Prologue: Our Strange Ordinary Life

A teenage girl walked into a grocery shop to get her missing ingredient for dinner. She was a Caucasian woman with long red hair and brown eyes. She wore a pale blue shirt with a long black skirt.

The store was pretty empty at this time of the day. She checked her list and grabbed a basket to get the missing ingredients. She listened to the background melody coming out of the speakers as she grabbed the vegetables needed. She let out a small smirk as she grabbed some broccolis, "I hope he'll like what we'll make for dinner. Hope he won't complain," she giggled as she nodded negatively at her silly hope.

She searched for pepper and Italian spice and finished getting everything needed. She stopped in front of the spice when her cellphone rang, "Hi there."

"Hi Rose."

"What's the matter? I told you I'll be home soon with the groceries. Just be patient," she teased him.

"Very funny Rose. I called because I'll be busy for a while and I won't be able to help with dinner."

"What's going on Brutus?" Rose asked him.

On the other side of the life, Brutus casually replied, "I noticed that there is a demon around the block and I'll be hunting them right now. I'll try to make it as quickly as possible."

"Stay safe," the girl smiled.

"No problem. By the way, you better not get any vegetables for dinner."

"I totally did that."

"God dammit! You know I love meat and only meat! Pancakes too but only meat!" he complained at the other side of the line.

A soft giggled came out of her mouth as she grabbed something from her basket, "You will eat those broccolis."

"Do you want to poison me?"

"You aren't making dinner with me, so too bad."

"Don't put too much at least," he begged her. She heard him grumbling, "I'm there. I'll hang up and begin the hunt. We'll take about those damn broccolis later."


He hung up and left her on the line. Rose chuckled as finished getting the groceries.

Brutus sat on the ceiling of a skyscraper. He hung up after she gave her good-bye.

He grunted, "Damn you Rose. Taking this chance to make me eat something poisonous," he put his cellphone in his pocket. He grabbed a jewelry from his necklace. It was a magenta stone. It began to shine on his finger and his body grew, "It's mostly those demons' fault anyway. I'll kill them all quickly and maybe avoid the worse."

His flesh and clothes shined of the same color than the stone for a few seconds. One the light went away, he jumped from the skyscraper.

He used the stone to turn into muscular magenta dragon with two purple large wings, a long tail, violet jar, black face, yellow eyes, a crimson horn on his snout, long silver hair and a short silver beard. He wore a bronze breastplate with a blue plate on his crutch. He wore a round shield on each of his arms.

He spread his wings and went to the next skyscraper. His yellow eyes shined brighter as he found his target. The next tall building had some a dark mark on it that seemed to move like a blob. The reptilian being approached the blob without slowing down. When he entered into contact, he never splatted against the wall of the skyscraper.

He was temporarily blinded. The next thing he saw were many doors opening. He closed his wings and landed on a white floor. Everything around him was darkness, "Very empty domain," he sighed, "I'll get broccolis because of a weak demon."

The dragon cracked his limps as he prepared for the battle. He decided to end it quickly. Maybe he could turn things around before she poisoned him with broccoli. He flew forward, ready to kill his target.

Some bubbly sound resonated around him. Whatever it was, it was something that would attack him. Brutus used his superior hearing and localised the source of the sound. He slid on the ground. His wings entered inside his flesh.

They were a few black slime things bubbly around with humans' tooth and human eye ball inside of the slimes.

The demon hunter sighed as he cracked his fingers, "No needs for my weapons."

The slimes jumped towards him, ready to bite his scales with their human tooth. With one punch, he exploded the first slime. He grabbed the second one and crushed it with his grips.

He jumped away when more came for his flesh. He rolled in the air and landed on his feet. Another slime came from behind. His tail smashed the thing on the ground and flattened it. The eye balls rolled on the side before turning into dust.

He continued to kill the lesser target with ease and soon, he finished them all. The dragon continued forward his main target. He killed anything that came in his way.

"Really weak demon it must be," he grunted while accelerating his pace.

At the end of his track, a black and white door stood tall. It was closed by silver bars that forbidden access to it.

"That's it?" Brutus asked with frustration, "I'll just blow this up," he raised his left arm and the shield reveal two small cannons hidden inside of it.

He aimed at the door and fired. It took three shots to destroy the bars, allowing him access to the inwards of the demon's domain. The reptilian one took a deep breath. He put his cannon back into the shield and proceeded forward, "I'll kill you quickly and avoid those accursed broccolis!"

He ran towards the door and passed through it. He was once again blinded for a few seconds before he reached the other side.

He landed on another white floor. The surrounding was simply colored blue with cray, but not done really well. They were many black spots on it that showed the imperfection of the domain.

The demon who rule the domain was present, standing in front of the hunter. It seemed liked it was a human who turned into a dead tree, branches like the few hairs that remained. Except that it had hands instead of eyes where it should be and the fleshy human eyes were on the ends. The monstrosity let out a war cry.

"Yeah. Yeah. I heard you demon," he raised his right shield and a blade came out. The sharp blade reflexed the purple jaw of the dragon, "Let's end this hunt quickly, shall we?"

The being released many tendrils towards the hunter. It looked like branch growing on the chest of the being. None of the attacks hit the target who was too fast and agile to be damaged by the demon.

Brutus jumped in the air. He flipped forward as he slashed one of the branches as he approached the being. He slid on the ground and cut another of the tentacles made of wood.

The demon raised its arms and grew them towards the demon. The eyes opened and revealed sharp fangs, ready to eat the enemy.

The reptilian being did a backflip and chuckled when the demon missed him. He raised his other shield and fired a few canons on the face of the humanoid tree being.

The explosions made it scream in agony as it spasmed for a few seconds.

The dragon decided to end it. He summoned his wings and flew in the air. He avoided any attacks of his prey and charged forward. He charged at the chest of the monster and slashed many times. He opened the chest and green goo came out of it. Brutus coughed a few times when the smell of the demon blood went on his face. He continued his assault and cut anything that tried to attack him. He finished it by impaling the heart.

The demon let out one last scream of agony, before it turned into ashes and died.

The demon hunter sighed as he put back his blade and canons back into their shield as he turned around and spread his wings. He raised his hand and a small black sphere appeared and landed the scaly palm of the dragon.

Once the domain was gone, the dragon freefall for a second before he flew. He decided to return straight home. He had little time if he wanted to avoid the worse case scenario.

Rose prepared everything in the large kitchen that had most of the cooking decide in double instead of just one. The dining room was also large with a long table and 12 chairs aligned around it. The other rooms were also large, as the girl wasn't living in a house, but a boarding house.

The ham cooked in the oven while she prepared the side dish. She took out the vegetables and rinse them.

"No broccolis!" someone yelled when he entered in the boarding house, "I'm here in time Rose. Here to help! So, no broccolis!"

Brutus rushed in the kitchen as his wings seemed to fuse with his back. He raised his hand in desperation when she already finished preparing them.

"I made sure to prepare them first," she innocently replied.

The dragon was on his knees, "NOOO!" he yelled in desperation.

"You can't just eat meat and pancakes you know," Rose warned him as she finished preparing the rest of the vegetables.

It took a while for him to recover from his upcoming horrible fate. He stood up and sighed, "I am a dragon. Not a human. I survive with only meat and pancakes!"

"Why pancakes?" she asked.

"Because it's delicious of course!"

"Broccolis are too. They are good for your health you know," Rose declared.

"That's just a conspiracy!" Brutus snapped at her.

She began boiling the side dish, "Too bad. I made dinner. Deal with it."

The dragon whispered, "Oh I will."

The girl pushed the pseudo drama on the side, "It will be ready soon. Hope the hunt made you hungry."

"It did. Then those poisoned plants are ruining my appetite," his stomach grumbled in opposition as he brought the drama back.

"Liar," she chuckled.

Dinner was served not long after. He was stuck between hungry and sick. He had a big piece of yam to his right while his left had the vegetables. The worse was the piece of broccoli. He got a bigger one than the girl, he was certain of it.

"You better eat everything if you want me to make pancakes tomorrow," she told him before eating.

Brutus felt a hint of desperation in his heart. His tail lost all strength and felt on the ground. He began to eat the yam, pushing the side dish later.

"How did the hunt go?" Rose asked while eating carrot.

"Easy. It was a weak demon. One that curse me in the after life with those damn vegetables, created by the vile creatures of hell!" he declared with passion and hatred.

"Drama queen," she replied.

"Am not! I am a drama king."

They both giggled as they kept eating.

"They are a lot of demons around. For a month, you only had to deal with one of them every day. You usually had to hunt for them like one or twice the week," the girl commented.

Brutus thought back and had to agree. He had been eating plants more often, "Nothing I can't deal with. Those demons won't take me down," he finished the yam and added, after gulping it, "Still, many humans might get killed. Maybe I have to bring this up to the Coordinator."

"Think he already knows?"

The magenta dragon nodded negatively, "He would have done something already. I'll pay him a visit tomorrow morning."

"I have nothing tomorrow, so I can come with you. I haven't seen him for a while."


Rose frowned and pointed at his plate, "Don't forget to finish everything."

His yellow eyes rested on the side dish. His stomach spiralled in his gut at the prospect of eating those. He was a carnivorous being, not an omnivorous one. The reptilian being wanted his pancakes, so he had to eat those. A small grin was on his face, "I guess I'll have to use this."

His hand went under his crotch plate and took out the small black sphere from the demon. The dragon eyes shined as the black object changed form.

"What are you turning this too?"

"Something vital!"

When the light was gone, the girl saw a bottle of barbecue sauce with that tasted similarly to yam, written on the bottle, "You cheater."

"Not forbidden!" he opened it and drowned the plants with the sauce, he told himself, "Drown in the fabulous taste of meat! Drown stupid plants!" When the bottle was empty, he put it on the side and quickly ate the side dish. He barely chewed it before gulping it all down. He raised his fist and declared, "Done! Pancakes tomorrow Rose!"

"Cheater," she grumbled with a small smile.

Once they finished the two cleaned the dishes.

Brutus yawned, "And done. See you tomorrow. I'm going to bed. Next demon I get, I'll turn it into cash," he went upstairs to his chamber.

Rose nodded and checked everything before going to bet. She went in her chamber and stopped for a few seconds. She gazed at the door in front of her own chamber. The girl opened the door to that chamber. That chamber was empty, devoid of anything. Every time she opened that door, she felt like there was someone inside waiting to tell her hello or good-bye.

"Not even the other chambers are that empty," she commented as she closed the door.

She went to bed and tried to push that uneasiness away.

AC: This is the end of this prologue.

Next Chapter: The Coordinator.