~A Hammer Forged Heart~

Here we wait, for all we've longed for
While we're longing for all we need
With such unease, and trepidation
That gives birth, to sorrows seed

It then grows to bear only heartbreak
A bitter fruit, that poisons our trust
While in betrayal, we yet again slide
Where our hopes, get burnt into dust

Somehow from the blackened ashes
We can still ascend, to try, try again
To reforge a full heart from its pieces
Seek anew, our most elusive friend

One who'd honor, an oath of love
Try to be truthful, never to stray
But past fears yet cloud our mind
As we still pray to see such a day

We arise, to perhaps fail once more
Never knowing in whom to put trust
Doubt, becomes our soul's worst foe
Yet to vanquish misgivings we must

~Again have faith~