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Rose stood outside nervously. She always knew Angeles as ruthless but PinkBlackCat15 was always so sweet and caring towards her. Surely, it was just an innocent mistake. Surely, it wasn't the same person.

Of course, Rose couldn't ride an actual bike because of a condition she had. The same condition that is the reason she takes notes using a laptop. So it was a little suspicious that she would be standing near the bikes but she needed to know what Angeles wanted to say to her.

"HEY YOU! DID YOU SCRATCH MY BIKE?" Rose yelped as she heard a boy yelling at her. The boy ran over and pushed her against the wall. He continuously asked if she did it but Rose was too scared to answer. The boy was about to take a swing at her when a hand grabbed his arm. He felt nails digging into him as he turned around and saw Angeles, holding his arm and digging her fingernails into it. The boy broke free and fled before Angeles could do or say anything else to him.

There was a moment of silence as Angeles looked at her hand. "I think I should cut my nails again. I hate them long." She finally said after about a minute of silence. Rose was still up against the wall, heart pounding as she looked up at the adorable tyrant. Angeles then looked over at Rose and thought Oh yeah! I need to speak to her.

Angeles cleared her throat and said "So, your Quicksilver?". She was actually in disbelief. She didn't think Quicksilver was Rose of all people. Rose nodded in fright. She was shaking, terrified of what Angeles might do to her. The size difference between the two was not helping. Angeles stood around 5 foot 11 while Rose was shoulder-height to her at 5 foot 3. Rose could feel her heart beating through her chest as she looked up at the tyrant. Angeles heart was beating just as fast but she had to keep her act up. She couldn't afford to let her guard down at school, or anywhere for that matter.

"So, I suppose I'll have to test you then. Tomorrow in the cafeteria! I'll be waiting at the table near the gym doors. Don't be late!" Angeles come out with before getting on her bike and cycling away. Rose breathed heavily. She was about to leave when Angeles cycled past the school entrance again to tell her that it was a date.

"That's the only reason I went the wrong way. I did it on purpose!" She declared before cycling away. It was obvious that she made a small mistake, just like anyone else. Still, her voice was so frightening to Rose that it was almost impossible for her to laugh at it.

Rose was so nervous for the date that she dressed up as nice as possible the next day. She wore a teal dress that reached her knees and white pumps. Wearing a dress felt so amazing to Rose because she could imagine that everything she hated about her body had disappeared. The comments she got from her classmates were a mixture of weird looks from her classmates that knew and compliments from other people who didn't know what she hated about her body. At lunch, she got some sausages and mash potatoes from the cafeteria and approached Angeles, who was sitting at the exact table she said she would be at the day before.

"I told you it was a date, not a formal interview. You could've just come in your regular clothes." Angeles complained, hiding the fact that she felt guilty for not dressing up herself. She had just been sitting there, still as a statue that had only moved to get her lunch from her bag. Unlike Rose, she was wearing a pink t-shirt with black shorts and yellow runners. Angeles emotionlessly opened her macaroni and cheese and started eating. Rose started eating her mash potatoes around the same time.

"So where'd your username come from? Is it the silver highlight in your hair?" Angeles asked, stuffing her mouth with macaroni and cheese.

"N-no. I only started dying my hair a few months after I made my account. I just thought it was cool and it convinced my parents that I was cisgender. What about you? Do you have a cat?" Rose replied, glancing up at her silver highlight which stood out against the rest of her hair which she had dyed a dark purple color.

"I used to. She died at age fifteen, hence the fifteen. Wait, are...are you trans?" Angeles answered before scanning the room to find Rafiq. Surprisingly, he was actually talking to Buddy. Aw, look, the weeblet's all grown up and connecting to other weebs. she thought, taking another bite of her macaroni.

" that a problem?" Rose nervously stuttered. She hated it being pointed out to her but the truth would've had to come out eventually. She looked over at Buddy. Rose almost missed staring at his homemade, luxurious-looking food. It seemed as though he had a full chicken tikka masala in front of him. Rose then looked at Angeles who, when they made eye contact, shook her head to indicate that it wasn't a problem. There was a silence afterwards. Whether it was because of Rose's gender or if it was just because the two were eating, it was horrible and desperately needed to be broken.

"So...what do you like doing besides video games?" Rose asked, trying to break the desperate silence.

"I enjoy cycling, martial arts and drawing. Drawing is actually how Buddy and I became friends. What about you? You got a life?" Angeles replied, finishing off the last bite of her macaroni and cheese and putting the container back in her bag.

"I like volunteering at the local animal shelter. That's pretty much it." Rose declared shyly. She felt like a loser compared to Angeles. Who was she kidding? Angeles was perfect and way out of her league. Every part of Angeles life was probably perfect.

"That's so cute. I didn't expect you to be an animal lover." Angeles said, lying her head on her left hand. She, similar to her lover, was feeling like a loser. All of her daily activities were based around herself while Rose looked so generous in her eyes. Angeles was definitely ready to open up her heart to Rose, which didn't usually happen so easily.

The conversation continued, the subject now on animals. The bell eventually rang for classes and Angeles told Rose that she would talk to her later, even giving her a wink before she left. Rose's heart skipped a beat when her possible girlfriend winked. Rose was so madly in love with her yet still so terrified of her.

School finished a few hours later and Rose was now sitting at her desk, doing her homework. Even though she usually had her door open in case her little sister wanted homework help, Rose left her door closed, a clear sign that she wanted to be left alone. She knew her family was broken and blamed it on her gender identity. If she told her family her sexuality, she didn't know what would happen. Rose feared she would be disowned by more than just her older sister and her father.

Rose was about to go grab some dinner for herself when she got a notification from her laptop. It was Angeles, or should I say PinkBlackCat15.

PinkBlackCat15: Hey. You online?

Quicksilver32: Yeah. You want to talk about something?

PinkBlackCat15: Yep! Just want to tell you, I want you to be my girlfriend.

Quicksilver32: Oh, yeah sure!

PinkBlackCat15: Good! You better not break my heart or I'll break your bones. Love you.

Rose closed her laptop, got up, lay on her bed and screamed into a pillow. She couldn't believe it. Her online girlfriend was now her real life girlfriend. It was so exciting yet so terrifying at the same time. Rose didn't know what to feel but she knew her heart was beating for this girl and this girl only. As said by Angeles, she better not mess this up.


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