"I can't do this anymore."

Not again, I thought to myself. "Ok, what's going on?

"I've been depressed, and I think I know why." He said to me.

"Why?" I asked. I already knew the answer, I was just hoping I was wrong.

"It's us. I can' do this anymore, all this distance. It's hard." I could hear his voice shaking and I didn't have to look up to know those beautiful eyes of his were probably filled with tears.

"It's hard? I know its hard. I'm feeling it every day, but I'm trying. Do you hear me? I'm trying because I know this will work." I said to him, trying not to show how much pain I was in to say that.

"I know, but I told you at the beginning I don't do distance. This isn't easy, it's making me feel worse."

"You make that sound like you're the only one."

I think we should take a break. I can't hurt you if we're not together." He told me. I could see how hard he was struggling to say those words, but I didn't want to hear them. I didn't want to hear that another person didn't think I was worth it.

"I don't want to, but I don't want you hurting anymore." I said to him. "We'll take a break, but I'm not going to stop fighting for you."

"I know." He said as he turned and walked away.

I watched him walk away and felt myself finally break, releasing all the tears I was holding back. I knew without a doubt that we were done and that we would never happen again.