Small, tiny drops of rain landed on Maria's head as she followed grandpa into the woods. The air wasn't that cold- it was clearly spring even if today's sky were grey. The trees were getting green and on the ground she could see several flowers.
All of this would usually have made Maria happy. She usually loved walking in the nature. But this wasn't a regular walk. It would have, if it hadn't been for that argument about the dishes. And the mess in the guestroom. If she had managed to stop having a bad attitude. If.
But she hadn't. Thus, this walk wasn't a pleasant one at all. And she knew that the walk back to grandpa's cottage would be even worse.

Maria was turning 10 this summer. Usually she loved spending time with grandpa, they used to have fun and do a interesting things together. She used to spend at least a week with Grandpa every summer, and this summer mom and dad had told her she could spend a full three weeks with him, which she had happily agreed to. It was nice getting away from mom and dad for a while, even though she usually missed them a bit, especially at bedtime.
But now she had messed things up, already at the first week. She knew she'd had a quite bad attitude these days. It wasn't really meant to be that way. It just happened. She knew from experience that grandpa wouldn't accept it, and still she hadn't been able to sharpen herself up.
So, at the end grandpa had given her that look that she feared most of all. And he had said: "We are still taking a walk, you and me. But this won't be even close to as nice for you as our usual ones."
Grandpa didn't have to explain more. Maria knew what he meant. She knew that she would walk out in the woods in fear and back to the cottage in pain.

"Well, this one will do" grandpa said.
He had stopped at a huge, fallen-over log. Maria stared at it.
"Plenty of birches here as well" grandpa said. "Here, get going."
He handed Maria a hedgecutter. Maria looked at it, not entirely sure what she was supposed to do.
"Don't say your parents never taught you how to cut a birch rod?" grandpa asked.
Maria slowly shook her head. She had seen grandpa cut a switch one time before in the forest. But a rod... no one had ever spanked her with a birch rod.
Grandpa shook his head. "Kids these days... that's simple and basic knowledge every single child should have. Birch rods are known to have helped getting disobediant spirits out from many kids through the ages. Very well, I'll show you and you better remember it until next time."
He showed her over to one of the birch trees, with long branches haning down almost all the way to the ground. Then he told her were to cut some of them off. Grandpa made her cut off maybe ten or twelve twigs before he was satisfied. He then gave her a sign to hand them over to him.
"Watch me now, girl" he said. From his pocket he took up a ribbon. With it, he tied together the bottom parts of the twigs turning them to one birch rod, similar to the ones Maria had seen in books and films. On top of that, he tied it extra with some tape.
She swallowed. She had no idea how much it would hurt, but from what she had heard she guessed it would hurt quite a lot.
"Next time I expect you to do it yourself, understood?" grandpa said.
Maria nodded, but at the same time she prayed that it would never be a next time.
"Very well" grandpa said. "Let's get this over with. Take your pants and underwear off."

Maria stood there in the forest, now naked from waist down. She knew it wouldn't have been any point arguing with grandpa, and thus she had obeyed him and stripped from her pants and panties. She wasn't usually that shy, she didn't mind swimming naked with grandpa in that forest lake or runing around in the sprinkler with her cousin when he was there to visit. But having to strip like this, for a spanking, made her feel embarrassed. It was especially the fact that taking pants and panties off made it so obvious what was going to happen, that she would get her bottom spanked. When daddy spanked her back home he didn't give her time to think, he usually just pulled her pants and panties down in one move and the second after she was face-down across his lap and the spanking had already started. But grandpa did things so slowly, it gave her time both to feel ashamed and to dread the upcoming punishment.
"Go and lay down at that log" grandpa finally said.
Remembering that last time in the forest, when grandpa had used a switch on her, Maria slowly went over to the log. She stopped at it and looked at grandpa.
"Lay down" he said.
Maria swallowed and bent down on her knees. Then she placed herself face-down across the log.
"You know, I think I prefer you the other way, with one leg on each side of the tree" grandpa said.
Maria felt Grandpa taking hold of her arm, and he helped her move so that her upper body was resting on the tree and spread her leags so that they were on each side of the log. Maria realized that in this position grandpa could see more than usual, and this made her feel even more embarrassed. But what could she do? Protest? That would just make grandpa more angry.

The log was slightly damp from the rain. The wood and moss felt bristly towards the skin of her naked lower body, and at the same time the small raindrops felt cool as theiy landed on her bottom. Her nose was filled with the smell of the rain and of the old wood of the log.
"Good" grandpa's voice said. "I hope this will teach you about attitude, talking back and skipping chores, young lady."
Maria took a deep breath. Tears were coming down her cheeks already. She heard something sweeping through the air... and then it felt like needles stund her rear end. Again and again. At first, the pain wasn't that bad but after a few strokes it increased. And kept increasing.
"Still, girl" grandpa's voice said.
And Maria really did her best not to move around too much despite the fact that her bottom stund like if a hundred bees had stung it. At on point she felt grandpa moving her arm away, and realized that she had covered her bottom with her hand without noticing it. A few times grandpa must have stopped to give her time to breath.
She was crying quite hard and she guess that the sound of her crying must have been heard quite far. But she knew no one was there, and even if someone would be, why would they care?

"Do you have something to say to me, Maria?" grandpa asked.
"I'm sorry" Maria sobbed.
"I hope you are. And will you improve that attitude of yours?"
Maria nodded.
"Yes, grandpa."
"Very well" grandpa said. "You may get dressed again. Or do as your mother used to do when I blistered her bottom; she preferred not to have any fabric against her sore skin, so she usually just took her clothes in her hand."
Maria did her best to stop sobbing. In other cirqumstances, she would have found this fact about her mom interesting and perhaps even funny. But now it just made her consider weather to dress or not, she fully understood why people might want to choose not to have anything touching their skin after a spanking this hard.
Still, she decided to put her panties on, just in case they would meet anyone.
Grandpa gave her a look but didn't comment.

The tiny raindrops kept falling down, and Maria noticed that her clothes was quite wet by now. But it didn't matter, in fact it almost felt nice with the cool fabric of her panties agains her sore skin.
"Don't give me more reasons to spank you during these weeks, Maria" grandpa said as they reached the cottage. "I want us to have a great time together. But I warn you, any single misbehaviour and that little bottom of yours will naked and red again. Do you understand?"
Maria blushed and nodded.
"Good. I think I'll ask your mom and dad why they didn't teach you how to make your own birch rod, you are almost ten and should know how to."
"They... they didn't spank with a birch rod before" Maria said with low voice.
Grandpa raised his eyebrows. "Really? I've gotta have a talk with them on not beeing too soft with you."
Maria swallowed.
"Children need discipline, Maria" grandpa said. "I'm sorry, but that's a fact. Spare the rod - spoil the child. Just read the scripture if you doubt me."
"I... I don't doubt you" Maria said. She was familiar with those words. But first now it actually stroke her that they talked about a rod. Not about the hand or the wooden spoon.
"Good to hear" grandpa said. They went inside the cottage. "Go and put some dry clothes on."
Maria gave her grandpa a small curtsey before heading towards the guest room. In fact, she was more eager to get the panties off than to put on new ones.