I met you…

You were a warm sunny day in the middle of January, a drink that's just the right temperature. And those sound so weird, but what I'm trying to say is that you were unexpected.

You brought a smile on my face and it wasn't for any purpose except to make me happy. You talked and I liked listening to what you had to say.

You were sweet like sugar, but without being sickening. You had feelings that I didn't know about until later on.

Those soon became both sided and it was everything to me. We talked and laughed, listened and smiled. I didn't quite understand how I could have met someone like you, someone who was my definition of perfect.

We talked constantly until one day it stopped. We stopped saying random things, we stopped trying to get the other to smile. We stopped sharing things, until the only things we said were hello and good night.

I can't tell you how many nights I spent crying myself to sleep over you. Wondering what I had done or why I was being ignored or forgotten. Why you were the only thing on my mind, yet I could never even cross yours? I tried so hard to understand what I had done for you to turn your back on me to.

I tried to forget your face and it was so hard, looking up and seeing shadows of you everywhere. Hearing your voice like a song I had once loved and seeing you in my dreams every night.

I'm slowly letting go of everything that I knew about you. How your eyes lit up when you smiled, how excited you would sound when you were telling me about something you were interested in. How peaceful you looked when you were falling asleep inches yet miles from me.

I'm slowly forgetting how you made me feel, nervous yet calm all over. Excited, yet calm like I was in a place that was familiar.

Do you hear that?

That's the affect you had on me, that's how you made me feel. The things I couldn't say to your face because I didn't know how to explain I now put on paper that you'll never read.

I hope your happy because I'm learning how to be happy without you.