Don't Go Far.

The Ink Stained Poet

You promised me you wouldn't go far.

But you've left me here to grieve.

You promised me that you would be safe.

But of course, I was naïve.

For all that's left now is grief.

Broken hopes, my shattered heart.

I never got to express it

But I love you, my sweetheart.

Don't go far, my last words.

Oh, how I wish I could reverse.

Protect you from your cruel fate.

But regret will be my curse.

I wish I had gone with you.

Never left you on your own.

But because I though words would be enough,

Now I'm left here all alone.

"Now darling, don't go far.

And remember to take care."

But now I'm left here, a broken soul.

Because life didn't want to play fair.