What's this? A story of mine that actually has plot?

Yeah, I'm normally not good with plots but this one has a bit more plot than usual. Hopefully I have no plot holes that my brain points out at 3am. So enjoy.

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Rosario Tatenda stared at her computer screen. Nobody was online during school but she just wanted to play some Immortality Island during what seemed to be the longest computer class of her life. Rosario, unlike other students, used a laptop to take notes and such in her day-to-day life so computer class felt unnecessary for her. Still, computer classes were a compulsory part of the school curriculum for all students, no matter what year they were in. Of course, Rosario was the first finished, as always and she was really just waiting for the bell to ring to get some sweet, sweet lunch. In the meantime, she could just play her game as usual.

A familiar name soon popped on the screen - PinkBlackCat15. This strange person Rosario had been chatting with and virtually dating was online for about two years. They're relationship even went as far as marriage in a different game where marriage was an option. Unfortunately, the bell rang before Rosario had a chance to chat to them. She logged off and oddly enough, PinkBlackCat15 logged off as well. There was a few seconds between the two log offs but it was enough for Rosario to take note of it.

When she got to the cafeteria, Rosario ran over to her friend, Buddy Erwin, to tell him what happened. Buddy did seem more interested in his sushi that he brought for lunch but didn't mind responding to his friend's slight panic.

"I think you're overreacting a little bit. I mean, sure Pink could be in our school but that's a roughly 1 in a thousand chance given how many schools are in our country. Besides, Rose, we can't be the only school in the country with lunchtime at 1 o'clock" Buddy explained, with his cheeks stuffed with sushi. Rosario sighed, it was hard to get through to him when he had either food or artwork on the table to she assumed it would be best to just let him be. She pulled out her pasta salad that she had thrown together for lunch that morning.

"Yo, Buddy! Did you get my art request done yet?" A voice came from above the table. Rosario looked up and dropped her fork. The pink hair with blonde highlights, the tall figure and the mysteriously black eyes was enough to struck fear into any student. This was Angeles Liat, also known as the Adorable Tyrant. Much to Rosario's surprise, Buddy smiled and nodded at her before taking a piece of paper with a drawing on it and handing it to her.

"I actually think I'm friends with this person in a video game. Hey, Rose, doesn't it kinda-" Buddy spoke before cutting himself off when he received a suffocating hug from Angeles, who joyfully skipped away when she was finished. Now I get why they call her the adorable tyrant. Rosario thought to herself, slowly picking her fork off the table again.

"Sorry about that. She's always asking me to draw stuff for her. I was actually about to ask if you thought it kind of looked like PinkBlackCat's avatar." Buddy asked, catching his breath and stuffing his face with sushi again.

"I didn't get a good look at it anyways." Rosario replied, shakily eating her salad. It wasn't obvious but she was totally terrified of Angeles. She didn't know if it was her behavior, her voice or her overall appearance that scared her but it was not a great feeling.

The next thing that Rosario noticed was PinkBlackCat15 had changed their profile picture on the chat site, Biscurd. It was definitely Buddy's art style but Rosario wanted to confirm.

Quicksilver32: Hey! Nice new profile picture! Where did you get it from?

PinkBlackCat15: Oh just a friend. I'm not the best artist so I had him draw it for me.

Quicksilver32: Could you put me in contact with them? I need a new profile pic!

PinkBlackCat15: Yeah, you've had that profile picture since we started dating. His username is TheStraightestGayBoi8735. I think so anyway, I only really talk to him in real life.

Rosario stared at her computer screen in shock. The username PinkBlackCat15 had sent her was in fact Buddy's username on Biscurd. She tried to distract herself from what happened with YoBoob videos but nothing could stop her heart and thoughts from racing. It got to a point where she even carried these thoughts to bed with her and they kept her awake all night.

Rosario sat at her desk in science the next morning, staring at her laptop with tired eyes. I should've asked mom if I could have the day off. Rosario thought before realizing that she probably wouldn't be allowed the day off anyway.

She glanced over at Angeles who was on the opposite side of the room, chatting to her friend Rafiq while typing on her phone. Rosario then turned to her screen to see that PinkBlackCat15 was typing to her. It was at that moment that Rosario knew she had to say something.

PinkBlackCat15: Hey Silvie! How are you this morning my little squishy tushie!

Quicksilver32: I'm fine. May I ask if you see a girl with a silver highlight waving at you?

The chat went silent as Angeles started looking around before screaming "WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK?!" when she noticed Rosario waving at her. Rosario blushed, not knowing whether she was excited, annoyed or scared. Angeles approached Rosario and muttered "We're gonna have a little talk later. After school, beside the bikes." as she walked by.

A little talk? About what? Rosario's thoughts raced again as she wondered what on Earth Angeles would want to talk to her about. Were the two breaking up? Did Angeles want a real life relationship with her? Was Rosario going to beat her up? All would only be revealed later on after school.


Before anyone asks, Quicksilver32 is Rosario's username, Rosario might be called Rose in later chapters (Because I keep getting my pronouns mixed up) and yes, this story is named after a song.

Youpedia is a really good song you can find on YouTube. I definitely recommend Ham's self duet English version which is on there as well.

And might as well clear these up as well:

- Biscurd is a play on Biscuit, Curd and Discord all at once.

- YoBoob is a pun off YouTube, not a porn website.

- I'm an absolute dumbass.

Also if you see two chapters, don't be surprised I'm really into this story right now.

- End of Notes -