"Stop thief!"

I bolted through the kingdom of Etian, dirt, and dust flying behind me as I ran. The guards were right behind me—their shout told me so. But I was a fox. A clever one at that. I would be able to get them off my tails easily. This wasn't the first time I had stolen something and wouldn't be the last.

Etian had a very bad probably with how it treated us freaks. We were called Odd Ones. The reason? We all had something from us. From our eyes to our bodies. It could be anything, extra tails, wings, mouths covering the body—anything. We were freaks of nature. We weren't allowed in the main part of the kingdom. We were outcasts.

Instead, we had to make our own place in the kingdom. It was called Odd Town and it was our home. Despite that, however, it didn't truly feel like it. We were cast here to live when we were really young. Our families didn't want us. They didn't care about us. We were a stain upon the family name, so instead of killing us, they left us to fend for ourselves in the town.

It was a nightmare for any of us that lived there. It was hard to get by; hard to live. There was hardly any food for us and shelter. It was a poor town as the King refused to lift a paw to help us. The Queen was a different story. Hari went out of her way to do what she could to offer us help. The lioness was always gentle and understanding. She didn't think it was right that we were being treated so horridly just because we were born different from everyone else.

If only others would as so understand as she was, maybe things would have been different for us then. Sadly, most of Etian hated us. They wanted us dead. It was by the Queen's law that we weren't to killed on sight. She had a heart of gold, always looking out for those weaker and less fortunate than her. She was a wonderful ruler.

If only the same could be said about her mate. Faust was his name. A wolf was as nasty as they came. He hated Odd Ones with a burning passion; his red eyes glowed like a raging fire whenever he saw one of us. It was rumored that he had taken in an Odd One by request of Hari and was raised there along with their two actual children, Rune and Kesari.

The adopted kid no one knew about. It was a total mystery as to who it was that was adopted by the King and Queen. Whoever they were, they were a lucky bastard. My life was hell just like all the other Odd Ones that couldn't be as lucky as they were. Living in Odd Town wasn't easy, it was difficult to get by day by day, doable, but hard as hell.

I knew for a fact that Queen Hari wouldn't be too upset with me if I was caught. The lioness was always forgiving whenever I was taken in. King Faust was a different story. He hated me for stealing things right under his nose. He wanted me arrested and then killed for countless crimes that I had committed ever since I was dumped off in Odd Town when I was a kit. The Queen always made sure that never happened, only fueling his rage at me.

It served him right in my personal opinion. He could have done something long ago to help us like his mate was doing and yet he stayed inside the castle's walls, ignoring us as we fought to live to see tomorrow. He was in no state to be the ruler of the land at all. The lioness was without a doubt. She was trying to help us after all, Rune and Kesari too. They were kind and the wolf would make a fine leader one day so long as his bastard of a father didn't corrupt him before then.

If I recalled right, the Prince's claim to the throne would be within a few day's time, as he was at the ripe age to rule the kingdom. He would be given the crown, ruling right by his parents' sides until they fully stepped down from being the King and Queen of Etian. Hopefully, the pup would be able to fix some of the wrongs his father has done over the years. It would take time, we all knew it, but it would be worth it.

Snapping out of my thoughts, I realized that I was close to Odd Town. I smirked. There was no way they'd be able to catch me once I reached my homeland. I almost wanted to laugh in their faces if they thought they could get a master thief in her own element.

So long guards! See you next time!

Leaping up to one of the many building's rooftops, I glanced back at the guards. Flashing them a cocky smirk, I leaped from the roof to the other side. By the time they reached the spot where I was, I was already out of sight.

Better luck next time, jerks.

I waited a bit longer before I decided to come out of hiding, just to be safe. Even though I knew I wasn't going to get into any real trouble for stealing from one of the shops, I still didn't want to take any chances. It was safer that way.

I gave myself a quick shake before looking over the food I had stolen. It wasn't much, but I hoped it would get my girlfriend and me through the night. Tomorrow I could go out and steal once more. It was what I always did. I would do anything for the one I loved with all my heart. I had to protect her as she couldn't do it on her own.

I should get back to her. I don't want to keep her waiting any longer than I already have.

With that thought in mind, I began to make my way back to where I knew my girlfriend was waiting for me. Hopefully, I hadn't kept her waiting for long.