"This is the perfect role for you!"

Skeptically, I took the script my agent, John Smith, had pushed over to me and read the title with a frown: The Second Chance. "What's the movie about?" I asked curiously, looking at him.

"As the title already says, it's about second chances." He grinned. "It's a love story," he went into more detail. "I've read it and immediately thought of you."

"You think of me during a love story?" I asked in surprise and moved a strand of my shoulder-length, auburn hair from my forehead. "You are aware that I've been starring in detective shows the past couple of years, right?"

He nodded. "Yeah, so? What are you saying?"

"That I didn't have a single love scene in all seasons," I remarked dryly and sighed. "So I seriously wonder why you think I'd be qualified for something like this?"

"You're forgetting the time before that," he gave, tapping his forehead thoughtfully.

"Before that?" I stammered confusedly, suddenly remembering again. About eight years ago, I had had the leading female role in a soap called "Surfer's Paradise" and had fallen in love with the leading actor head over heels. Aiden McNamara, 6'23" in height, brawny, dark curly hair, and brown eyes, he had been star of wet dreams of all girls over 16 back then. And I had hardly believed he had chosen me of all people then. After two turbulent years of relationship, we had then broken up right after the end of the shooting, and I had never heard of him again. Though, if I was honest to myself, that wasn't entirely true. Thanks to the modern media, I had been able to follow his career and so I had found out that he had been successful in other shows and movies after that as well. But in our private lives our paths had never met again. Which wasn't too surprising, because he lived in LA and I in New York. But all that was so long ago and I really didn't want to remember it anymore.

"You two really had incredible chemistry."

"Pardon?" As though woken from a dream I looked up.

"You and Aiden McNamara," John specified, grinning. "And I think nothing would've changed about that until now."

"What exactly do you mean? And why are you talking about Aiden of all people?" I dug deeper, because his comment seemed a little suspicious to me. When he then pushed a sheet of paper towards me, listing the actors of the movie, my breath caught for a moment in shock. "He'll be the leading actor?!" I exclaimed in disbelief then.

John nodded. "Why d'you think I suggested you as the leading actress?" he asked, smirking. "I watched old scenes of you two and was just amazed. That dynamic, that erotic tension, that..."

"Are you out of your mind?!" I cut him off, uncontrolled. "As you know very well, Aiden and I broke up six years ago! And may I remind you that it hasn't been a nice break-up. There was a lot of dirty laundry displayed in public back then. And if only half of it were true, I hardly believe anyone would wanna watch us on screen together again!"

"Calm down, Kara!" He put a hand on my arm. "Of course I can't force you, but as I said, that role would be perfect for you." He cleared his throat in discomfort and then continued. "Besides, I wanna remind you that you didn't get any offers for a long time. In this industry it's important to keep going. Otherwise they forget about you someday. You're 30, so you're not a youngster anymore either."

I hated when he made it about my age. But he was right. My last role in a detective show had been two years ago. Ever since, I was in a dry spell and I needed to scratch a living with occasional jobs. Life as an actress was hard. And many failed. Hesitantly, I took the script. "Alright," I gave in. "I'll read it. But I won't promise anything," I quickly added as I saw his bright eyes.

"That's my girl." He nodded contentedly. "Doesn't sidestep any obstacles. And believe me, I know it's not easy for you. How long have we known each other now?"

"10 years," I offered.

He nodded. "And how long have I been your agent?"

"Just as long?" I wondered what he aimed at with his questions.

Thoughtfully, he fumbled with his mustache. "Well, I watched everything between you and Aiden. I know everything, cause I saw it with my own eyes. And I also know how much he hurt you back then. But that was then, or better even, it was your private life. You're a professional after all, Kara. You can separate private life and job."

The way he was looking at me, that look full of hope and conviction, I almost believed what he was trying to suggest to me. "Let me read the script first before I make my decision, okay?" I asked hesitantly.

"Alright," he agreed. "But don't take too much time. You know, the best roles are taken pretty fast."

I knew what he meant. But did I even want that role? It had been six years and the memories of how he had cheated on me back then still hurt.

"I got something else for you."

Torn out of my thoughts, I looked up and frowned as John pushed a DVD towards me. "What is it?"

"The first season of Surfer's Paradise," he gave and grinned. "To freshen up your memories a little."

I only glimpsed at it and felt my pulse speeding up. Aiden was on the Cover. He stood on a Surfboard in the middle of the ocean on a huge wave, his chest bare so you could see his muscles and his well-toned, suntanned figure. He smiled and had his hand buried in his thick, dark hair, looking towards the shore where a girl stood on the beach on her own. You could see her slim figure only from behind, and the dark hair almost reaching to her bum and blowing in the wind. My stomach clenched, still staring at the cover. I knew who the girl was. But eight years had passed since then, and I wasn't the naive 22-year-old of back then anymore who had fallen in love head over heels. "Thanks, but I don't need to watch that," I said sharper than planned and pushed the box away from me with a shaking hand. "I was in it. Remember?"

He took back the DVD and thoughtfully eyed the cover. "Maybe I was wrong," he said quietly. "Maybe you really can't separate private life and job after all. Bummer..." He shrugged. "I really thought you were serious back then when you said you'd take any half-decent role I'd choose for you."

Though I couldn't remember ever having said that, his comment scratched my self-esteem. Annoyed, I grabbed the DVD from his hand. "Give it to me then!" I said gruffly. "If I watch this damn DVD and read the script, will you leave me alone then?"

A barely visible smile scurried over his face as he nodded and then jumped up and walked over to the door. "I don't wanna bother you any longer then. Let me know how you decided, okay?"

What had I gotten myself into? After he had closed the door behind himself, I was just sitting there, holding the DVD in my hands, and I didn't know whether to throw it away or watch it. But I had indirectly promised John to at least watch it, and so I went over to the player, put in the DVD, and pushed start. It didn't take long until I felt like I had been thrown back into the year 2009 where everything had started.