Today was a good day

I got the chance to see every detail around me and actually enjoy it

The air hitting the trees and the thoughts of them protecting me made me feel safe

The sun at the top of the tallest trees makes me feel hope again

The contrast between one tree and the other made me remember my person

I got yelled at by mermaids and dolphins

But angels came by to remind me I'm not alone

Today I remembered I need to flow with the universe and with myself

Follow my intuition and dive into my heart's desires

And trying a bit but not in the way I expected I submerged myself under water and compared it to life

I thought of drawing but decided reading was better because I'll have to leave that book in this place when I leave myself

Along with the peace my surroundings gave me for a while

But I won't be forgetting any of that, now it is written in my bones with ferric ink

And even though I bled a bit from my nail and toe

I enjoyed playing with the hitting water and the fox

Watching the sun behind the mountains fall

A beautiful sunset by a text to someone I love

Since midnight I was already smiling because things flowed in a sweeter way

And I got yelled at again, but I just wouldn't care

Cause since the first moment I decided something

That this was going to be a good day

So here I am with so much left to say