Hi Everyone. :)
This short story is set a few years after the end of The Right Kind of Cheesy. It contains spoilers, so if you plan to read TRKoC, you should consider doing that first. Also, if you haven't read TRKoC, you probably won't understand much of this, but you are, of course, welcome to read, anyway. :)

The Perfect Place - Jonathan's POV

"All right, I'll let you have a few moments to yourselves." The real estate agent gave them a courteous smile. He reminded Jonathan of himself ten years ago. Black suit, white shirt, no tie. Well, there was that difference, of course, but he was extraordinarily polite and well-mannered, and he knew exactly how to word everything to best sell the house. "Will fifteen minutes be enough? Maybe thirty?"

"Make it thirty." Jonathan took Louise's hand with a fond smile. Even though they hadn't had a chance to talk about it yet, it was easy to tell that she loved the house just as much as he did. She seemed unable to stop smiling, as she looked around, and the smile reached her beautiful, green eyes, sending a flutter to Jonathan's stomach.

"I'll be back in thirty minutes, then." The young man gave another smile and a nod before he left.

"So..." Jonathan felt Louise's fingers find their way in between his own as he pulled her along for another tour of the house. "What do you think?"

"Logan, come on!" She reached out her free hand to encourage the curly, blond boy to follow. Logan looked up, but he didn't move. He was growing so fast, and only yesterday he had yelled at Jonathan and told him he would run away from home, because his fucking stupid dad wouldn't let him watch YouTube videos during dinner. And he had run away. Probably to the garage. But he had come back less than ten minutes later and asked Louise to warm him some leftovers. "What do you think I think?"

Jonathan chuckled and gave Logan another glance, before they left to go check out the next room again. Logan would follow when he felt like it. Right now he was busy knocking on the panelling, searching for hidden rooms.

"I think that you think that this would be the perfect bedroom." Jonathan followed Louise to the windows. They covered the entire wall, except for the door to a small balcony with a wrought iron fence. The view over the meadows behind the garden was amazing.

"I do think that." Louise reached up to kiss him, and since they were alone, Jonathan put his hand on her neck and pulled her close for a thorough snog. When they pulled away from each other a moment later, she had that sparkle in her eyes that he had loved since the very first time he saw it. It was long before they started dating, and she had probably had no idea that she was falling for him, yet. Sometimes it was hard to believe that even after all this time, she was still so much in love with him. But that's what she said about him, too, and there wasn't a flicker of doubt in his mind. The feeling only increased with every single day that they spent together.

"Eww, you're so gross!" They both looked at Logan, who stuck his tongue out and covered his eyes with his hands, before he quickly turned around, removed his hands, and hurried back to the other room. The fond look in Louise's eyes when she chuckled at the boy's horrified facial expression, made Jonathan's heart do a little somersault.

"There's room enough for another couple of bedrooms." He pulled on her hand again. "And even a spare one for when Marcus and Aisha come visit."

"They live fifteen minutes away." She gave a small laugh. "But my parents would probably like a bed to sleep in, when they visit. You know, they talked about moving over here, now that their dream about me and Marcus moving back there with our families will never be a reality."

"Yeah, your dad told me. He's already begun looking."

"Really? My mum only told me this morning. When did you talk to my dad?"

"Uh..." Jonathan thought about it for a brief moment. "On Saturday. We were watching football when you and your mum went grocery shopping. He said they were looking for something smaller, anyway, and so they might move over here."

"You didn't tell them that we were looking, did you?"

"Don't worry. They won't be moving in with us." Jonathan gave a teasing smile and pulled her close for another quick kiss.

They let go of each other again, and Louise led the way to the next room. "I know that, technically, there would be room enough in the other wing." It was more or less just an open space. According to the real estate agent, the former owners had used it for big celebrations. Like a party room. "But we could also make more kids' bedrooms, and you could have a room downstairs for all your handiwork. Like you have in the garage."

"I guess you're right." Jonathan pulled on her hand again, encouraging her to come take a look over the courtyard from one of the windows. "But I sort of imagined this would be your office."

"You what?"

"If we put up a wall here..." He gesticulated with his hands to show her. "...And set up a small kitchen over there..." Her eyes widened in what he knew by now was surprise. "...Your employees would have a really nice view over the road during their lunch break."

She kept staring out the window, as if she couldn't quite believe it. "Are you serious?"

"Of course, I'm serious. And there's room enough for workstations, and even a small conference room downstairs." His heart fluttered at the happy look in her eyes. "And there's even room for parking in the car park."

She gave a laugh at his use of car park, just as expected. The courtyard was only mud and grass at the moment, but with a little time and a lot of work it could be the ideal place to park a few cars. Their own would go in the garage, of course.

"I love the idea of that!" She wrapped her arms around his neck and gave him a kiss even more passionate than before, but the real estate agent wasn't back yet, and the drumming of feet on the floor downstairs revealed Logan's whereabouts. No one was watching them this time.

"It will take a lot of renovating, and you won't be able to move the company just yet, but in a few years' time..."

"The lease on the other place still runs another year and a half." She took his hand again. "But can we afford it? I love it, but one thing is being able to afford the house. Another is the renovation."

"We can. I already did the math. It will be tight for a while, but if we do most of the renovation ourselves, we can do it."

"But I have no idea how to build a wall or set up a kitchen."

"But you do know how to paint a wall."

"How would you know?" She shot him a teasing smile and let go of him to go downstairs, and he followed close behind.

"You painted your flat before you moved out."

"Oh. I'd already forgotten."

"And my dad knows a lot about construction work. And with a little luck, he'll offer to keep the garden without us even asking. I mean, if we show it to him as is, he'll want to get started right away."

"I like the way your mind works." There was a twinkle in her eye as she looked from Jonathan to Logan. The latter came running from another room to join them. "Logan, do you wanna go see the garden with us?"

"It's not a big garden, but there's plenty of room for a sandpit and a swing set." Jonathan watched Logan push open the door and run outside ahead of them. "And the little one can take her nap in the pram on the deck." They followed Logan outside, and Jonathan took Louise's hand when they crossed the courtyard to the garden.

"When did he stop speaking?" She focused on the boy with another fond smile, making Jonathan's heart melt. The two people he loved the most, also loved each other.

"He's just a little overwhelmed." He brushed his thumb over her hand. "But I think he likes it."

Logan picked up a stick from the long, frostbitten grass and moved it through the air as if it was a wand. It made them both laugh, though not loud enough for him to hear them.

"You should talk to him about it. I don't want to live here if he hates it."

"He doesn't hate it. And it's not his decision to make."

"No, but you wouldn't want him to live in a place he hated, would you?"

"Of course not. But he doesn't."

"I can't really figure out what he thinks about getting a baby sister. He never talks about it."

"He will, when it begins to show. And he's adored Amelia from before she was born. He's really good with her."

"I'm sort of bummed they chose that name. I wanted it for our baby girl."

"I didn't." Jonathan chuckled and watched Logan get down on his knees to pick up something from the grass, cupping his hands as if careful not to crush it. It was probably a spider, then. The boy had a thing for spiders. "It reminds me too much of Mila."

"But that's why I like it!"

"I know. But it would feel strange. Soon people would start calling her Mila."

"I don't think they would."

"Either way, we're not calling her that."

"No, I know." She did look a little disappointed, and Jonathan put his arm around her to pull her close. He put a hand on her belly, where the pregnancy was beginning to show, and he could definitely feel a small bump in there. He couldn't help but smile at the feeling under his palm, and when he looked up at Louise, her beaming smile completely took his breath away and sent a jolt of adrenaline rushing through his body. If only they would still make each other feel that way when they were old and grey, and their children brought home their own children.

"What're you thinking about?" She even made his cheeks grow warm, as if she had caught him red-handed by asking. It was ridiculous, but she still made him blush, though not nearly as much as he did her.

"About you. When you're old and grey and as beautiful as ever."

"Oh, stop it!" She let her eyes down and pushed him away playfully, but she never stopped smiling. "I'll be all wrinkled and worn, and my boobs will be long and ugly from nursing three children."

Jonathan gave a laugh and pulled her close again. "So, three children?"

"Well, why don't we have that discussion in a few years' time?" She put her hand on his, when it found her belly again. "I may already be old and grey, then."

"You'll be just as beautiful when you're old and grey, and your boobs are long." He let go of her belly and took her hand to continue through the garden. "I, on the other hand..."

"You'll be one of those hot, old, grey-haired men, who can still have any woman he wants at 70. Even the 20-year-olds." She held on to his hand and followed through the garden. "Oh, look! There's already a swing set." She pointed to an old swing set in need of new paint, making Logan look up before he ran for the swings.

"Why would I want a 20-year-old?" Jonathan gave a short laugh. "Maybe a 30-year-old, but 20 is too young."

"Shut up!" Louise mock-slapped his chest, and Logan looked up at her use of shut up, but then the swing gained a little speed, and he clearly forgot about reprimanding her. He had only learnt how to swing recently, and he was practically beaming when he managed to get up in the air without help.

"I'll be perfectly happy with you and your long boobs when I'm old." Jonathan pulled Louise close for yet another kiss. He would never grow tired of kissing her. Why she had chosen to share her life with him was beyond his understanding, but he was incredibly happy that she had. Even now, when she was much more secure and independent than she had been back when they had first met, she still chose him. Well, she had been sort of independent, but she had also been insecure. It was no wonder with everything that had been going on in her life, and he understood perfectly well why it had taken her some time to grow into the self-assured, kick-ass young woman that she was today. She ran her own company, for goodness sake! And it had only taken her a couple of years to develop it from the first, tentative idea to her full time job with four employees. She was even interviewing for a fifth. He would never suggest it himself, but should she ever ask him to join her company, he would do it in an instant. Even if it meant that they would have to tighten their belts in the future. Time wasn't right, he knew that, and it should also come from her. But maybe in ten or fifteen years' time...

"Have you had time to look around?" A voice interrupted Jonathan's string of thoughts, and they both looked up at the real estate agent crossing the lawn to join them.

"We have." Jonathan looked from the agent to Louise. Her eyes were sparkling, and she was obviously in love with the house. With him, and with the house. The thought made him smile to himself, and he took her hand again.

"When can we move in?" Her question made Jonathan grab her hand a little tighter in surprise. They hadn't even talked finances yet. Or even agreed to buy the house.

"Technically, you can move in as soon as you've signed the papers." The real estate agent gave an enthusiastic smile. "The house has been empty for a couple of months now. You could have the key tomorrow."

Well, they might be able to drive down the price a little, then.

"We have to talk about it, of course." Jonathan glanced around the lot one more time. It was a great place. They couldn't have anyone snatching it before their eyes. Not with the dreamy look that had been in Louise's eyes from the moment they parked outside. "And we need to talk to our bank adviser. But I think it' safe to say that we're interested."

"Alright, Mr. and Mrs. Westwood." The agent handed his business card to Jonathan, who let Louise have it. He already had one. "Let me know if you have any questions. Or if you want another look at the house. Maybe you want to go over it with a constructor?"

"We might want to." Jonathan gave a nod and a small smile. "We'll get back to you soon."

The real estate agent shook hands with both of them, before they left for the car.

"Logan, come on!" Jonathan turned around to look at him, but he was still busy swinging. "We're leaving."

"No!" The boy just made the swing go even higher. "I don't want to go home."

"Something tells me that he won't hate it." Louise chuckled, and the fact that they had to go back and make him come down from the swing, made Jonathan insanely happy. Even when Logan screamed at them that he hated them, and kicked him with his little feet when Jonathan picked him up from the swing and let him hang over his shoulder. Logan already loved the place.

The two most important people in Jonathan's life loved the house. To him, that was enough to make it the perfect place.