Chapter 10: Ambush Plan

Darkus entered in the home of the Coordinator and looked around. He didn't see the dragon as he knocked on the door, "I'm here. I have an important report to give on our hunt."

"I'll be here soon. Just wait a minute."

The black dragon thought it was a bathroom break and he saw on the sofa. He crossed his legs and adjusted his scarf. He grumbled a few things about the red dragon, but went no further than that. If he was honest with himself, he would have totally done the same with an outsider dragon. He was in their territory. That's why he didn't want to end up working with the dragons of the city.

He scratched his jaw and wondered where his sister was. She wasn't the only one kidnapped, "Why did they go outside of the city for that?"

The Coordinator walked in the room and said, "Sorry. I had letter I needed to send," he sat on another sofa, "What did you find out?"

"We found the school where the coin is given. It's the one at southwest of Brutus territory. Its name is gone and I don't remember it. I know the location."

"Shu Zu Kan high school."

"Yeah, the one with the weird name," the black dragon replied.

The purple one sighed as his tail tapped the ground, "There is more if you came back here."

"Yes. We found out that there was six coins and it was put yesterday night. We should expect a black man to be killed in painful agony and an Asian to commit suicide soon. From the scent, we couldn't track the human. There is something in the air that makes it complicated. Some kind of malevolence… Like those when a demon is about to be born, or right after it."

"But it's been active for a week and that should have been gone already," he concluded for himself.

"Yes. Hellfire is still there, ready to stop the next victim from paying that demon… If it is one. So many things are similar, but it doesn't make sense," Darkus admitted.

"I have to assume that it is probably too late for them. We have to stop for the next one. We are going to need Brutus if we want to end this murder and suicide spree safely," he crossed his legs and scratched his cheeks, "I guess Rose will rest here."

"Should I return with Hellfire?"

"Yes. If that thing came from there, it might return. I do not want Hellfire to handle this one on his own. There is something different going on here and I do not want anyone to die when I can do something about it. As for Brutus, I'll tell him my plan, once I've finished preparing it. He will join you later."

"Then I shall get going," he stood up and walked away.

"Did anything happen between the two of you? Hellfire surely did a few jerk things already."

The dark dragon turned around, "The things I might have said to an outsider dragon," he then left the skyscraper.

The Coordinator sighed and nodded negatively, "Of course he would have done that. I'll sent a letter to Brutus right away. He will leave the academy in an hour or two."

Hellfire and Darkus were waiting for Brutus to come. They were on the roof of the abandoned school and observed the entrance. Both were eating a burger they got from a restaurant. It was pretty quiet and got a little bored.

"This is the worse part of the hunt. The waiting games. Especially when you stood somewhere and do nothing," Hellfire complained. It was at least something he could do. He took a large bite of his lunch and gulped it loudly.

"Of course. Anything can go wrong as long as there is something that could happen. Anything could happen," the black dragon replied as he took a small bite of his cheeseburger, "Hum… This is good."

"Yeah. They have the best burger. It is the only restaurant who served that much meat. It ain't cheap, but it's worth it. A dragon paradise," the red dragon replied as he took another big bite. He smiled at the good taste, temporarily forgetting about his hostility with the outsider.

"Got a five star for me," the other one admitted.

"You, sir, are a dragon of culture," Hellfire chuckled.

"Yeah," he replied as he finished his burger.

The other one grabbed his next one and checked at the sky, "Academy day is soon over, then Brutus will be here."

The two dragons were quiet for a while. Eventually, Hellfire sighed, "Hey. Thanks for not telling the Coordinator I was a dick."

"I would have done the same," Darkus replied as he crossed his legs. He turned around and added, "I got nothing against you."

"Yeah… Can I ask you something?"

"Depend what it is?"

"You're sister. Were you like very close or just close?"

"I… I don't get what you mean."

"I mean, just a normal sibling relationship or like an inseparable duo?" the red dragon precise.

"Hum… I'll pick the second option. We were always together. I hunt demons and if I'm hurt, she is the first one to tell me to be careful, have you been a jerk to someone, are you okay, was that demon really strong? Things like that. When we went to school, I scared many potential boyfriends of my sister by testing them. I wouldn't let a bad boyfriend near her. That was before she disappeared and she pulled my tail," he let out a sad snicker, "Really hard."

"Damn. I was a single child," he sighed, "Wish I had a brother or a sister. It would have been funnier around."

"Yup. I will not go home until I find her," Darkus concluded.

The two waited for a while. They heard something and when they looked up, they saw the magenta dragon joining them. He landed on the ground and looked at the group, "Sup."

"Hey there Brutus," Hellfire raised his hand as he finished his last burger.

"Got the plan?" the other one asked.

"Yup. Anything changed here?"

"No. No one came and we felt nothing else coming here," the black dragon replied.

"What the plan?" the red one quickly approached the dragon.

The magenta dragon seriously looked at the others and raised two fingers, "They are two ways when we want to deal with that demon and prevent another victim," once finger remained in the air, "The first one is simply to break the cycle. That means that we have to face the next human who will come here to ask the demon to kill another black human and talk him out of it."

"Then count me out. I look like a black human in my other form," Darkus replied. He raised his hands when he saw them frowning, "You think the Asian is going to listen to me when he is coming here to kill a human with black skin?"

"No," they had to admit.

Brutus continued, "If that fail, we have to intercept him in the school, near the director office. Maybe knocking that person out there will force the demon to manifest itself. We will anger it… Probably. If not, we made sure the human is stuck somewhere for a while and we deal with it."

"That thing will be in the director office," the black dragon grumbled, "Maybe even now."

Hellfire asked, "Why calling that thing a demon? I'm not even sure it is one."

"Because it's just easier to call them that and get on with it. I don't want to invent a name for those things. They are demons, but with weird attitude," the magenta dragon replied as he crossed his arms.


"Who is going to wait for the human at the entrance?" Darkus asked as he gazed at the other two dragons.

"I'll do it," the red dragon said as he raised his hand, "I'll try and convince him to turn around and forget about the th- demon. Then we can handle the- the demon without any interference or fearing that the human will come at the wrong time."

"And when we fight the demon, it has to be on our term. It's not the same as the regular one. It might be waiting with an ambush plan, or something like that," the outsider suggested.

"That was the next thing the Coordinator wanted me to tell you. Anyway, good luck down there Hellfire. We are waiting near the director office, just in case he managed to get by you."

"He might be controlled by the thing in someway, so he might be a little stronger than normal," Darkus suggested as he walked on the corner of the abandoned school.

"W-wait? None of you are waiting at the entrance?" the red dragon asked.

"No. We are going to wait near the demon. If the demon is there, it's best we are in number," Brutus replied.

Hellfire nodded, not arguing any further, "Okay. I'll go down there and wait for that guy or girl," he jumped from the ceiling and when he landed, turned into his human form. He modified his body a little and looked closer to his actual age, a full grown up man. He gazed at the ceiling and saw the dragons jumping down and going inside of the school. He crossed his arms and grumbled, "This is going to be really boring."

Meanwhile, inside of the school, the magenta dragon muttered, "Creepy in there," he sniffed the air. He got no sent of a demon around.

"The aura of that thing is everywhere in the air. As I said, it looks like a demon who just finished taking form, but it's been here for too long for that aura to remain," the black dragon replied.

"I know, I really don't like what is going on in this city. Some dragons planning something with female humans they kidnapped and those demons acting in weird ways that no demons did before. I bet my tail those two are connected somehow."

"It will be way scarier if it isn't."

They said nothing else as they went into a room near the director office. They hid in there and waited.

It took a minute before Brutus grumbled, "Well this suck," he would rather do that with Rose near him. Even if they would tease each other's or silently waited, it was always better with her.

Hellfire adjusted his hair and gazed at his reflection on a broken glass, "When was the last time I took y form at my current age?" he wondered. He often avoided as much as possible to blend with the other humans.

It wasn't before he despised the human or anything like that. He really enjoyed many things about their kind. He just preferred to have a tail on his back. Easier to walk and the many tricks a dragon could do with that.

He wondered if it was fine to be completely himself or he should modify his appearance a little. Just coming out of the blue and asking him to stop wouldn't do. He gazed around and sniffed the air. He had time and no witness.

He closed his eyes and quietly grumbled as his clothes modified themselves. Once he was done, he opened his eyes. He was now wearing a brown detective coat and a fedora hat. Another thing he added was detective badge of the city that looked like the official one that could be found on real detectives. Now, he looked like he really meant to be there for an investigation. He grabbed his hat and chuckled as he tried to look detective like in the reflection of the broken glasses of the school.

"Enough of this," he grumbled as he refocused on his task. He turned around and looked forward. He noticed something coming and hid at the entrance of the school. His hummed the air and recognised the scent of a human. A human of Asian origin. He searched a little more with his powerful scent and found something else. A strange energy coming out of the boy. The scent of a demonic entity surrounded the human, "He's the one."

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Hellfire tried to stop the human from paying the demon to kill a black person, trying to end the cycle created by the entity that orchestrated everything.d everything.