, all the romance is rushed and unrealistic. The actual execution of this writing is decent, but not great. (Maybe you guys will enjoy it, I've always been too harsh a critic on myself, but...)

So, you're probably wondering: If the story's so bad, why should I read it?

And that's a very good question, one that I do not have an answer to. But maybe some of you more advanced writers would enjoy giving feedback and advice to a complete novice and maybe even watching as they improve. Maybe some aspiring authors would like knowing that no matter how bad they are, someone else is worse. Maybe you're impressed with the eloquence I used to trash talk my story. Maybe some people would be happy that somewhere in the world, a girl is smiling at her chromebook because someone read her book and didn't want to throw it into a fireplace (I'm aware this is online, but whatever).

And if you're still here, then without further ado, let us proceed to chapter one!