Onwards, friend

Time is a train you'll always miss in the last minute

Because you stumbled

Over your untied shoelaces

Twenty right things ago.

Life is not as fast, but it might catch up one day

So let it carry you instead

You are on a roundtrip, so you will return

There's no hurry to keep up.

You might hear the engine's siren,

Once in a while.

It sounds like songs of tomorrow

Or the playlists of past

Nod along, and find a different tune after,

Before it gets boring.

Savour the chai on rainy days

Along with the tears

And eat all sorts of experiences

Be full

An empty stomach only makes you angry, I've heard.

And when you finally reach the right station

Open doors and a waiting train;

The compartment you seat yourself in

Might seem like home after all.

I wish your journey is well worn

So there are only windows looking out

To the paths you've taken

And no regrets knocking at your door.

When you give your blanket a flourish

And curl up on the berth

I wish you sleep dreamless

The kind that comes after a tiring journey

And leaves you satisfied.