Chapter 1: Critical Failure

It was a long day for Otake Shinji, but he finally finished the story for his friends to role-play. It was a long story, enough to fill many light novels, or maybe even a long standing anime. He had the table all set up, as his friends were coming over soon. The table was small, about the size of a truck. It was also circular. There were workers working on the AC currently, so Otake Shinji walked under their ladder to open the door to the patio. Right on cue, his friend group walked in from the other door, which was about the size of the table. Otake turned 180 to face his friend group.

First came Banno Motoyasu, a young boy about Otake's age with a dark complexion. "You sure this is a good idea? The way this is positioned, a truck could come in and kill us."

"It's fine dude, I know what I'm doing bro. Did you build your character?"

"Yeah bro, he's almost a ripped as me dude, with jet black hair and my size"

"What's his name?"

"Isozaki Tsunesaburo"



"No class, like swordsman or blacksmith"


"DUDE, stop joking"

"OK, he's a swordsman"

"Got it, an Elf Swordsman"

Then came Kimura Shossuke, A young boy, all white, and only a bit taller than Banno. His character was a clever elf wizard named "Imada Okakura" that was relatively young, with blue hair. "I studied the entire game rules last night, so I think I can deal with any situation. I even brought some custom dice"

"Cool, but that really wasn't necessary, we aren't going to end up sucked into the game, this isn't an isekai or anything so you could just check the rules in game" said Otake.

"Better safe then sorry"

"Please, I doubt that would happen"

"I mean, there is ample room for a truck to run us over" said Banno.

"I told you, a truck won't come in here, this is not an isekai" said Otake

"When a truck runs us over, I am saying 'I told you so'"

"Well, it won't"

Then there was Furuya Yoichibei, who's character was a tiefling rouge called "Ueto Tanak" that was about twice the size of Kimura's character. "Listen, this story better not be cliche, we really shouldn't just wake up in a dark room like we just go isekaied into that world"

"What is it with you guys, this is not an isekai"

"It better not be, and it better not start with us getting run over by a truck either."

Finally was "Edamura Shigenobu", who brought in a crudely made drawing, from which you could barely make anything out from. "Do you like it? It's my character, he's an Elf Bard. I spent all of last night working on it, I had to drink 5 cups of coffee this morning to get through school" He said hurriedly.

"That explains your exhilarative energy" said Kimura.

"And, it's a good drawing of a nekomimi girl, but I don't think that those are playable in the game" said Furuya.

"No, it's an elf, those are his elf ears" said Edamura

"And the tail?" asked Furuya

"It's his violin string"

"Well, what's her name?"

"His Name, and I don't have one"

"Sorry, it's basically a stick figure, the long hair made him look like a girl. Either way, it's a good nekomimi drawing, or should I say Nekosei drawing"

"Ooh, good name" Edamura quickly scribbled the new name down.

They sat down, character sheets in hand, and Otake started narrating. "You are all asleep in a dark room, when all of a sudden, you hear a..." He Pauses. "Truck?"

"We heard a truck, in the dark room? How much sleep did you lose writing this?" asked Furuya

"No, I heard a truck"

All of a sudden, a truck comes barreling in, launching everyone up into the sky. A slight "Told Ya So" could be heard from Banno.